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Naomi Campbell Criticizes Victoria Beckham’s Lack Of Black Models In Spring 2014 Show

Naomi Campbell and Victoria Beckham had patched up their feud from years ago, but it seems that the two divas may be fighting again. Campbell is reportedly fuming over the fact that fashion designer Beckham only included one black model out of more than 30 in her London Fashion Week show. Campbell has been actively campaigning to expose and end discrimination in the fashion industry, and included Beckham on a letter that listed design houses that had a lack of black models. After the Spice Girl took offense to being included, Campbell reportedly called Beckham.

The runway diva confirmed to The Mirror that she had a conversation with Beckham about only using one black model in her show. “I don’t want to pin-point anyone. It isn’t a blame game,” she said. “Everyone’s name was on that letter because they’d done it. It could have been completely unintentional. She is one of the designers on there like everyone else.” Beckham has not responded to the controversy and it is unclear whether she will use more black models in her next fashion show.

In the letter about a lack of non-white models in fashion shows, Campbell also accused Calvin Klein, Chanel, Armani and Gucci of being “fashion houses guilty of this racist act.” She has been an active voice in trying to change this practice by working with Diversity Coalition.

Campbell said her own experiences with racism and poor treatment have made her become passionate about mentoring models in recent years. “It’s really rewarding to see the models transformed,” she said to Net-a-Porter magazine. “It makes me feel like I’m doing something right.”

A report by Jezebel also confirms some of Campbell’s concerns about black women getting less work in fashion. The website compiled data from 142 out of 184 shows at last spring’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and revealed that nearly 80 percent of the looks were modeled by white women. Additionally, less than 12 models of color opened or closed shows this season.

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