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Ohio Teacher Suspended For Racist Facebook Rant

An Ohio teacher was suspended without pay this week for a racist Facebook post in which he repeatedly referred to African-Americans as “ni**ers.” Dr. David Spondike posted a racist Facebook rant about “ghetto” trick-or-treaters who urinate on telephone poles, but then promptly removed it after the post immediately sparked outrage. It was then brought to the attention of Harvey S. Firestone High School in Akron, who suspended Spondike while an investigation is taking place.

In the racist Facebook post, Spondike wrote: “When you whip out your teeny d*cks and piss on the telephone pole in front of my yard and a bunch of preschoolers and toddlers, you can take your ni**er-ass back where it came from. I don’t have anything against anyone of any color, but ni**ers, stay out!”

In a post written in the form of a list, Spondike acknowledged using the racist term in his Facebook rant and apologized. However, he also insinuated that it was hypocritical for black people to get upset about whites using the N-word. “I am not going to say that ’someone hacked my Facebook page,’ like most people do. Racism implies prejudging, which is clearly not what happened here,” he wrote. “Making any excuse for allowing one race to use a word and condemning another race for using the same word is institutionalized racism in and of itself, regardless of the justification used.”

The racist rant marks the fourth time that Spondike has faced disciplinary action from the Akron Public School District. The former production assistant on The Jerry Springer Show was also punished for throwing a chair against a wall and spitting on the floor in front of a student. He was also accused of physically assaulting a middle school student, but there was not enough evidence to file charges.

(Photo: Black Firestone High School)

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  • Joe

    This idiot should not only be FIRED but never given any sort of a teaching position of any sort ever again.
    He deserves a swift kick in the balls and a solid punch in the face…

  • Keith Turner

    charges should be placed against any person in a position of authority over this man, if they do not in fact do everything possible to remove this person from a position of teaching children…

  • marsha

    This is an excellent example of white privilege. A Black teacher would have been fired no questions after the first offense. Now he has the audacity to complain of reverse racism because he’s being censured for using the n word! What an interesting world he occupies!

    • Renee Reinhardt

      …not so interesting world…

    • Terry

      I doubt that.

      • A.Craft

        There’s that “privilege” talking again.

  • LyndaLBD

    It could have been a drink white guy…then what would he have to say? He is no better than anyone else, needs to clean out his mouth with soap and then community service.

    • LyndaLBD

      Violence begets violence, gets you no where, but FIRED…yeah, that works for me. This is a teacher? Not on my watch.

  • Carmelita Myers

    Where are the parents, student and teachers demanding that he he fired.

  • Phyllis Daily Leatherwood

    What is wrong with a school system that continues to employ this poor excuse for a man?

  • Renee Reinhardt

    Does not belong anywhere near a child!

  • Terry

    Red flag lights up like a beacon the moment you see “I’ve got nothing against people of……(fill in the blank)” you pretty well know where it’s going.

  • stix282

    If for no other reason then being to stupid to teach this guy has got to go. This is not the first time this fool has made racist remarks or acted inappropriately. How many warnings does a person need before he cleans up his act?
    How can we ever improve as a society with this kind of person guiding the minds of kids.

  • Cathy Norton

    How is this poor excuse of a human being still holding a teachers position after all his first and second offenses now this. I wouldn’t let him teach my dog !!!

  • Sapphire Possible

    No one should use that term for any reason, no matter what the circumstances. It’s so hideous.

  • Marilyn Rotflmao Baker

    no they will just wait until he go into school with a loaded gun.

  • Keith B.

    He should be treated like a child molester and put in prison with all the guys that would love to have him as their lil girlfriends… get traded back and forth for a few cigarettes

  • MichaelMarie

    Why did you add Black to the name of the school? It’s the Harvey S. Firestone High School. I think that’s really odd in a story about racism.

    • ReaRae

      I was wondering the same thing. Is there a purple Firestone school?

  • Gene Monroe

    I know I’m going to take a lot of heat for this, so let me make myself perfectly clear – I do not support this bigot’s beliefs in any way. That being said, he has the right to be an a**hole on his Facebook page – Facebook is not governed by the laws of the USA. I, for one, am glad he’s exposing his racist a$$ for all to see so the people exposed to him on a daily basis know him for who he is.
    As far as retaining his job is concerned, if it can be proven that he brings his bias into the classroom and has continued to do so after being officially reprimanded for it then sure – fire him. If not, let him do his job. His opinions do not necessarily reflect how well he teaches. If we terminate teachers at will based on their politics then we are no better than those employers who have terminated teachers for living in a relationship outside marriage – just for example.

    • Unae

      No heat, just throwing some reason your way. If a black child is being taught by a racist, I don’t see how his “politics” won’t influence the interactions with that child. For instance, less care taken with the student because your racism doesn’t see that student as human or equal to you. Your racism may give that student greater and more intense disciplinary actions because you think those people are “not” up to your racist standards. And, no, white people do not have the right to use the “n” word. Just as no one should use racist and derogatory terms to refer to any race.

      • Gene Monroe

        Unae, I understand your point and agree with it. If he did as you state, I’d say that that constitutes bringing his bias into the classroom. And that would be grounds for termination.
        Let me use a different example – let’s say, for instance, that his Facebook page discussed the drunken benders he went on during his weekends. Would you automatically assume he was drunk or otherwise impaired during the week without some sort of proof?

        • Unae

          I guess by your logic, a white man using the “n” word to describe blacks is equal to having a drunken bender. Oh, well.

          • Gene Monroe

            shrugs. If that’s how you choose to see it.

        • sls_19

          not a good analogy…(for one a drunk can sober up).

          • Gene Monroe

            That’s not the point, sls. Would you, as his superior, be able to *automatically assume his drunken behavior carried over into his work, or would you have to prove it first?

    • Francina

      I’m a school principal, and actually, most school districts(including the one where I work) have policies in place addressing this kind of thing, and he could be fired if it’s proven that he did it and his school district has policies about teacher behavior outside of school. However, in this case, it doesn’t sound like this district has any policies with any teeth if he can throw a desk against a wall in the presence of students and still keep his job. I’m African American, and the most disturbing part of this story for me is not that he used the ‘n’ word but the fact that he’s still a teacher after all the other stuff he’s done.

      • Gene Monroe

        Francina, that’s a good point – and one that I’d not considered. I would have to say that he doesn’t sound like a man who should be teaching.. but that his anger problem did not seem to be racially motivated.

        • cubipt

          I see things a bit differently Gene. Anyone, of any race, that uses a racial epithet when agitated, in a disparaging or hateful manner, has a motivation with racism behind it. IMHO

    • T Wallace

      Mr. Monroe, what happens if some students have a problem with his post and decide to take it upon themselves to do some “ruff justice?” Someone would get hurt and the students would be in trouble so why wouldn’t one act on this explosive situation?

      • Gene Monroe

        T – assuming that Francina is incorrect and the school has no policy regarding his actions (which I agree, in retrospect, is unlikely) – but assuming they do not, on what legal grounds would one act?

        • T Wallace

          I don’t know, but it is time that we as a society continue to make one accountable for their actions. Most do know right from wrong.

    • KathleenVS

      Yes, Amendment I gives him the right to say racist things. It does NOT protect him from the consequences of his words.

      • Gene Monroe

        KathleenVS – see my reply to T Wallace. On what legal grounds would you act, assuming his school has no policy regarding his actions?

  • Unae

    Clearly this dude is dumb as a box of rocks. Dude needs mental health help, like, right now.

  • Nathan

    Get rid of him forever, He does not need to teach anyone anything.

  • DallasJim

    Suspended? Who is he blowing?

  • Arlene A LeBeauf

    He is not the only TEACHER that has Posted NEGATIVE remarks about Black People and The President. During the Last election a teacher Posted some Very negative remarks. I replied to it and sent it to the school, the Board and Directors and Never got a response. Of Course she took it down. I may have a copy of it, I will try to locate and send again..Of course she works and resides in a RED State.

    • cubipt

      Please, put it up again. Some of us may not have paid attention, but we are now.

  • Cathie Saab-Kelly

    Yep. They still exist…

  • Reginald John McGrady

    “The former production assistant on The Jerry Springer Show…” This idiot used to make the coffe and doughnut runs on The Jerry Springer Show and apparently we’re surprised that he’s throwing chairs, spitting, manhandling students and calling them ni–ers. SMH!

    • cubipt

      My exact thoughts when I read that.

  • Viv

    Let me get this straight…this is the FOURTH incident?!?! How many inappropriate things does this teacher have to do to get fired?

  • lebaby

    Parents who care should be suing the school for keeping this ignorant hater on their payroll, exposing their kids to this racist hater and all his prejudices. I would hope they care, that is……

  • Mike Mc Millian

    If he’s a ‘Teacher’,I can’t help but wonder what he’s teaching…does he wear his sheet to class…

    • Sean Hannity

      yea that goes for these Marxist professors as well

  • Monroe Frazier

    He should not apologize. If he feels that way then own it. Don’t recant now. As far as the N#%%€& word goes, no one gets a pass. A handful of young artist and minorities in America have tried to turn the word use around. It’s not happening. You can use the defense of “they use it so I can use it” but beware. Use it around the wrong people and there may be consequences. Most of what he said in his outraged post was true. I do not blame him for being upset. The context in which he expressed it was insensitive and politically incorrect for a teacher. He could have made his point very clear with another set of words, sentences and paragraphs. He’s a teacher for crying out loud. This just goes to show you how anger can cloud judgement, common sense and decency.

  • Monalisa Barnes

    how come he has not been fired long ago???