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Tucson High School Parents Claim Administration Ignoring Racist Abuse

An Arizona high school is now investigating complaints of racism, derogatory language and harassment towards black students. Several concerned parents at Ironwood Ridge High School in Tucson have complained that the abuse their children are receiving is racially motivated, occurring during after-school sports and on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The parents say they have lodged complaints with Ironwood administrators for five years over incidents that include black students having food thrown at them and being called the N-word on Facebook. However, they claim that little has been done to solve the problem.

One mom who did not want to be shown on camera said, “It makes me sad that we have come so far, but have gone so backwards.”

The students responded to the principal’s call for an assembly to address racial complaints by posting racist remarks on social media. Some students posted photos of the KKK and encouraged students to wear all white, while one upperclassmen posted on Facebook, “Senior prank someone play ‘My ni***’ on the announcements tomorrow during the assembly. “

Several children have already missed school days because of threats against them, while four black football players have already transferred schools. Other parents are now threatening to do the same. This is not something that they can just brush under the rug,” said a concerned mom. “All of us will just leave the school.”

A statement was released by the school which said the District Office has started an immediate investigation and that students are continuing to be interviewed.

(Photo: Ironwood Ridge High School)

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