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Girls’ Generation YouTube Awards Victory Marred By Racist Tweets

Girls’ Generation took home the biggest accolade of their young careers last night, but it was marred by numerous racist tweets on social media. The South Korean girl group won Video of the Year last night at the first annual YouTube music awards, defeating the likes of One Direction and Justin Bieber in the process. The winner was decided by official social media shares, so the win didn’t come as a surprise to many people.

But despite this, plenty of Directioners and Beliebers seemed to be upset that their favorite singers lost to an Asian act and posted racist tweets in response. “WHO THE F*CK IS GIRLS GENERATION I THOUGHT CHINA WASN’T ALLOWED TWITTER AND FACEBOOK AND SH*T,” wrote one user. Another Twitter user replied by writing: “They probably bribed YouTube with f*cking rice,” while a Selena Gomez fan told the Korean girl group to “open your eyes.”

This isn’t the first time that Girls Generation has found themselves in a racism scandal, though. Former co-songwriter Jenny Hyun made several racist remarks about black people in February 2012, including writing on Twitter that boxer Floyd Mayweather was a “subhuman, ungrateful APE.” Hyun also called black people “disgusting” and said replacing black workers with another race “would see better efficiency, better quality work.” She also declared that “the only way black people are able to advance in any way is through white people.”

After outrage among K-Pop fans, Hyun posted a half-hearted apology that included a statement which said she did not regret her comments. She also posted a blog entry with a meme that read, “I regret nothing.”

(Photo: Reuters)

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