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Home Depot Under Fire For Racist Monkey Tweet

Home Depot briefly posted and then took down a racist Twitter photo that has outraged Americans. The racist Twitter photo shows two black drummers sitting next to someone in a monkey costume with drumsticks, captioning the photo: “Which drummer is not like the others? See more @CollegeGameDay.” Within two hours, the photo was removed and Home Depot issued an apology on the social media site.

Twitter followers were outraged over the photo and retweeted it to the NAACP within minutes of posting. Home Depot wrote in response: “We are deeply sorry for the dumb tweet and have deleted it. We have zero tolerance for anything so stupid and offensive. Deeply sorry. We terminated agency and individual who posted it.”

Activists also tweeted Home Depot to look for ways that the company could make up for their actions. Twitter user Roy Wood Jr. wrote: “Yo @HomeDepot Im tweeting you on the behalf of Al Sharpton and all black ppl. We would all like a free gallon of paint to make this right.”

Home Depot isn’t the only corporation to be accused of racist behavior recently. Barneys New York is currently facing two separate, multi-million dollar lawsuits that accuse the store of racial discrimination and racial profiling.

(Photo: twitter/homedepot)

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