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Scotland Parlors Offering Free Swastika Tattoos

Scotland is up in arms over tattoo parlors throughout the European country that are now offering free swastika tattoos to anyone who requests them. Five tattoo shops have signed up for the event next Wednesday in order to “reclaim” the swastika symbol from Nazi culture, but it’s being met with outrage from anti-racism advocates.

Dundee’s Yankee tattoo parlor is one of the five shops taking part. One of the tattoo artists there, Audrie Cabena, said she was in support of the day to provide free swastika tattoos. “I think it’s important to recover that symbol and educate people. It’s been a peace symbol for thousands of years, but it’s now seen as a symbol of hatred because of a relatively short amount of time,” she said. “There are hundreds of artists doing this all over the world and I think it’s an important thing to be involved with.”

But while she claims her intentions are pure, she acknowledged that there could be backlash as a result. “I’m not saying it’s safe to walk around with a swastika on you,” she admitted. “I’m not saying it’s safe to walk around with a swastika on you.”

However,  anti-racism organizations throughout Scotland said they were disturbed by the participating tattoo shops. “I’m shocked – really shocked – by this. I’m appalled,” said a spokeswoman for Scottish activist group Show Racism the Red Card. “I don’t think anyone today would see the swastika as a peace symbol, and I would advise against any legitimate tattooing business doing this.”

(Photo: Daily Record)


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