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University Of Georgia Holds Student Protests Over Racist Treatment

The University of Georgia is fighting a recent surge of racism and homophobia on its campus with a silent protest. The Black Affairs Council at UGA held the silent protest this afternoon in front of the President’s office, which was in response to a racist post on their Facebook page and a homophobic comment that targeted the Facebook page of UGA’s LGBT Resource Center.

More than 200 students were expected to be at the protest over a Facebook post to the Black Affairs Council which read: “Why can’t you dumb dirty ni**ers stop stinking up the place? Let UGA be RIGHT for good WHITE Christian students.” A separate Facebook post on that page said: “Y’all ni**ers can protest all you want it just makes you look like the monkeys you are!” The name of the students who submitted these posts have not been identified.

The group had organized a more vocal protest last week that drew 300 students, claiming that the “deplorable” posts resulted in “minimal administrator involvement.” Caroline Bailey, president of UGA’s Black Affairs Council, said the racist posts also represented a much broader issue at the university.

We want to make it clear that this isn’t about the Facebook posts, but the climate here on campus,” she said. “We want to use this as a platform to show that these things are happening to bring light to the situation. We are wanting to show that these things are happening and fight for a change in culture of campus.”

(Photo: Reuters)

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