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Detroit Woman Receives Racist Text Message From Limo Company

A Detroit woman is accusing a local limo company of racist behavior by sending her a text message with racist language in it. Candis Doss claims that she contacted the Detroit Limo Party Bus Company to book a vehicle for her mom’s birthday party, but an employee at the company sent her a racist text message when her call to them dropped.

Doss told MyFox Detroit that she was inquiring about prices when she was disconnected. Shortly afterwards, she received a text message which said: “Why do black people always just hang up…Is it an inherited thing to be rude? Or is it because you were slaves for so long?”

The woman claimed she was outraged by the incident and had never experienced such racist treatment before. “It never happened to me, or somebody that was just close to me, where I could feel what they feel,” said Doss. “I mean, it’s just like…when is it gonna stop?”

The Detroit Limo Party Bus Company confirmed that they were aware of the incident and currently investigating the matter internally. In the meantime, a rival service called the Metro Party Bus company has reached out to Doss and offered her free transportation for her mom’s birthday party.

(Photo: MyFox Detroit)

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  • Estella Cohen

    Sue. Glad you she had an option.Remember we always do!

  • robbiecee

    And I think since the original company had to do an investigation; rather than fire her; then people of color should NOT patronize their business. Issue Hawk, please post the name of company in Detroit who was gracious enough to help out!

    • Kathi Geukes

      I don’t think ANYONE should use their service…put them out of business!!!!!!

  • Patricia Baldwin-Dennis

    And I supposed the worker who was so rude has an inherited trait for being a rude racist? Or maybe it is just because she is ignorant.

  • Tom

    Yes, Racist does happening EVEN in the US today to me as an Asian man by two Black women and 10 years old Black boy when I came from DC back to NC. I stop-by on a gas station in I-85 Richmond and I was pumping gas to my car my leg was so pain suddenly and I saw the Black boy put a baby gun right inside the car and the two women drove out immediately from the there and I found out that the Black boy shot me in 15 ft away. Some of the Black people still treat other racial ethnic groups as the KKK treated them back in the 60 in Alabama. They did not remember how bad when they got maltreatment from the White as how they have treated other races.

  • Tom

    If I got so mad about the two Blac women and the Black who shot me and it had been in my mind for almost a week before I can it out of my mind by thinking of my good Black people who are very helpful to me and have been treating me as a human being. One time when I went to the store, I had a $1 short and someone stood behind me paid that $1 to the cashier and that was a young Black lady. I refused to accept bu she was really meant it to paid for it cuz it’s just a dollar. Secondly, I had a Black Classmate male and a Black professor on one side and challenged a Korean assistant professor who acted and talked like former G.W.B. on one racial issue on the campus.



  • Tom

    While I stop at a gas station in Richmond, VA. My lower of my leg was pain so badly and I saw a Black boy put a baby gun into the car and the two Black women drove the car out of the gas station immediately. I found out that it was a baby gun that was shot by the Black boy about 15 ft away. I did not mind much about the Black boy, but the ill-intention was from the two Black women who drove the boy out of the scene. This is a way to teach younger generation to hate other race while your own race had been treated badly in the past. This should be a good example not to repeat and attack other races and forgetting about the KKK treated you in the past as slaves and did not even allow to sit the front bus or walk out of the restaurant in the front door, but the rear door instead. Remember, this country is a country of multi-pot and also immigrants, but I served the Vietnam war and I put my life in the line to protect not ONLY the white soldiers, but also the Black soldiers as well since too many of our Black soldiers did serve this war and I and my people had save thousand of their family members to come back home in America. I got paid only $10 per month to put my life to help the American during the Vietnam war. 58,000 US troops were killed during this war and 50,000 of my people were killed. We were killed almost half of my population compared to US of over 200 million!

  • Dr. Dorothy Holtslander

    Some of these comments are written so badly they are impossible to read. Yes racism exists…in all colors…but the the post that read, “no one should do business with that company”. had it right. I have a biracial child that has suffered racial taunts her whole life on every state we lived…South AND North….I also have a white son who had his life threatened by a gang of black kids in Jr. High in Summerville, SC for months. The school did NOTHING, because as they said,”they don’t mean anything,it is an ethnic thing..”REALLY??? At the same we lived across the street from a Summerville police officer. His wife threatened my daughter with a GUN..because she is half black! My daughter was in SECOND GRADE..our home was vandalized on
    MLK’s birthday….While we cleaned up the mess…the police officer’s wife and her kids brought out lawn chairs and drinks and watched us clean the yard and house , as they laughed…All in all,there were 8 police reports filed against this woman,but none made it to the police station. I had to call the justice department to get the police chief to re-take the reports.. The black boys who threatened my son were never even reprimanded either…racism crosses all color lines…It ha been my exper4ience that Blacks think they can not be racists….white people in the Northern states, think they can not be racists…as for the white police officer’s wife..she knew exactly what she was….there are terrible people and wonderful people in all races….the secret to dealing with the bad ones, is to NOT give them power over you by giving in to their bigotry and hatred, by standing up for your rights, but at the same time, DO NOT place all people of any race into that evil mold, for if you do, they win