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Boston High School Football Game Canceled After Racist Graffiti

A high school football game in a Boston suburb has been cancelled after racist graffiti was painted on the side of a player’s home. The freshman team a Lunenberg High School was scheduled to play Oakmont Regional until parents of a Lunenberg player reported to police that someone had scrawled “Knights don’t need ni**ers” on their house. The Knights reference is to the Lunenberg mascot. After the family reported the incident to police, the FBI is now investigating the matter.

The student, Isaac Phillips, has also been subject to bullying from students including having cleats removed from his locker and his bicycles tires slashed. “”I don’t really understand why someone would even do something like this,” he said to WCVB-TV. I have two younger brothers and another sister. This is our house, this is where we live. Eventually they’re going to see it.”

Lunenberg police released a statement which said they were investigating the matter and offering their full support, but Phillips’ mother, Andrea Brazier, said they are hoping to have him transferred to another school. “He doesn’t want to go to the school anymore,” she said. “He’s beyond upset about the whole situation.” Brazier is white and Phillips’ father, Issac, is half-black.

It’s the latest in a string of racist incidents related to competitive football. Miami Dolphins player Jonathan Martin left the team after being bullied by other teammates including linesman Richie Incognito, who left him a voicemail that referred to him as a “half-ni**er.”

(Photo: Lunenberg High School)

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