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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Slams Oprah Winfrey Over Obama Racism Comment

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is hitting back at Oprah Winfrey’s comments regarding racism and President Barack Obama. Winfrey suggested last week while promoting her new film The Butler that “there is a level of disrespect for the office that occurs in some cases, and maybe even many cases, because he is African-American. The controversial and conservative Hasselbeck, who recently left her gig at The View last summer to join the hit Fox News show Fox and Friends, hit out at the OWN Network maven and said she was undermining racism.

“Certainly throwing around racist accusations, calling someone a racist certainly for disagreeing when they are indeed not, would undermine racism when it does occur,” said Hasselbeck yesterday. “But this is someone as powerful as Oprah instilling fear in those that may come to critique policy under a cloak of racism when it may not be there.”

Her Fox and Friends co-anchors backed Hasselbeck up with her controversial statements, claiming that any disrespect towards the President has nothing to do with his race. “Are there racists out there? Absolutely. Is it a majority of people? No,” said Steve Doocy. “A majority of the people, according to the polls, simply don’t like his policies.” In recent polls, 58 percent of Americans have a negative view of the health-care law, 54 percent disapprove of Obama, and 50 percent think he isn’t honest or trustworthy.

Winfrey also spoke about how to combat racism in America and said that an older generation of bigots “marinated in racism” simply “need to die” before prejudice could ever be fully removed.

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