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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Slams Oprah Winfrey Over Obama Racism Comment

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is hitting back at Oprah Winfrey’s comments regarding racism and President Barack Obama. Winfrey suggested last week while promoting her new film The Butler that “there is a level of disrespect for the office that occurs in some cases, and maybe even many cases, because he is African-American. The controversial and conservative Hasselbeck, who recently left her gig at The View last summer to join the hit Fox News show Fox and Friends, hit out at the OWN Network maven and said she was undermining racism.

“Certainly throwing around racist accusations, calling someone a racist certainly for disagreeing when they are indeed not, would undermine racism when it does occur,” said Hasselbeck yesterday. “But this is someone as powerful as Oprah instilling fear in those that may come to critique policy under a cloak of racism when it may not be there.”

Her Fox and Friends co-anchors backed Hasselbeck up with her controversial statements, claiming that any disrespect towards the President has nothing to do with his race. “Are there racists out there? Absolutely. Is it a majority of people? No,” said Steve Doocy. “A majority of the people, according to the polls, simply don’t like his policies.” In recent polls, 58 percent of Americans have a negative view of the health-care law, 54 percent disapprove of Obama, and 50 percent think he isn’t honest or trustworthy.

Winfrey also spoke about how to combat racism in America and said that an older generation of bigots “marinated in racism” simply “need to die” before prejudice could ever be fully removed.

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  • Gregory Reynolds

    Then how would they explain the monkey, coon, lynching, go back to Africa, muslim signs and rhetoric spewed before President Obama had signed one item into policy? How would it explain the fact that as a so-called news station that accurately reports the news they have said nothing positive about any of the accomplishments of this administration and President Obama? They really have people believing that the Navy Seals are solely responsible for the killing of Osama Bin Laden and that President Obama is taking credit for something he didn’t do.

    • glogrrl

      Not to mention the watermelons on the White House and the constant mentions of fried chicken.

    • Barbi Dunham

      I agree Gregory!

    • Sherry Fisher Tanzman

      She’s clearly in her own little world, or she simply chooses to ignore the overtly racist garbage that is thrown at the president almost daily! Hasselbeck should keep her mouth shut as she has nothing of any worth to say.

    • Kemberly Boston

      sickening isnt it

  • Karen Mahon

    I think it should be clarified that Hasselbeck’s contract was not renewed at The View. She did not leave of her own accord, and certainly not in order to take the position at Fox & Friends. But it is a relief to see her where she belongs among the small minds at Faux News.

    • Voni Garrett

      THANK YOU!!

    • valerief33

      I agree Karen Elizabeth is where she should be and racism is alive and well and she is one of them. Kudos to the VIEW for not renewing her contract!!

    • xnyer

      Her next step will she will be moved the “The Five” with the other 4 who think just like her, and know nothing..

    • Barbi Dunham

      I couldn’t agree more. She has flown her colors or blindness from the get go.

    • Debra Marshall

      Thank you…I agree.

  • glogrrl

    This woman is clueless. If she thinks there is no racism directed at our first black president, she is as delusional as the rest of the Looney Party. Anybody who thinks women over 65 need maternity coverage is dumb enough, but this is pathetic.

    • Anthony Jones

      I work in an Hospital Lab and we do HCG”s (pregnancy test) on all women before surgery, it’s called defensive medicine.

      • Rory

        she keep having li clans.

      • N A Deitz

        You dont need maternity coverage to have a pregnancy test done. The test is not billed under maternity.

        • Anthony Jones

          I know nothing about billing ….but do roll my eye’s when a see an HCG on 60-80 women, also we do Quant HCG’s on men for cancer.

  • Linda Petrone

    Will someone PLEASE take this Idiot back to her village!

    • cjb

      She has finally arrived at her village and they are welcoming her with open arms!

      • Barbi Dunham

        Welcome the village idiot for sure! LOL

  • Joanne3905

    And that’s why a local businessman in my community said in conversation “now that we have a N-word in the White House….blah blah blah. Nope, no racism here..non at all.

    • valerief33

      Yup they don’t want to take orders from a black man. Especially one who has struggled to make it in life. His policies make perfect sense why should the rich get richer off of the poor.

  • Wade Pennington

    Yes, she is clearly an expert on, well, nothing…..

  • jkfitz

    Wow, thanks for this bit of non-news about a third-rate quarteback’s vapid, vacuous arm candy and her indecipherable blathering about race in these United States.

  • Dee

    once a pinhead always a pinhead, she’s a total loon…

  • Isaiah Liggins

    Racists don’t see themselves as racists; ergo, they resent being called what they are.

  • Robin Dooley

    Hasselbecks comments concerning this matter equates to a waste of cyberspace.

  • Laura

    Vomit is pretty much all that comes out of this ignorant woman’s mouth.

  • Judy Eastham

    Never watched the View just because she was on it. I may watch now. She is nothing, and will always be nothing. She was on Survivor and that has to be her crowning moment. Big whoop.

    • valerief33

      Wow I never really cared for her either.

  • kevinleigh

    Hasselbeck is a bigot and so is Steve Douchey and the other guy. IMO everyone at Faux is a bigot.

  • Earlene

    I thank God everyday when I watch the view that She is gone. Oprah is telling the truth .

  • Marvin Gittens

    that is why i love [Oprah Winfrey ] and hate racist white recist on [FOX]

  • Carmelita Myers

    Don’t hate, Elizabeth has to earn her seat on faux news, talking, saying nothing.

  • Andrea de la Pena

    I don’t know how Hasselbeck gets a job anywhere because she doesn’t have a brain in her head.



  • Kevin D Johnson

    Does Elizabeth Hasselbeck really care about who is affected by racism? No!

    • Robbynne Singh

      As long as its doesn’t affect her.

  • Anthony Jones

    I guess Ms. Hasselbeck forgot about her “My Nigga” comment or trying to duck Marcia Gay Harden’s questions on why she couldn’t live in NYC (too black) even after Ms. Harden said she would find her a place…and why is it racist when Oprah say’s it but not when Matt Damon say’s it in 2009?

    • Robbynne Singh

      Lol because she’s black..

  • Kathi Geukes

    Must be really sad when this “woman” is thought of as a journalist….or a “news” person…she was involved with a contest at one time…her hubby was a football player…big whoop!!!! I have a grand daughter who’s a lot smarter and cuter than her!!!!

  • Pauline Waddell

    Never liked her…So happy the View let her go and she’s down in the mud with “Master Willie” and the others…

  • JustALady

    Maybe she needs to revisit the View to keep abreast of political racism. Some of these people kill me, if the shoe were on the other foot she would be hollering racism, feminism and any other ism she could think of. Go have a seat Liz, your comments are not relevant!

  • Lourdes Torres-shepard

    i truly believe that all comments are relevant because they expose the ignorance that still exists within our society (we the people). The hatred of things that we do not have a clue about will be there for a long time. It exists in many different forms…it exists in our comments towards ms. hasselback and in her many comments about people…no one wants to hear that racism is in the white house but it is…once this president got elected it ruffled many individuals feathers because it was outrageous to them that an african american could be put in this powerful position…how are they going to feel if a Latina/o will ever hold this post!!!!! racism is based on ignorance about the many people of this world…who can assumed that because you have a different color skin or come from a different land that one is below the standard…we all do at some point in time…think about it..ponder this thought “was i mean to someone of another culture, color or creed?” “What exactly do i know about others beyond my little part of the country?” sadly, racism will always exist…it will take a lot of courage to eradicate from our mental state and our society. thanks for reading .

    • Barbi Dunham

      True. And it extends to women, the very poor and homeless, and also people with little education. I love our President and I would do anything if the Fox news people could take off their rose colored glasses and see what hate they spread everyday.

    • Robbynne Singh

      Amen well written!!!

  • Timothy La Noir

    Frankly, the more frightening thing is, that these out of touch “stars” believe what they say is true. Do they research anything? Anything they actually say, I mean?

  • cjb

    Elizabeth is not afraid to let her racism be known and while she isn’t particularly bright she is smart enough to know who signs her paycheck.

  • Albert Berman

    “MAY NOT BE THERE” ?????? how IGNORANT … and even if it’s only a SMALL number that’s certainly enough to sway the polling especially when you (or anybody else) miscalculates something nike the healthcare roll out … but the mark of a GOOD man always shows itself in the long run despite hate, racism, or your color … what also shows up is BIGOTRY no matter how you disguise it !

  • Rory

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a dumb [email protected]# racist that keep having babies. She will say the wrong thing and get fired. Then when she see what normal people get paid she’ll shoot herself.I finally started looking at the View again THANKS FOR LEAVING! fox was the only place she could have gone! So stop acting like RUSH would have had room for her.She is One nasty [email protected]

  • Barbi Dunham

    The far right have been against the President from the beginning. Before any policy was in place. They are using any policy he puts in place to attack him with. And yes, some are racist! Hasselbeck has been a hard Republician from day one and made some real dumb statements herself. So maybe she should take another look in the mirror, because she hasn’t liked our President from the beginning….

  • katgal1232

    the woman is an absolute moron and really could not even hold an intelligent conversation if her life depended on it.

  • Guest

    the majoity of people don’t like obama’s policies? steve doocy, you along with your “friends” are idiots. when you do a poll people aren’t gonna say they don’t like obama because he’s african american. they’ll say anything not to be considered a racist when the underlying reason IS racism. and speaking of race, elizabeth is running neck and neck with sarah palin in the race for the biggest dumd ass.

  • openlyblack

    Hasselbeck is little more that Sarah Palin with a better vocabulary. It is always interesting when those who have never experienced racism wag their fingers at those who have.

    I wonder how she would respond if a MAN had said, “Certainly throwing around SEXIST accusations, calling someone a SEXIST certainly for disagreeing when they are indeed not, would undermine SEXISM when it does occur.”

    Hasselbeck is a celebrity … not a thinker.

  • Debbie Surratt Boykins

    She belongs at fox with the small minded republicans and she knows as well as anyone that racism is still all too alive and kickin and I bet she probably hasn’t spoken to sherri since she got kicked out the veiw that phony ass friendship she supposedly had with her .stay at fox you are u mong the right people

  • Sheila Cunningham

    Oprah was right! She just called ’em out on their ish!

  • connlyfox

    She isn’t old enough to understand the under tones on racism when spoken in certain ways. Todays racism is a kind of action against people who just are not on the wave length as the unit of persons of that age group. They become geeks and a special form of nerd and the section of throw downs still with sewer drains in their ears have a totally whole nother world. As a senior to some of the hasmat out there I am just ancient blow with not worth. We lived what you seem to think is a joke, we either got put to the back of the bus had to eat at an all black resturaant or couldn’t get decent jobs. Miss Hasselback needs to go out and live a real month in how life really is, lets say on $1,000 a month rent and elec, tv, phone,food in a very low end of middle class area for a couple of months and find out what racism is because she has the color skin passes for latino or 1/2 black , go learn for yourself lady then come back and talk life


    Well lizzy , we don’t expect a white bread to understand something they will never experience , yet you talk as if your an authority in this area FYI your not , please do not play as if your suddenly in support of the racial dilemma , you just know you can jump in and out at will we live it leave this to those who care about a resolution .

  • chocolatedrop

    You can always tell the real racist. they always come out the loudest and always overly defensive. who asked her? her racism must really be bothering her.

  • jtrose

    Is she pregnant again. That all she did on The View was have babies.

  • Kelly Marie Mattern

    Anyone that thinks that racism does not exist and that Barrack Obama is not hated purely by his skin color lives under a rock! Hassellbach is loop. That is why she was kicked off the view.

  • D L Bostaph

    This woman hasn’t a clue about anything…maybe all that bleach has finally gotten to her brain…Oh, wait, that couldn’t happen, she doesn’t have a brain.

  • liberalinlove

    My loving evangelical friends, who have consistently sent to me and posted viral e-mails about the “real” obama, and they do not refer to him as President Obama, contain messages about him in terms which could easily be fact checked, but are not, because it is so much fun to believe just how evil this man is.

  • Beverly Brown

    Yes there is RACISM more than ever since the president became president. You people disrespect him to the fullest call him a liar to his face, pointing a finger in his face. People like Elisabeth can’t handle dealing and taking orders from a person of color. She belongs over there at Faux News. The view didn’t renew her contract.