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Lunenberg High School Cancels Football Season Over Racist Graffiti


A Boston suburb high school that canceled a football game after one of their players had racist graffiti sprawled on the side of their home has now shut down the rest of the season. Officials at Lunenberg High School confirmed that the final two football games for the Blue Knighs were forfeited after the racist incident last week. The house of 13-year-old Isaac Phillips was spray-painted with the message: “Knights don’t need ni**ers!”


Police and the FBI are currently investigating the matter, with Lt. Mike Luth telling the Huffington Post that they now have a “short list of leads, some of which have filtered in from the public.” Superintenent Loxi Jo Calmes called it an “act of hate” and said the Anti-Defamation League would be giving workshops on acceptance at the school.


However, the boy’s father, Anthony, believes players on his son’s team are responsible for the racist graffiti because they have repeatedly been accused of using racial slurs against rival teams in the past. Issac has also been subject to bullying from students including having cleats removed from his locker and his bicycles tires slashed. “”I don’t really understand why someone would even do something like this,” he said to WCVB-TV. I have two younger brothers and another sister. This is our house, this is where we live. Eventually they’re going to see it.”


Issac’s mother, Andrea Brazier, said they are hoping to have him transferred to another school. “He doesn’t want to go to the school anymore,” she said. “He’s beyond upset about the whole situation.” Brazier is white and Phillips’ father, Issac, is half-black.

(Photo: Reuters)

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