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White Supremacist Becomes Victim Of Racist Attack For Black Heritage

Has North Dakota’s most infamous white supremacist been targeted due to his African heritage? Craig Cobb, who is currently campaigning to make the North Dakota town of Leith an all-white haven, recently discovered that he is 14 percent black after taking a DNA test on The Trisha Show. Shortly after the show aired, Cobb was the subject of a racist graffiti attack on his home.

A former white supremacist ally spray-painted “BACK IN BLACK” on his house and left town the next day. Cobb and the man reportedly had a “falling out” the day after the test results were revealed; a local prosecutor for the incident said that the man “was not really mentally stable.”

Cobb is currently being held in a local jail without bail after going on a gun-toting neighborhood patrol over the weekend in Leith. He and an accomplice reportedly terrorized residents with guns; he texted the local newspaper beforehand and told them the patrols were necessary “because of the many violences and harassments” against him and his handful of supporters. Cobb also said he plans to represent himself in court.

But if he’s convicted, his plans for an all-white town will likely come to an end. The Bismarck Times reports that five of the seven counts of terrorizing he’s being charged with carry sentences of two years each because they involve guns. “It’s a great feeling,” said a city council member. “This could be a notch in the beginning of the end.”

(Photo: News12)

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  • Cathryn Sykes

    Couldn’t happen to a bigger jerk. Enjoy your life as a black, jackass.

    • Debo Jenkins

      I’m not sure if you’re racist, have poor grammar, or too stupid to realize the ignorance of your statement. What the hell does “Enjoy your life as a black” supposed to mean?

      • Joanne3905

        I think he means he’s glad the guy will now be experiencing racism.

        • Cathryn Sykes

          Exactly. Precisely. He thinks blacks are subhuman? Let him see exactly what its like to be treated like that….and I understand that some of his white, bigoted pals are doing exactly that.

    • Kevin O’connor

      Did you say Jack Black ass?

    • gantt4life

      This can be taken as a slip of the keyboard. Sure hope you would correct it or do we continue to assume that you have now put Cobb in your dislike category not because he is an idiot but because of his heritage.

  • Robin Dooley

    The irony of it all: A noted racist crying racism.
    Karma is doing its job.

  • Angela J Szucs-Pagliarini

    so he won’t be able to enter “the promised land.” HA, what a dumbass. karma bit him is his. He should be proud of his newfound heritage. it’s much better than the racist, bigoted, white trash part of him.