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New York Mayor Gordon Jenkins’ Racist Rant Caught On Tape

The mayor of the New York town of Monticello made a racist and curse-filled rant after being arrested for DWI…and it was all caught on tape. Mayor Gordon Jenkins was arrested on Nov. 16 for DWI and his racist rant was later caught by surveillance cameras at the Monticello police station.

“Don’t call me mayor. Call me ni**er because that’s what I am when I’m here in handcuffs,” said Jenkins. “They say you are the Klan. I believe it now. I believe all the f*cking ni**ers and what they be talking about, about you.” Jenkins later then tells one of the officers that “you don’t have control…because these motherf*cking crackers work for you.”

Jenkins was arrested after appearing drunk at the scene of a car accident. CBS New York repors that he received the DWI charge after refusing a Breathalyzer and was also charged with obstructing justice and criminal mischief. Although he has since pleaded not guilty to the charges, his license has been suspended.

This isn’t the first time that Jenkins has found himself in trouble with the law, though. He pleaded guilty in 2010 to selling knockoff sneakers from a store he owns and was arrested last year for hitting a police officer. Monticello Board of Trustees member Carmen Rue has since called on Jenkins to resign from office; although Jenkins has since apologized for behavior, he said he has no plans to step down. A trial date for the DWI charges has yet to be determined.

(Photo: Town of Monticello)

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