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Restaurant Owner Closes Shop After KKK Abuse

A restaurant owner in a small town that’s part of Manitoba, Canada is closing her doors after racist abuse she has endured for several months. Thea Morris opened Thea’s Diner this past July, but said she has received racist treatment from customers since opening the restaurant and decided to close up shop after she received a racist message in response to a job opening she posted.

Morris posted a job opening to Kijiji last week, but received a racist response to the ad and posted it to her Facebook page. “You guys still chasing colors out of your towns out there?” read the note that came from the e-mail address [email protected] “I believe the KKK has a chapter in South Dakota you should join!” Morris wrote in response: “That is it…I am closing the restaurant.”

Morris told CTV News that after experiencing a drop in business after her first month, a customer explained to her that “the reason why I don’t have anybody in here is because of my color.” She has already told her landlord that she plans to vacate the building by the end of December.

However, other residents say the diner’s main issue was high prices and not skin color, with some suggesting the closing is a “publicity stunt.” One woman told CTV News that she is “raising two native children and have never run into any racism.” Local mayor Gavin van der Linde expressed outraged at the reported incidents, but said they don’t “represent a part of our community I’m aware of.”

(Photo: CTV News)

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