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Students Accuse Black Professor Of Racial Discrimination For Discussing Racism

Three white students at a Minneapolis college filed a racial discrimination complaint against their African-American professor, who in turn sued the university for discrimination when she was reprimanded. The students at Minnesota Community and Technical College reportedly objected to a lecture on structural racism from their professor, Shannon Gibney.

Gibney said the lesson was part of her Intro to Mass Communication class, but that one of the students reacted in a hostile manner by asking why “they have to talk about this in every class.” She said the student was “taking it personally” and tried to explain that “this is unfortunately the context of 21st century America.” Gibney said she was shocked by the situation and tried to remain “as reasonable as I could given the fact I was interrupted and put on the spot in the middle of class.”

But when two other students echoed his frustrations and accused her of “trying to say that white men are always the villains, the bad guys,” while still continuing to interrupt her lesson,  Gibney finally told them they could file a formal complaint with the school’s legal affairs department if they felt there was an issue. When the students did this, she was formally reprimanded by the school’s vice president of academic affairs for creating a “hostile learning environment.”

Based on this and other reported instances, Gibney and six other teachers at the university have filed a federal class action lawsuit against the college, claiming that it is a discriminatory workplace. It’s unclear when the case will go to trial, but Gibney has not spoken of any plans to leave the school yet.

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  • disqus_0DvjPGmqim

    Wow the school had the nerve to reprimand the professor and not take disciplinary action against the students? What does that say when a school doesn’t even support their own staff. Wouldn’t want to attend that college.

  • Estella Cohen

    “They can’t handle the truth.”Revisionist history seems to be the call of today’s America. Many white Americans don’t believe that their ancestors have contributed to so much of the havoc that still exists in America. What happened to taking responsibility and acknowledging the truth no matter where it takes you?Black collegiate academics are no fools! Can’t wait to see how this is handled in court.

  • Beverly Brown

    This is exactly what I am talking about the school administrators instead of getting all of the facts they disciplined the instructor. What does that tell you about today’s society and people. Racism does exist even worse now because finally we’re talking about it.