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Video Of Teenager Named Sharkeisha Brutally Beating Classmate Goes Viral

The viral video of Sharkeisha brutally beating 17-year-old Shamichael Manuel has quickly made its way around the Internet in the last few days and gone viral. Since being posted to World Star Hip Hop last Wednesday, the video has racked up over one million views and even been poked fun of by comedian Kevin Hart. In the World Star Hip Hop video, Manuel and Sharkeisha appear to have a regular conversation until Manuel looked in the direction of the camera. Sharkeisha sucker-punched her friend in the face and then began pummeling with her punches after Manuel fell to the ground. She attempted to cover her head to protect herself, but Sharkeisha then kicked Manuel directly in the face. A friend then comes into the scene and breaks up the fight.

The dispute appears to be about a boy because Sharkeisha yelled afterwards: “You f—ed with the right one. You were supposed to be my n—-, but what the f— were you doing? Who the f— were you trying to f—?” Since the video was posted to World Star Hip Hop last Wednesday, it has received over 800,000 views.

Manuel made her first public statements last weekend regarding the attack, claiming that she was shocked by the brutal attack because she and Sharkeisha were friends.  “I was just in shock. I was like, oh my God. Did she really do this?” said Manuel. “You’re supposed to be my close friend. We were talking in school earlier that day. She made it seem like there was nothing wrong with her.”

Although Sharkeisha was clearly responsible for the incident, she has not been expelled or suspended from Cypress Creek High School because the fight took place off school grounds and after school hours. However, Manuel’s mother has pressed charges and intends to file a lawsuit for damages,.

(Photo: World Star Hip Hop)

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