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Did Boston Woman Put Racist Graffiti On Her Home And Blame Son’s Classmates?

A Boston suburb was rocked by a high schooler whose home was spray painted with racist graffiti, but FBI investigators reportedly believe that his own mother may have been responsible for the damage. Isaac Phillips, who played for Lunenberg High School’s football team known as the Blue Knights, had the side of his home spray painted with the message “Knights don’t need ni**ers” the day before a major game. The school canceled the game and shut down the rest of the season after the incident, but police now say his mother is a “strong suspect” in the case.

Phillips’ mother, Andrea Brazier, is white and his father, Anthony, is black. Police visited her home two days ago and reportedly found two cans of spray paint and live ammunition in the home. When police questioned her, she reportedly told them that she wanted the investigation to end because her son was thriving in his new school. FBI investigators reportedly told her they believed she was responsible for the graffiti and she simply said “OK.”

Brazier had previously told reporters that she intended to have her son moved to another school after the incident “He doesn’t want to go to the school anymore,” she said. “He’s beyond upset about the whole situation.”

Regardless of who was responsible, it’s been confirmed that Phillips was subjected to bullying from students in the past and members of Lunenberg’s football team had received previous disciplinary action for using racial slurs during a football game. “I don’t really understand why someone would even do something like this,” he said to WCVB-TV three weeks ago. “I have two younger brothers and another sister. This is our house, this is where we live. Eventually they’re going to see it.”

(Photo: Boston Globe)

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