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MTV Reality Star Praises Hitler And Poses For Racist Nazi Photo

A former MTV reality queen has shocked fans by posing photos of herself in Nazi gear and claiming that Hitler was misunderstood. Tila Tequila, best known for her reality dating show A Shot At Love, posted a racist photo of herself to Facebook wearing a swastika arm band, Nazi uniform hat and revealing clothing while standing in front of a backdrop of Auschwitz.

The photo was also accompanied by a shocking Facebook rant in which she described Hitler as a “special and sweet kid” who was “bullied” by others and rejected by art schools. Tequila even tried to draw comparisons to her own life by claiming she was also “rejected” when she tried to convert to Judaism in recent years.

The reaction to her Facebook photo and post was unsurprisingly negative across the board, prompting Tequila to try and defend herself earlier this week. “Just because I feel sympathy, compassion, and forgiveness for others such as Hitler means I am now a monster?” she asked. “All for trying to open your eyes to the truth that Hitler was NOT as bad as he was painted out to be?”

But for many of her now former fans, the justification for her racist photo and praise of Hitler was simply digging herself into a hole. Seriously what is wrong with you?” asked New Yorker Hannah Vilinsky. “I am Jewish and a product of Holocaust survivors. How can you sympathize with Hitler? He killed 6 million Jews and millions of others. How can you sympathize with someone who killed innocent people based on ethnicity, sexual orientation and/or disabilities?”

(Photo: Facebook)

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  • Jack Smith

    Didnt realize she had fans.

  • Karlheinz Groeger

    Sometimes you just can’t fix stupid!

  • Kathi Geukes

    Why is this skank given any press whatsoever?? Seems to me she was one of Dennis Rodman’s skanks when he was always in the news for doing something stupid…so why does she get press????

  • bunnychi75

    Just when you thought this chick became an irrelevant factor…she manages to worm her way out again!