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Ohio Teacher Fired For Racist Facebook Rant

The Ohio music teacher who posted an extremely racist Facebook rant to his page last fall has officially been fired. The Akron school board unanimously voted earlier this week to terminate the contract of David Spondike, calling it a “difficult” but “right” decision to make. Spondike was previously suspended last October for a week without pay after admitting that his account was not hacked.

“The thing that bothers me, how can you have these thoughts or make them known in a public forum, when we have such large African American populations at Firestone High School?” asked Akron Schools Superintendent David James.

Spondike allegedly wrote his rant after trick-or-treaters behaved inappropriately near his property. In the racist Facebook post, Spondike wrote: “When you whip out your teeny d*cks and piss on the telephone pole in front of my yard and a bunch of preschoolers and toddlers, you can take your ni**er-ass back where it came from. I don’t have anything against anyone of any color, but ni**ers, stay out!”

In a later post, Spondike acknowledged using the racist term in his Facebook rant and apologized. However, he also insinuated that it was hypocritical for black people to get upset about whites using the N-word. “I am not going to say that ’someone hacked my Facebook page,’ like most people do. Racism implies prejudging, which is clearly not what happened here,” he wrote. “Making any excuse for allowing one race to use a word and condemning another race for using the same word is institutionalized racism in and of itself, regardless of the justification used.”

The racist rant marks the fourth time that Spondike had faced disciplinary action from the Akron Public School District. He was also punished for throwing a chair against a wall and spitting on the floor in front of a student. He was also accused of physically assaulting a middle school student, but there was not enough evidence to file charges.

(Photo: Firestone High School)

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  • MsYellowDog

    Sounds as if he’s long been an accident looking for a place to happen.

  • tiedtotheair2

    I have a question that I hope can be answered, preferably by a White racist who actually admits he/she is a racist… “Does being a racist automatically make you evil?” I ask because I believe my boss is a racist. I say this after working closely with him every day over the past four years. I must say that he truly does not believe he is because he’s a Christian and is a upstanding family man who abides by the law, works hard and gives to charity. I can vouch that he is a good manager, very fair, helpful, understanding and flexible. He respects my intelligence, which was hard earned through many, many discussions and in-depth debates on every subject from politics (He’s very conservative) to business and culture and everything in between.I have always held my own with him and at times, have given him much food for thought. But I do not for one moment forget that he is a die-hard Fox News/Rush/Beck fan. He despises President Obama, although he says it’s his policies and not the man himself that he hates. However, the fact remains that I am the first Black person he has ever held a meaningful conversation with (He is constantly amazed that I am an intelligent articulate and college educated Black woman, born and raised in what he refers to as the ghetto. Anyway, it is my theory that you CAN be a decent and fair-minded person and still be a racist…

    • Osi

      As a naturalized American from West Africa, I personally believe one, regardless of colour, has every right 2 be racist or alcoholic-that’s is a God-given right in this grt and free nation. However, like alcohol ur right 2 consume the adult beverage stops where it impedes the RIGHTS of others, not necessarily their sensibilities or sensitivity- anyone can be sensitive to anything, including something as simple or innocent as”Godbless”, which I use a lot, and daily. Moreover, and once again, and like alcohol, it’s all about respecting oneself and others as would be expected a civil society. Once again I am tired of having Caucasians apologize 4 being racist whenever someone of another race feels like playing the RACE card. It’s, however, very clear from all the previous accusations and diciplinary issues with this so-called TEACHER that he has no business being in any classroom or a position of authority. Simply put, child has serious ANGER and lack of self control ISSUES. Pray 4 him people.

      • Rebecca Kleitz

        What exactly do you mean by “…playing the RACE card.”?
        I find that offensive.
        It is not “playing the race card” by calling out racists and bigots for their racist and bigoted statements that come from their OWN mouths.
        How sad that you are choosing to head down the very same road that one would assume you were trying to get away from by moving to this “grt and free” nation.
        At this moment in time, this nation is only “grt” or “free” for those with means enough to BUY it.

    • El_Gateaux

      I think its possible for a decent, otherwise fair-minded person to be racist. I think it requires a person to be someone that doesn’t question much, either their own feelings/beliefs or those of others.

      • tiedtotheair2

        What is your definition of racism? Furthermore, what is the universal definition? Are you a racist if you don’t like (or hate) someone based solely on their race? Or is it racism only with the application of your hatred, i.e. denying a loan, job, housing… or even physical violence based on your racial bias?

        • El_Gateaux

          I think if you have racial bias you are, to some extent, racist. I think there are many different “levels” of racism. Some much worse than others. I think too that there are some statements that are racist in nature but the person uttering them shouldn’t be considered racist, simply ignorant . To clarify, a person who has no racial bias towards blacks (or others who would possibly be the targets of racist remarks) might tell an offensive story or use a derogatory term without intending harm or even being aware that their comment was offensive.

          • tiedtotheair2

            Thanks for your input El. I am always eager to delve into issues that require a bit of deep thinking. And although this may not be the ideal platform to began a serious discussion on such a complex matter, it is good to know that there are those who are not afraid to broach the subject of racism. It inspires hope and confirmation that most people are generally good and will do the right thing when confronted with reasonable information. Have no doubt, that the future of race relations will be determined by how well we as a people are willing to learn, accept and adjust.

          • El_Gateaux

            I wonder if racism and other forms of discrimination might be the remnants of a long ago practical survival trait. Discrimination is basically assuming that all of a race or class or country are the same as one person, class or country we have had experience with or more often a person someone else knew or heard about. I think at one time, in man’s distant past it was to his advantage to assume that if something was bad all things similar to it were probably bad as well. An entirely fictitious example: Two cavemen go for a walk one day and find a stand of large red berry bushes filled with what appeared to be the most juicy, delicious red berries. Each eats his fill of the berries and in an hour or so are stricken by paralyzing stomach cramps. In time the cramps pass and both cavemen are lucky in that no predator came along to take advantage of their condition. Next day they again went for a walk. This time they came across a stand of berry bushes but the berries are smaller and not quite the same color. Og the less conservative of the two reasons, these are red berries but they are smaller and not the same color of red so he ate his fill. Ug, the more conservative thinks more simplistically “Red berries are bad” He doesn’t eat them. An hour later Og is in a fetal position on the ground with stomach cramps and Ug is trying to compose a tactful way of saying “I told you so.” Then the hungry cave bear showed up. Ug, unencumbered by stomach cramps successfully runs away and lives to spread his seed and has many offspring many of whom carry this same survival trait. Similar items are the same. One red berry bush that is bad means all red berry bushes are bad.
            Og, unable to rise to his feet, much less run is eaten and rendered unable to spread his seed. He has no offspring to carry on the more progressive thinking. If indeed this is an instinctive throwback to different times and threats it is still no reason not to take into account the times we live in and form our actions accordingly.

          • tiedtotheair2

            Wow… that was deep… Counter: What if the second berry bush was raspberries. Liberal guy eats his fill. Conservative guy judges them bad because he ate once ate some bad berries. The two continue their journey but they lose their way and unfortunately do not come across any food source, plant or animal. Soon the conservative slows, becomes weak and due to thirst and hunger, is not able to go on. Hungry cave bear comes along and eats conservadude. Meanwhile Libberman has the fortitude and enough strength to run cave bear through with his cave spear. After he throws both fists in the air and screams his victory yell, he looks down and thinks… Yum, that cave bear looks rather tasty. He then rubs two sticks together to create that pretty orange hot stuff and proceeds to have a very succulent meal of cave bear (and raspberries) and has enough left over to eventually find his way back home to… YES! You guessed it! He grabs the hair of the late Conservdude’s woman, drags her to his cave and happily begins making more little bear killers. Moral of the story? Be bold, be brave, and for survival’s sake… Be progressive! Lol!

          • El_Gateaux

            Yeah, that could also happen. lol I would add that when by ones self armed with only a spear being brave against a cave bear will probably end with some less brave, great runner being the one to be makin’ more less brave great runners. Be bold, be brave but for survival sake don’t take on a cave bear by yourself. That isn’t progressive, that’s suicidal. lol

    • Cyndi Teague Kramer

      I am white, and not racist. I’m Jewish (you can’t see it, and I have been privy to more than one anti-Semitic remark over the years) I have had more than a few friends over the years be closeted racists. Until one day something happens, or they are telling me a story and some shitty word or series of words comes flying out of their mouth.. I have to say that every time that has happened, I feel my gut churn, and my stomach drops. I know these people, and they present as normal, nice folks.. It’s hard to wrap ones brain around that. But I DO feel differently toward them after knowing that fact. You can’t un- know something. If I were to say, and I have.. ” Whoa dude, that’s like really, super racist” They get all defensive.. Like I am overreacting. So I just leave it alone, or politely say.. ” I love you , but when you say “_________”, I actually makes my heart hurt.” My step mother is from El Salvador, she came to this country legally and isn’t even Mexican.. and yet, because she has a heavy spanish accent and owns a cleaning company , she endures a ton of ” Anti- Mexican” hatred. It’s disgusting. I just think we as a nation still are very far away from equality. I think it’s okay to like your boss, and accept that he has some limitations. I don’t even know if it’s hatred, or stupidity. My best friend has said some pretty horrible stuff before.. someone cuts her of in traffic and they turn out to be Indian She will flippantly say ” God d#mn foreign piece of $hit!”.. the first time it happened I was like a deer in the headlights.. the second time I waited until she was calm and we were eating bread before I said, ” Buddy, I really don’t like it when you say stuff like that. I know you aren’t hateful ( She isn’t) but that cuts right through me and honestly scares me”.. she has become more sensitive to it. She honestly has friends of all races and isn’t hateful.. but man, that freaks me out.. So I get it.

      • tiedtotheair2

        Thanks for the insight. I honestly believe that my manager is a product of his own culture and environment. He was brought up in a well to do suburb and his only exposure to Black people was what he sees in movies and hears on the news. He once told me that his parents starting hating Black people when they heard a speech by Ronald Reagan involving welfare queens. Now think about the implications of that… Depressing huh?

    • Terral Belin

      Please take note on your question”is he a racist because he’s a Christian etc” . Well doing slavery the slave master had the bible in one hand and the whip in the other. Also, good family man and donating to the charity of perpetual superiority of the negro slaves. Meanwhile, as the slave masters where being great family men and promoting good family values in the other hand (here goes that other metaphor again) he was breaking up the negros family for profit. Ps the answer is in your email.

  • rosa

    teaching can drive a guy crazy.

    • Rebecca Kleitz

      Sounds like he was already “crazy”, rather, a sociopath, before he ever started teaching!

  • Wanda Herbert Romain

    How did this teacher keep his contract after the SECOND disciplinary action?!

  • Anthony Jones

    This nonsense again….Dear Non people of color, All Black,Afro-Americans,etc do not call each other Ni**ers , if you don’t don’t believe me have one of _____ friends call Jay-z, Micheal Wilbon or Steven A. Smith child a Ni**er……and see what happens!

  • Charles Hill

    I am sorry but I agree with him if you say it in mixed company then you should be called what ever you said and if you piss in front of my house I would call you out your name also right is right

  • John Dough

    I am not so fearful of names as most of you people are. so many people are just waiting for someone to say a certain word, so they can attack and label that person in a negative way. Get a life, and do something important other than acting like the word-police!