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Fire Chief Resigns Over Racist Facebook Posts Supporting KKK And Lynching

A volunteer fire chief in Indiana has resigned after posting outrageous racist rants and jokes to Facebook that even included him supporting the KKK and lynching blacks. But despite admitting that he contributed money to the KKK, Chief Sean Sargent is denying that he’s a racist.

In the shocking Facebook posts, Sargent wrote that he is, “a full blown racist. I dare a dirty ni**er to try and knock me out, and oh yeah! Support your local klan!!!” He also posted a racist joke which read, “What do you call 1,000 ni**ers at the bottom of the sea? A good f*cking start.”

Sargent said he made the posts to “get a reaction,” but said they were directed at lazy people rather than any particular race. “Everyone should be a productive member of society,” said Sargent. “I have an issue with anyone who is being lazy or taking advantage of the system. I think this whole thing was turned into more than it really should have been.”

However, he also said that the KKK is beneficial to local communities and denied that it was a racist organization. “The Klan is not about threatening people. I’m looking for some place where I can be proud to be a white American,” he said. “No matter what anybody wants to say, there is still a thing called freedom of speech. I can say whatever I want, whether I feel that way or not. In America, you have that freedom.”

Sargent had picked up another firefighting job in Greenwood, Indiana, prior to resigning and will report there next month.

(Photo: TV6)

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