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Anti-Racism Demonstration Leads To Neo-Nazi Attacks And Arrests

An anti-racism protest in Sweden led to two stabbings and a swarm of other injuries by a group of Neo-Nazi activists. A Neo-Nazi group called the Swedish Resistance Movement claimed responsibility on their website for the attack in a suburb of Stockholm. Twenty-eight of their members were arrested on charges including attempted murder, assault of a law enforcement officer, rioting and incitement of racial hatred. They are all currently being held in a local jail.
Two police officers who tried to stop the riots from taking place were also injured by members of the Neo-Nazi group as they threw flares, firecrackers and bottles at the crowd. However, many of the roughly 200 protesters blamed police for not doing more because there was indication on extremist websites that the attacks would take place. “The protesters in Karrtorp paid a high price for society’s inability to recognize the seriousness and the acute danger of far-right extremism and Nazism,” said Anna Hellgren, a columnist for the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

The Swedish Resistance Movement primarily gets its message out by arranging public rallies and handing out leaflets that list crimes committed by foreigners and immigrants in Sweden. The group frequently holds camps in the woods and trains their members in martial arts, leading them to deny that they are preparing for a war or revolution. They also had a youth version of their movement, but it was disbanded in 2006.

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