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Teacher Suspended For Racist ‘White Santa’ Comment

A New Mexico teacher was given a paid suspension after making racist remarks to a special needs student, but the child’s father says he wants to see the instructor fired. Michael Rougier, whose son Christopher has autism, said the African-American boy was humiliated by his high school teacher for dressing up as Santa. Christopher came in wearing a Santa beard and hat as part of the school’s tradition for dressing up at Christmas, but the teacher told him, “Santa Claus is white. What are you doing wearing that?”

A spokesperson with Rio Rancho Public Schools said the teacher apologized to the family and was disciplined, but Michael believes not enough has been done. “This is racial in its context and that’s my issue right now. I don’t believe that this man needs to be teaching children,” said the father. “My children cannot fight for themselves. I’m the person that has to do it. I will use any and all tools necessary at my disposal to do that.”

The father also expressed outrage at the incident because he only heard of it through another parent. Christopher has been out of school for the last few days, but will be put in a different classroom when he returns on Monday.

Meanwhile, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly ignited controversy last week by declaring on-air that “Santa just is white.” She addressed the backlash over the weekend by claiming her comments were tongue-in-cheek and accuse liberals of “race baiting” by taking her words out of context.

(Photo: Reuters)

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