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Police Officer Suspended For Racist Facebook Rant About Obama

A New York cop in the town of Pleasantville has been suspended after posting a racist rant on Facebook about President Barack Obama. Officer Peter Burns allegedly wrote the post last week on a Facebook page he operated under the profile name “Coon Trapper.” Pleasantville Police Chief Richard Love was informed of the incident yesterday and announced today that Burns had been suspended and placed on paid administrative leave while an investigation commenced.

The racist post that Burns allegedly wrote included a racial slur as he declared about Obama: “The fact he is still alive bewilders me. Go die in a shallow grave you Muslim commie.” He also referred to the President as “un-American.” Love described the Facebook comments as “despicable” and “totally unacceptable.” He said that once the investigation is completed, it’s possible that Burns could be fired if he was responsible for the racist rant.

This is hardly the first time that New York cops have posted racist statements on Facebook, though. In 2009, three police officers in the suburb of Harrison were suspended and demoted after swapping racist jokes about Obama. Last year, 17 cops in NYC were suspended for posting racist remarks related to the city’s West Indian Day Parade.

“The fact that a cop can say something like that about the president shows that there are deep racial issues within law enforcement,” said Damon Jones, president of the Westchester chapter of Blacks in Law Enforcement of America. “It’s something our elected officials have to pay attention to. There should be racial sensitivity training in every police department, with oversight to make sure that it’s being done properly and being taken seriously.”

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