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Why Did George Zimmerman’s Artwork Sell For Over $100,000?

George Zimmerman has found a way to make money off his notoriety for shooting Trayvon Martin. The disgraced Floridian has now taken to selling his original artwork on eBay, but it has shockingly resulted in a massive bidding war that will net him well over $100,000. Zimmerman’s portrait of the American flag has resulted in 108 bids on his eBay auction and the highest bid currently stands at just over $110,000.

The painting features a portion of an American flag painted in shades of black and white, complete with the words “GOD – ONE NATION with LIBERTY and JUSTICE FOR ALL.” The artwork made by Zimmerman also has his signature at the bottom. He said it’s his first artistic work and was made with household latex paint instead of oils or acrylics. “I know it’s not the fanciest, but it is what we had,” he wrote on the auction site. “[It] allows me to reflect, providing a therapeutic outlet and allows me to remain indoors.” Zimmerman also hinted that he will likely sell his artwork again in the near future.

Since being acquitted last July, Zimmerman has continued to find himself in trouble with the law. He has received numerous speeding tickets and was arrested for domestic violence last month. Zimmerman allegedly pointed a shotgun at the face of his pregnant girlfriend and forced her out of their home, but she later dropped the case against home. His wife also filed for divorce last fall and his mother-in-law filed a police report against him last September, claiming that he stole furniture and a TV from her home.

(Photo: eBay)

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  • c1h2r3i4s5

    Who cares,he is a despicable human waste of monumental proportions in my opinion !

  • Finnsmom1

    Everyone knows that artwork increases in worth once the artist dies which in this case will probably be soon.

  • Karlheinz Groeger

    To answer the OP’s question; because there are a lot of stupid people on this planet. Zimmerman is a very, very, lucky man! He got away with murder because of some sloppily written Stand Your Ground laws! He’s also a very stupid man, as he can’t seem to figure out that he needs to stay out of the limelight, or his anger management issues are going to either get him killed or jailed.

  • yeah, well… get back to me when the buyer actually PAYS for it.

  • Erik

    He created this from a piece of stock imagery produced by AWEN art studio and available on shutterstock.com. Took me about 5 seconds to find it. I’m not totally sure of the rules with derivative artwork but I’m thinking that $100k won’t all be his. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=74692756

  • glantern35

    The way this idiot is going he better spend that money quick before he ends up in jail or dead.