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Man Arrested For Defacing Racist Sign With Loving Message

An Arkansas native has been arrested for defacing a racist billboard with a tolerant message. Harrison police arrested Chad Watkins for defacing a sign in the town which said, “Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.” Watkins had painted over part of the last two words and wrote “Love” on the sign, which an unidentified person called police to report him for.

The man is now free after posting $2,500 bond, but could be charged with a misdemeanor crime of vandalism. Assistant Police Chief Paul Woodruff said the person calling to report the incident gave police the license plate number of the vehicle leaving the scene. Even if Watkins is convicted of the crime, he will not face any jail time because he doesn’t have a prior criminal record.

The racist sign went up last October and has been a source of controversy throughout the town. While some in the community believe it promotes hatred, others see it as free speech. Harrison officials have been working hard to overcome the city’s racist image in recent years, which is made difficult by the fact that a KKK branch is stationed nearby.

The KKK has also been making their mark in other parts of the country lately. The town of Cecil, Maryland was forced to give a branch of the Klan permission to hold a meeting in a local government building tonight. They will be rallying for the impeachment of President Obama.

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