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MTV Reality Star Denies The Holocaust Ever Happened

Former MTV reality star Tila Tequila shocked and angered just about everyone earlier this month by dressing up in Nazi gear and ranting against Jewish people, but she has now upped the ante even further by denying that the Holocaust ever happened. In a recent blog post on her website called “Zionist Crime: The 6 Million Holohoax,” Tequila referred to the death of six million Jews during the Holocaust as a “cabalistic fable” and said that it was “a lie the first time and it is a lie today! Let us be free of this myth and these lies that keeps us all bounded to slavery and ruled by a bunch of treacherous Zionists!”

The reality star caused a stir two weeks ago by posting a photo of herself on Facebook wearing a swastika arm band, Nazi uniform hat and revealing clothing while standing in front of a backdrop of Auschwitz. The photo was also accompanied by a shocking Facebook rant in which she described Hitler as a “special and sweet kid” who was “bullied” by others and rejected by art schools. Tequila even tried to draw comparisons to her own life by claiming she was also “rejected” when she tried to convert to Judaism in recent years.

After being widely panned by her comments and reprimanded by Facebook, she tried to justify her bigoted statements. “Just because I feel sympathy, compassion, and forgiveness for others such as Hitler means I am now a monster?” she asked. “All for trying to open your eyes to the truth that Hitler was NOT as bad as he was painted out to be?”

But after Facebook removed her Nazi photos, she ranted against the site by calling it “Jewbook” and repeatedly writing “Heil HiTILA,” ultimately earning her a permanent ban from the social media site.

(Photo: Facebook)

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  • Wallace Sterling

    This person is one very dumb dork; where has she been during her young life??? Let her see and read about the Holocaust (including war footage of American soldiers saving and freeing prisoners from the camps)….Is she perhaps a dumb Neo-Nazi????? Who taught her history in high school???????????

  • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

    Since when has anyone gone to Tila Tequila for history lessons? I wouldn’t take her word for it if she said that the sky is blue.

  • J. Kevin Michel

    Ya can’t fix stoopid!!!!

  • Brian Steven

    I never heard of her and I still have no clue who she is.

    • Goforride

      Lucky you.

  • TexasMike

    Hey dumbass,
    I guess all of those G.I.’s who saw the concentration camps were just hallucinating. You’re living proof that stupid never sleeps.

  • EverTheGreen

    I’m wondering if she’s got a dementia issue…she got whupped at a public appearance in Southern Illinois a few years ago.