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Black Santa Shot With Pellet Gun During Christmas Toy Drive

An African-American man trying to spread cheer by dressing as Santa Claus at a toy giveaway on Christmas Eve was shot with a pellet gun. The man was shot twice in the back at Berry Farm and was transported to a local hospital to have the pellets removed. “I’m glad just I got hit and no one else got got hurt,” said Xavier Hawkins, who made a full recovery. The man had been giving out toys to needy children every Christmas for the last eight years.

A photographer at the scene said that he was interviewing the man for an article as he was giving away toys to kids. But midway through the interview, Santa began screaming in pain. “Somebody just shot me!” Santa yelled. “Something in my back. Ahh! Ahh! My back! Oh!” After he was transported to the hospital, a “Grinch” character filled in to finish the toy drive.

Of course, Hawkins’ presence refutes the beliefs of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly that Santa Claus can only be white. The TV host shocked and amused viewers by telling them earlier this month that Santa Claus “just is white” and that this was a “verifiable fact.” She later slammed liberal media outlets, including The Daily Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live, for taking her quotes out of context and said that they were clearly done in satire.

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