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VIDEO: ESPN Host Says N-Word Is 2013 ‘Sports Person Of The Year’

ESPN anchor Jemele Hill has sparked controversy with her pick for 2013’s “Sports Person of the Year.” The host of Numbers Never Lie said that if she could pick a person, she would decline to do so and choose the N-word instead. Hill justified the decision by saying that the racist term made headlines in the sports world this year for its frequent use by several athletes.

“My ‘Sports Person of the Year’ wouldn’t be a person at all but a word that is both reviled and revered,” she said. Some examples of this in 2013 include Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito referring to a biracial teammate in a voicemail as a “half-ni**er” and a video of him using the word “affectionately with black teammates.” Philadelphia Eagles receiver Riley Cooper was also caught using the N-word on tape while at a concert, resulting in him publicly apologizing afterwards.

Other instances include Washington Redskins tackle Trent Williams hurling the N-word at an umpire during a game. After the latest instance of blatant racism amongst NFL athletes, the Fritz Pollard Alliance asked the football organization to eject players from games if they used the word and fine them afterwards. However, the NFL has declined to move forward with this request.

“Eradicating the N-word won’t eliminate racism,” said Hill. “But this year, sports challenged our grip on the word. That’s impact.”

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