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Neo-Nazi Fights For Child Custody After All 9 Of His Kids Are Taken Away

A Neo-Nazi arrived at a New Jersey court wearing full Third Reich gear in an attempt to get custody of his newborn daughter, declaring that he will fight to eventually win back custody of all nine of his children. Heath Campbell sports a swastika tattoo and regularly wears Nazi clothing in public, while also giving his kids shockingly offensive names including Adolf Hitler Campbell and JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell. His latest child, named Eva Braun, was removed from his custody just two days after she was born last November.

In true irony, Campbell said he is the victim of “discrimination” by Child Protective Services because they are removing his children solely due to the names he gives them. “I’m not allowed to have children because I’m a Nazi. That’s what they’re saying,” he told the New York Daily News. “I’ll stop making them when they stop taking them.”

Campbell has nine children with five different women; his latest child was with girlfriend Bethanie Zito, but he also has several other children with his ex-wife, Deborah. New Jersey appeals court ruled in 2010 ruled there was sufficient evidence of abuse or neglect because of domestic violence in the home of Heath and Deborah.

A court hearing regarding the current case with newborn Eva has been scheduled for Monday. Zito told reporters that child services workers came and took their baby on the day she was supposed to leave the hospital. “I started screaming. I got hysterical. They kidnapped her,” she said. “Because I’m not going to mix with the opposite races and I’m not going to let my children mix, that gives them the right to steal my child?”

Campbell, who is currently the leader of a group called “Hitler’s Order,” first made headlines in 2008 after asking a grocery store to write “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler” on a cake for his son of the same name. The store refused to do this and Adolf was taken from his custody shortly after, but the Neo-Nazi still insists he’s a good father.

(Photo: NBC10)

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