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Racist Group Calls For Obama Lynching, Says It Would Be ‘National Holiday’

A conservative group on Facebook posted a shocking photo of President Barack Obama being lynched and said that it should be a “national holiday” if this ever happened. The image, posted by the Facebook page “America the next generation,” photoshopped Obama’s head onto an image of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein being executed. The racist image was given the caption “The making of a National Holiday” and received scores of “likes” on Facebook.

Despite the blatant racism of the image, Facebook never removed the photo because it “does not violate community standards.” But after floods of angry comments from offended viewers, the group creators removed the photo themselves and claimed they didn’t want to make Obama a “martyr” if he actually were lynched. “OK by are own choice out of respect of our regular followers that requested us to remove the post with the noose around Obamas head,” they wrote. “[W]e did so out of Respect to them and we will take the high road!”

The conservative group later posted a similarly doctored image of George W. Bush with a noose around his neck, stating they did so “for you winey liberals that said it didn’t exist… like I said your double standards are pathetic!” However, the new image was largely panned by both conservatives and liberals. “Are you completely unaware of the history of violence, including lynchings, against African Americans in your country?” wrote Shawna Reynolds Horning. “[This] was in very poor taste and you should consider yourself lucky if you don’t end up on a Secret Service list somewhere….

Despite the offensive imagery, the group continues to rack up followers and now has over 3,100 “likes.” It remains to be seen whether Facebook will take any action against the group in the future.

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