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Racist Group Calls For Obama Lynching, Says It Would Be ‘National Holiday’

A conservative group on Facebook posted a shocking photo of President Barack Obama being lynched and said that it should be a “national holiday” if this ever happened. The image, posted by the Facebook page “America the next generation,” photoshopped Obama’s head onto an image of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein being executed. The racist image was given the caption “The making of a National Holiday” and received scores of “likes” on Facebook.

Despite the blatant racism of the image, Facebook never removed the photo because it “does not violate community standards.” But after floods of angry comments from offended viewers, the group creators removed the photo themselves and claimed they didn’t want to make Obama a “martyr” if he actually were lynched. “OK by are own choice out of respect of our regular followers that requested us to remove the post with the noose around Obamas head,” they wrote. “[W]e did so out of Respect to them and we will take the high road!”

The conservative group later posted a similarly doctored image of George W. Bush with a noose around his neck, stating they did so “for you winey liberals that said it didn’t exist… like I said your double standards are pathetic!” However, the new image was largely panned by both conservatives and liberals. “Are you completely unaware of the history of violence, including lynchings, against African Americans in your country?” wrote Shawna Reynolds Horning. “[This] was in very poor taste and you should consider yourself lucky if you don’t end up on a Secret Service list somewhere….

Despite the offensive imagery, the group continues to rack up followers and now has over 3,100 “likes.” It remains to be seen whether Facebook will take any action against the group in the future.

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  • Mary Cameron

    for this to have a bigger effect you must tell us what facebook site so we collectively can put a stop to it.

  • Ann Marie Brown

    For FB to say they removed the post out of respect for offended viewers, it should have been removed out of RESPECT of the POTUS and the office he holds, WTH is wrong with you people this is totally absurd, never in my life have I seen so much HATE towards the HIGHEST office in the land and for the person who holds this office, POTUS, this country is going to HELL in a hand basket!!!

    • William Bell

      . GOD PLEASE HELP THIS COUNTRY.!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Eady Trice Morgan

        Of course Rev. Wright was right all along. Nothing has changed.

      • David A. Rapelyea

        Everyone took Rev. Wright’s comment out of context. The Republicans knew what they were doing when they continuously played the sound bit. “GOD DAMN AMERICA means just that. DAMN America for its actions.

    • Aaron Robinson


    • John Dough

      did you have equal concern when President Bush was treated with such disrespect during his time in office? If you were not equally outraged, then you are an extreme racist !

    • AnnaGraceS

      It isn’t towards the highest office of the land. All of the hate is directed to the muslim in the White House. You are right about the country going to hell in a handbasket, however, it is because of this POTUS and his ignorant, low information, muslim, progressive and communists supporters!! Get it?

  • Mike Mc Millian

    Another bunch of racist fucking idiots! And Republicans as usual..

  • Goforride

    No doubt they want to topple and hang a twice-elected president in the name of freedom and The Constitution.

  • robbiecee

    Well, unfortunately for the group they will never get a chance to bask in their glory. So, they can just slither back into their little hole in the ground!

  • Maleka Giovinco

    go stand in front of the white house with that bullshit!!!

  • rosa

    and should that happen, that race war they have been trying to start would be more than they bargained for. you think the Trayvon Martin execution was explosive, let something happen to president Obama and the whole world will be involved.

  • Angela Monger

    Man what a bunch of sick assholes. This country has gone mentally in a dark hole.

  • Wanda Lightford Everhart

    And I bet they all wore bedsheets on their heads when they put it up! White (racist) people need to sit down somewhere and be real still before they start something they can’t handle! Don’t forget we can fight back now it’s 2014 I doubt ya’ll want or can handle any of us!

    • Liz Gonzalez

      The amendments say ” Freedom of Speech” this a terrorist threat to the President from people within our own country!! If you don’t like it here,
      I’ll be more than happy to collect money to get you a one way ticket the HELL out if here! God bless the USA!!

  • T Wallace

    Don’t let them upset you with their disrespect! Remember what God said, “no weapons formed against you will prosper!” President Obama and the office of the President of the US will be fine! Why, because we respect them and we outnumber these disrespectful individuals!

  • David A. Rapelyea

    I’m so sick and tired of the racist SOB’s. I blame ALL the Politicians for allowing this crap to continue. I blame “Uncle Tom negroes” for selling us down the river for “Mr. Charlies” promises, I blame those of us who can vote, for not voting “clowns” out of office. If we collectively ban together, we can uncover the “closet” bigots and rid them from our society.

  • Bridgett Cash

    They also made the group a closed group.

  • war_blur

    “Despite the offensive imagery, the group continues to rack up followers and now has over 3,100 “likes.” It remains to be seen whether Facebook will take any action against the group in the future.”
    not so much. the page was taken over by goats. now it’s “America – the goat generation.”

  • Jim Brasher

    A dream come true

  • AnnaGraceS

    Bawahahaha the POTUS needs to be arrested and thrown in prison for TREASON and numerous high crimes against the people and our Constitution!! Then hang his muslim arse!! He and his attorney general eric the arrogant holder believe and act like they are above the law!!

  • Ann Marie Brown

    @John I never heard of anyone talking about lynching Bush nor have I heard of him being disrespected to the same degree as PRES. OBAMA and another thing if this was a group of Blacks threatening to hang Bush beleive me they would have been arrested and thrown in jail. A BIG DIFFERENCE between Bush and Pres Obama. You understand?