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Man Blames ‘Obama’ For Setting His Own House On Fire

A mentally ill man from Minnesota went on a crazed rant after setting his own house on fire, blaming President Barack Obama and the CIA for the blaze. The fire took place last month at the home of Ronald Gary Bailey, who admitted to firefighters at the start of his 911 call that he was responsible for the blaze. He asked them when they could finish clearing out the wreckage so he could “start the rest of my house on fire.”

Sadly, the house was destroyed completely by the time firefighters arrived. When police arrived at the scene, Bailey blamed “Obama” for the fire and told them he was the “first half-man/half-robot created by the government. You should know, you did this, the CIA implanted a computer in my brain and body. What do I have to do, how big of a bomb do I have to build before the police respect me?”

As he was being transported to a local hospital, police also found a loaded gun in Bailey’s pocket and one other inside his home. Neighbors reported hearing multiple gunshots prior to the fire. A 2006 charge Bailey faced for fleeing from an officer, for which he was found not guilty by reason of mental illness, barred him from owning any weapons in the future. Bailey also threatened to “destroy” his entire neighborhood if he was released from custody.

He is currently being held in a local jail on $100,000 bail and has been charged with arson first degree, as well as possession of a pistol by an incompetent or mentally ill person.

(Photo: Hennepin County Police Department)

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