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‘Tiger Mom’ Amy Chua Argues Some Races and Religions Are ‘Superior’ In New Book

The woman known as “Tiger Mom” (a.k.a. Amy Chua) is raising plenty of eyebrows with her new book, co-written with her husband, which declares that some races are simply better than others. Her latest offering, The Triple Package, lists the top eight “cultural groups” that do better in America than anyone else: Chinese, Iranian, Lebanese-American, Nigerians, Cuban exiles, Jews, Indians and Mormons.

Chua argues that any group which succeeds in American has this so-called triple package of a superiority complex, feeling of insecurity and impulse control. “That certain groups do much better in America than others—as measured by income, occupational status, test scores, and so on—is difficult to talk about,” she writes. “In large part this is because the topic feels racially charged.” It hasn’t been lost on many that Chua and her husband belong to two of the groups that she finds “superior” — Chinese people and Jews.

But perhaps most offensively, the book that states that the civil rights movement killed any chance of African-Americans moving into one of these top eight groups. They also suggest this is the case because black people view themselves as inferior to other groups. “In this paradoxical sense, equality isn’t fair to African-Americans,” they write. “Superiority is the one narrative that America has relentlessly denied or ground out of its black population.”

The Triple Package won’t be released until next month, but has already received plenty of scathing comments from book reviewers. Many have also taken to Twitter to label the couple as “basic racists.”

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  • Raymond Davis

    WOW , a nasty heartless racist bitch just loving to continue the stereo-type of Orientals formed during ” the yellow scourge”. Ming the merciless did MORE for the advancement of this harpy’s people. people

  • Estella Cohen

    One thing I do agree on, is that we as Black people do not say enough positive things about ourselves. Other groups pick up this aura of negativity. Everyone has positive and negative features in their ethnic group. Unfortunately, the “tiger mom” does seem to highlight the hate filed superior feeling Asian woman that many Black women encounter in America daily.