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Actor Tom Sizemore Makes Racist Comments In Drug-Fueled Video

Actor Tom Sizemore had been clean and sober for over three years after kicking a gnarly drug addiction, but his relapse and penchant for racist statements were exposed in a new video. The National Enquirer received a chilling 23-minute “drug den” video from an anonymous source, which features Sizemore relapsing on heroin and crystal meth. He also made racist comments about Mexicans in the video, declaring they’re all “dirty and brown and smell like fertilizer – they want to rob you and kill you and that’s it.”

Sizemore kicked his addictions in 2010 on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and even recently chronicled how he stayed sober in a memoir released last year called By Some Miracle I Made It Out Of There. Unfortunately, the anonymous source said the actor “used heroin, which was on this bathroom sink, wrapped in foil. He lights it with a cheap lighter placed under the foil and uses a straw to inhale the smoke. “A couple minutes later, he’s ready to use the crystal meth, which he smokes through a glass pipe. You can tell Tom is not well – he’s sweating profusely in the video.”

Back in June 2011, the Saving Private Ryan star spoke with The Fix and seemed optimistic about his sobriety. “I couldn’t get high anymore,” he admitted. “So it was a combination of my age, the drugs really not working anymore, my wanting my life back, my wanting a relationship with my children, and [Celebrity Rehab counselor] Bob Forrest – who was kind of like my best friend in the 90s – telling me in very cold terms that I was going to die if I didn’t get a grip on myself.”

(Photo: Reuters)

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