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Ann Coulter Says ‘There Is No Racism In America’

So much for an Ann Coulter-free 2014. The always controversial conservative has accused liberal media outlets of “inventing racism” for the sake of ratings. Coulter also said that racism is typically trumped up by Democrats in general as a method of attacking conservative beliefs.

“Unfortunately for liberals, there is no racism in America. There is more cholera in America than there is racism. But they have to invent it,” she said to Sean Hannity on Fox News. “Racism was just about gone in this country and then (liberals) needed to start playing it again to promote the left-wing, the most left-wing president the country has ever seen, Barack Obama. And there’s been an explosion.”

Coulter also went after MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry for her recent jokes about the adopted African-American grandchild of Mitt Romney and her subsequent apologies that included crying during a segment on her show. “I think she was really crying after she just saw her fourth quarter ratings at MSNBC,” said Coulter. “It is an ugly thing when they go after the children. This was making fun of a child for his skin color.”

Of course, Coulter managed to get in some racist statements herself by declaring that black people don’t live in New York City apartments because of “all the rich people,” as well as referring to Harris-Perry as the network’s “token” African-American host. Coulter is still making the rounds to promote her book released last year, Never Trust A Liberal Over 3 – Especially A Republican.

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