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Man Sentenced To Jail For Racist Black Doll Lynching Video In KKK Costume

British resident Christopher Philips outraged plenty of people by posting a video of himself in a Klan robe as he lynched a black rag doll, but he is now facing the consequences for his actions. He was sentenced this week to 12 months in jail for inciting racial violence with the racist video. Philips had a long history of being involved with white pride and other extremist groups by frequently attending rallies throughout the U.K. He was even kicked out of one white pride group for having views which were “too extreme.”

After Philips posted the racist Klan robe videos to YouTube, police from the West Midlands counter-terrorism unit raided the house of Philips’ parents, where he currently lived. Police found a note from Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, a white KKK robe and a flag bearing the slogan “White Pride Worldwide.” He admitted owning the costume and posting the video, telling police that “I just feel stronger towards my own; my own ethnic group – white people.”

His defense attorney told the court he was a long-bullied individual who suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome and had no friends, but no longer felt hatred towards other races after obtaining a girlfriend. “He believed the only people who admired him were his nationalist friends, which is why he behaved in that manner,” the attorney told the court.

However, Judge John Warner did not have mercy and condemned Philips for his “abhorrent” behavior. “It does not require advanced education or knowledge of history to know what you were seeking to convey might cause offense,” said the judge. “In our democracy people are allowed to hold extreme, bizarre and offensive views, [but you released] material which is threatening and likely to stir up racial hatred.”

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