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Actress Tamera Mowry Says Her Interracial Marriage Sparked Racist Comments

Tamera Mowry, The Real co-host and former child star on Sister, Sister, claimed that racist insults were thrown at her on the internet after her May 2011 marriage to a white man, Fox News correspondent Adam Housley. Mowry broke down in tears while repeating the racist insults to Oprah Winfrey during an episode of the OWN star’s Where Are They Now? series.

“I get called ‘white man’s whore,'” said Mowry, as tears rolled down her face while repeating the racist comments. “The new one was ‘back in the day you cost $300, but now you’re giving it to him for free.'”

Mowry grew up being raised in an interracial household and said that the racist internet attacks were hurtful to her because skin color has never been an issue to her. “People choose to look past love and spew hate. And that’s what hurts me. I’ve never experienced so much hate in my life,” she said. “It’s very hard for me to think of [these words] because I’m a product of it. My mom is a beautiful black woman and my dad is an amazing white man … so it’s shocking for me to go through this. I’m proud to be in the relationship I’m in because it’s based on pure love.”

Mowry’s sister and fellow child star, Tia, said that she had experienced some of the same racist comments herself. “I’ve had people say that [Tamera] had done it right because she married a white man,” admitted Tia, who is married to an African-American man. Meanwhile, Tamera told Winfrey that she has received comments which claim that “Tia is a real black woman because she married a black man.”

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