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Kanye West Punches Teenager Over N-Word Comments At Kim Kardashian

Did Kanye West assault an 18-year-old by punching him in the face? Sources claim that the rapper went ballistic after a man hurled death threats and racist comments toward Kardashian that included calling her a “ni**er lover” and directly calling West the N-word. The alleged assault took place inside the waiting room of a Los Angeles chiropractor’s office, and the teenager is threatening to press charges, while West is at the center of a battery investigation by the LAPD.

Sources told TMZ that the teenager helped Kardashian get into the building when she was being surrounded by photographers, but allegedly started screaming “f*ck these fa**ot ass ni**ers.” When the reality star told him he shouldn’t use the N-word, he reportedly made racist comments and death threats told her. The teenager allegedly said, “F*ck you b*tch. Just trying to help you. Shut up, ni**er lover. Stupid. sl*t,” and also told Kardashian that “I will kill you.”

But all hell truly broke loose when Kardashian dialed up West in the waiting room. The teenager allegedly told him, “F*ck you ni**er.” When the rapper arrived at the waiting room, he went straight to the teenager and assaulted him by punching him in the face. The massage therapist in the room broke up the fight and Beverly Hills police were called to the office.

The incident couldn’t have come at a worse time for West because he is already facing assault charges over attacking a photographer last year at LAX. Los Angeles city prosecutors have charged West with misdemeanor battery, grand theft and vandalism over destroying the camera of a paparazzi member, which took place just days after the MTV Video Music Awards. West faces over two years in prison if convicted on all the charges, but it’s unlikely he will face any jail time since he doesn’t have a prior criminal record.

(Photo: Reuters)

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  • cholly8524

    He was provoked.

    • xnyer

      How was he provoked the other gut didnt say anything to dumb-butt West…………

  • Louis Perez

    Put that nigga away and take that zebra with him.

    • Brian Lords

      Shut the fuck up Lou ese.

  • John Dough

    west was in no danger, you can not attack someone for name calling, this is against the law.

    we all hear things we don’t like, or agree with. you cannot assault teenagers over words.

    • Linda

      “I’ll kill you” is more than an insult.

  • Jose Che Cintron

    Fuck Kanye. Asshole needs to know he’s no better than any of us. Lock his Ass up. Thought he was cool , but he is just a dICK

  • Scorpio

    This dude is NOT a teenager!!!! Please stop saying that!!! – He was big & bad enough to flap away at his mouth, then he has to be a man and accept the consequences!!

  • Russell Kurson

    Hit that asshole a couple of times for me, Kayne.

  • shellbell

    Kanye uses the word all the time and obviously is OK with it. Seems odd to me that he gets mad when others use it. Poor baby North, she’s going to need a lot if therapy when she is old enough to understand where she comes from!