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‘Negro’ Listed As Option For Race Identification On NYC Juror Forms

A NYC woman has expressed outrage after seeing “Negro” listed as an option for self-identity on a juror form. Raeana Robertson received the form from a NYC courthouse when called in for jury duty and posted a photo of it to Facebook. She captioned the picture, “REALLY? ‘Negro’ … that I am not.  Hello 20-2014 … jury duty …” The photo also shows her crossing out the word “Negro” on the form and writing, “offensive! It’s 2014!”

However, the term “Negro” is still currently being used on both city and state forms in New York. Robertson said she complained about the form to a court employee, but didn’t receive a response and other jurors also didn’t appear upset by the word. “My grandfather is from South Carolina,” she explained to Huffington Post. “He grew up in the Jim Crow South.”

Arlene Hackel, a New York State office of court administration representative, said that “we are aware it is an outdated term and will be changing it,” but did not offer a specific timeline as to when it would be changed. The U.S. Census Bureau also confirmed last year that it would stop using the term “Negro” this year after more than 100 years of it appearing on forms.

(Photo: Facebook)

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