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VIDEO: Swearing Toddler In ‘Thug’ Video Will Remain With Mom

A toddler who swore and raised his middle finger at several adults who shouted racial slurs and obscenities at him will be allowed to remain in his mother’s custody. Child Services in Omaha, NE, intervened after video of the incident was posted to Facebook and went viral, placing the two in protective custody. Despite initial reports that the 17-year-old mother could possibly lose custody of her child since the incident took place at her home, as well as weapons charges against her stemming from a party at her home last month, a judge ruled yesterday that they would be placed with a foster family.

Although the mother claimed to have no involvement in posting the video to Facebook, she still insisted that she was a good parent. “He had a clean diaper. The house was clean. And kids cuss. Every kid does it,” she said. “It hurts. I’m a good mother and I teach my son a lot.”

In the video, the adults laughed and encouraged the toddler’s swearing even asking him to repeat specific offensive words while one of them mentioned a local gang. The local police union later posted the video to their Facebook page and described it as part of a “cycle of violence and thuggery” in their community. While we didn’t see anything in this video that is blatantly ‘illegal,’ we sure did see a lot that is flat out immoral and completely unhealthy for this little child from a healthy upbringing standpoint.”

African-Americans in Omaha expressed outrage afterwards that the local police association essentially predicted that a toddler has no future. Willie Hamilton, President of community activist group Black Men United, said that “for them to take a video out of context — a 2-year-old who doesn’t have the brain capacity to know what’s going on — and to say that this child, because two adults acted inappropriately, is going to end up in a life of crime is totally inappropriate.”

(Photo: YouTube)

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