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Black Woman Furious Over ‘Racist’ Password Sent By Health Organization

A black woman in the U.K. is demanding an apology after National Health Service sent her a password called “charcoal shade,” which she believed to be racist. Leanda Probert was looking to book a pain management appointment through the NHS website and later received a letter with the “highly offensive” password. The password was computer generated, but Probert said she was stunned that the term could even be an option.

“When I opened the letter I thought that really they must be taking the mick and having a laugh,” said Probert. “I find it offensive because I am a black woman and I think that those two words ‘charcoal shade’ coupled together is just too much. The letter must have been put in an envelope by someone. Why did they not proof read it?”

Probert acknowledged that the password was not “intentional” racist abuse, but felt that NHS policies regarding passwords should be altered. She has complained to them since then, but did not receive an apology.

A spokesman for NHS North Somerset later released a statement giving Probert her apology. “The password was generated automatically by the central choose and book system with the words themselves randomly selected by an electronic database,” read the statement.  “North Somerset CCG would like to apologize for any offense that the password contained within the letter may have caused.”

(Photo: NHS)

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