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CBS President ‘Mortified’ By Racist Comments On ‘Big Brother’

The President of CBS entertainment is finally speaking about the racism scandal that rocked CBS reality show Big Brother last summer. Several of the contestants, including Aaryn Gries and Ginamarie Zimmerman, were caught making outrageously racist and homophobic comments both in private conversations and directly to African-American contestants. CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler said she was “mortified” by the footage and hoped it wouldn’t happen again in the future.

“This is the part where we have to remind ourselves that [Big Brother] is a social experiment,” said Tassler. “You are taking people from very disparate walks of life, and confining them in a house for a finite period of time. We do the requisite background checks, which we are obviously upgrading with more and more resources. At the end of the day we felt the producers handled it responsibility. They dealt with it as well as they could.”

On the show, Gries said an Asian contestant should “shut up [and] go make some rice” and called a gay contestant a “queer.” Zimmerman referred to welfare as “ni**er insurance” and infuriated viewers by finishing in second place, which allowed to collect a $50,000 cash prize. Gries was later fired from her modeling agency and Zimmerman was fired from her job as a pageant coordinator.

“I definitely regret that and [would] take that back if I could,” Zimmerman told Hollywood Reporter. “[It’s] unfortunate, because pageants [are] my whole world and so are the kids. It’s a little tear at my heart because that’s my life. I kind of don’t know what I’m going to do without it.” However, she also claimed to understand why her employers fired her and said she hoped they would eventually welcome her back into the organization.

(Photo: CBS)

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  • Eady Trice Morgan

    If he was so mortified, he should have edit those parts.

    • cholly8524

      No. He should let people see these people’s true colors and embarrass them like they should be. And it worked.

      • Eady Trice Morgan

        What worked? The increased ratings?

      • David Worley

        It is called REAL WORLD.. These people are just being REAL..

  • Kevin117

    Ohhhh… It’s a Social Experiment! Not a TV show? I see professor.

  • David Worley

    You try to portray real life situations with real people, you get real life comments and now you act Mortified… Are you that ignorant inside your tunnel-vision world. You Named it “Real World” for God’s sake, Ask someone with Brains before you Tittle any more programs.



  • Estella Cohen

    I watch t.v. to relax and get away from the crazy s.o.b.’s I work with and have to live with in American society. I watched for a while,but disliked the overt racism that I hadn’t seen on past shows.What was especially disheartening was that the racism wasn’t addressed on the show during its airing. Another sad fact of American society, is that the powers that be don’t use their influence and when they do they speak up to late.(I’ll never watch the show again)