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Kanye West Threatens To Leave U.S. Over Racism

Part of being a parent is explaining racism to your children and Kanye West said he is now “dreading” having that future discussion with infant daughter North. The rapper came to this realization after he allegedly punched a teenager in the face when he used the N-word at him and fiance Kim Kardashian. West said he is dreading explaining the incident to his daughter because it will open up a discussion about why people behave this way, declaring he would even leave the U.S. to shield North from racist treatment.

Sources told Hollywood Life that after the incident, “he just held [North] and and held her tight and told her how much he loves her. He told me man to man ’you know I’m dreading the day I’ve got to break this sh*t down to North and tell my little girl how f**ked up the world is. I don’t ever want her to go through what her mother did today.’”

In his fit of anger, West also allegedly told the source he would consider moving out of the U.S. to avoid racism. He reasoned that “we’ve got enough money to buy our own island or some sh*t. I’ll be damned if I raise my daughter around ignorance and flat-out blatant racism.”

The teenager who West punched was allegedly helping Kardashian enter an office building when she was being surrounded by photographers, but allegedly started screaming “f*ck these fa**ot ass ni**ers.” When the reality star told him he shouldn’t use the N-word, he reportedly made racist comments and death threats told her. The teenager allegedly said, “F*ck you b*tch. Just trying to help you. Shut up, ni**er lover. Stupid. sl*t,” and also told Kardashian that “I will kill you.”

When Kardashian dialed up West in the waiting room. The teenager allegedly told him, “F*ck you ni**er.” The rapper arrived at the waiting room, went straight to the teenager and punched him in the face. The massage therapist in the room broke up the fight and Beverly Hills police were called to the office. West is now at the center of a battery investigation by the LAPD.

(Photo: Reuters)

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  • Kathi Geukes

    It would help if you weren’t so ignorant to start with…I have biracial grandchildren and great grandchildren and they aren’t as ignorant as you are….apparently you weren’t brought up with love because if you were…for one you’d watch your filthy mouth…cussing is a sign of ignorance…people cuss when they don’t know what else to say…..and two…guess what?? Life isn’t a bowl of cherries boy…life is what YOU make it and yours is all about violence and stupidity….you have NO talent…my grandson is a better rapper than you are…..what you need to do is disappear from the spotlight along with that no talent wife of yours and make your life somewhere else….

    • Jeannean Green

      I think the “boy” is the one who got punched for verbal abuse and threats.

      • Sherri G

        apparently she didn’t read the article

    • Jonathan L Roberts

      Shut the fuck up. Go learn English.

    • Liesa Moore

      I am 62 yrs. I am from NJ at the age of 10 my Mom moved into a trailer park, 1/2 of it was in Bridgeton, the other 1/2 was in Gould Town the school was ALL BLACK except for me & my 2 sisters, we had to walk to school, except for me, I mostly ran, to find a tree to hide in for real! As if that wasn’t bad enough, I was RAPED by a 16 yr. old male, & the word & it’s NOTHING MORE than a WORD, is to good for him, I still 52yrs. later remember his name Roger Brown, my Mom, (born in ALABAMA) ashamed, of me! instead of calling the police, she took me to the Black Principals office w/Roger present, & tell him all of what happened! I do not understand the controversy this simple word causes, & more blacks than ANY OTHER RACE use it more, why is it ok for them to call each other my n***** this & my N***** that, WTH is up w/that? Wildwood NJ just passed a law that, if Ur pants are over 3 inches below your waist you can be fined $25.so I think ANYONE using the N WORD should be fined $100.00 for every letter in that word. I was discriminated, but I didn’t let my HORRIFIC experience over take me, I w/many yrs. of therapy got on w/my life. GOD made us all, & we’re all just humans, well those that respect their selves that is. Those that keep this DUMB WORDS controversy going are just agitators, ppl. who LOVE to fight & can’t find anything intelligent to argue about, & they probally don’t have a vocabulary higher than a pre schooler.

      • Preston Wigginton

        Blacks rape over 100 white girls a day ….

        • BrokenTengu99 .

          And how man do whites rape ? Ten time that number !

          • STFUTWIT

            LMMFAO…..I KNOW that a damn LIE…

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            Not a lie , dumbass . Go to FBI.Gov , and see how full of crap you are .

          • STFUTWIT

            Why don’t you dial “YourFullofShit” to see how bad you smell….dumbass

          • Melissa V

            you are fos

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            Fine . Prove me wrong . FBI.Gov is a good place to start .
            I’ll wait ……..

          • Preston Wigginton

            In 2007 according
            To FBI stars whites raped less than 10 blacks, while blacks raped over 36,000 whites.

            Google color of crime sometime to get the rest of the story.

    • Rogers85


      • blight14

        They’re called ‘mudsharks’……..highly undesirable……

      • sugerboogar

        STFU Beotch

        • Melissa V

          stop blaming the white man because you are an ignorant POS he didn’t make you drop out of school and become a pimp and a drug dealer

      • Britt Brisendine

        Too many black men act like “boys”. A Boy can make a baby but it takes a man to stick around and raise one.

        • AFSD

          and you know niggers dont do that

        • ds

          amen Britt. Most don’t and have litters of bastard children that they don’t support

      • lancelot

        SEE the racism??? WOW!!!! THIS is why whites and blacks cant be on the same page!! You want payback!

    • Elizabeth Davis-Simpson

      I cuss all the time but not because I don’t know what else to say, just because sometimes a cuss word happens to be the most descriptive and carries the effect I’m looking for. I also think it’s fun. I just want to express this to you and others who think “cussing=inarticulate”, because it is simply not true.

  • Rick

    This kid saw his ticket to money and did this on purpose. He incited this action so Kanye would hit him. You watch. There is a huge lawsuit waiting in the wings!

    • Bill_thompson95

      which he will lose

      • NOT_racist_if_true

        no words give you the right to assault someone…will have a settlement out of court and kanye will pay

        • Mario Vancois T

          call me nigger and i’ll punch you in your JAW too

          • Karen Neumann

            I agree the guy needed to get punched. Stupid people . You think because you open a door open.. oh never mind.. dumb idiot kid.

          • Paulette

            you are right.. kid… Kanye should have looked at that and showed some maturity himself

          • blight14


          • LRW63

            Oh, you’re such a tough guy.

          • Farmer John

            What if the word used is the same (nigga) as west utilizes in his “music”

          • sugerboogar

            little girls are still whipping your butt

          • Dawn Birney

            and then you need to go to jail. It’s just a word. it has no power unless YOU give it power. and only an idiot would do so. Call me anything you want.

          • Jennifer JC

            Why can a black person use the word even, yet a white person has to say “the N word”? Why do black people run around calling one another N****** but white people dont run around calling one another Cracker? The N word is so popular and so widely used by the black people themselves. And then people wonder why this sort of stuff happens? A society built on so much hypocrisy! Thats my 2 cents- cha ching!

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            FYI , not ALL black people , nor even most , go around calling each other ” nigga ” or ” nigger ” or any of the derivatives . And YES , white folks DO go around describing other whites as ” crackers ” and ” white trash ” . How big was that rock you were born under ?

          • Jennifer JC

            I sure as hell have never heard a group of white people referring to one another as crackers. I can say that just while out shopping or working, I have heard black people use the N word it more than I would like to. I feel that some black people use it as a term of endearment almost when socializing. Here is what I feel… I think that black people are no more discriminated against than other races… in fact they have a lot more than many other races, yet many still complain every chance they get and scream racism. How many white awards shows do whites have when the black race has Ebony Awards and BET Awards… they even have their own network BET…. What do YOU think would happen if there was an all white awards show or a WET (lol) network? What about the NCAAP??? They have black only newspapers…. We would be crucified if the white race tried that. I mean we can’t even dislike our President for his inability to do whats best for the country (in some of our opinions) without being called racist and accused of disapproving of him solely because he is black. We celebrate every President all combined in one day and yet MLK has his own day of remembrance and a whole month dedicated to blacks as well.

            Now, since I am on my soap box… I am not racist. I have many black friends who are amazing, productive, and honest people. I have some white friends too who are worthless. I don’t judge by color, but rather by integrity and the person as a whole. To me, Kanye acts like a N most of the time, uses the word casually in his music and respects no-one. If he does not want to be called one, then he needs to stop behaving as one. Just like I feel about Miley Cyrus… she acts like white trash and that is how many people view her… No race issue about it.

            Now, I don’t live under a rock as you stated.. I live IN the real world. A world where I choose to see things as they are and not sugarcoat things for fear of what others think. Black, white, brown… all the same to me. There is low class in every race that is known to man…. this man (Kanye) may be wealthy enough to buy an island of his own, but obviously not enough money to buy himself a little bit of restraint, class, and common sense.

          • DVJ SOUTH

            And I Approve This Message As Well!

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            ” To me, Kanye acts like a N most of the time ”

            ” Now, since I am on my soap box… I am not racist. I have many black friends ”

            These two sentences contradict each other . You could have said ” he acts like a douche , or and a-hole ” . But you chose to use ” N ” .

            * SMH *

            And how many times have I heard the latter argument ? Just because you ” have many black friends ” doesn’t make you exempt from using the ” N ” in your argument , thus making you in some way prejudicial .

            ” …complain every chance they get and scream racism. ”
            As well as anyone should if that case is legit . Funny , most whites that ” scream and cry racism ” get a wink and nod , and a pat on the head . But seeing some of he most vulgar , up-front racist crap on social media , if a black has a legit case , people always scream and cry ” RACE CARD ! RACE CARD ! ” As though we’re supposed to keep quiet and take it .
            Pfft ! Please .

          • Jennifer JC


            You are just grasping at straws and obviously missing the point. So in an effort to help you comprehend what I said I will break it down for you slowly… and on a grade school level.

            To me, Kanye acts like a N most of the time . yes I said that and I stand by what I said. There are levels of scum of the earth- white trash and N’s included. Now that doesnt mean I call people that myself in my day to day life (here I am because it is the TOPIC of this article), but when white people act like they have no sense of how to behave and steal, cheat, lie, murders, rapes, suck every cent out of the government, and etc…. they are white trash.

            Now when a black person does the same… they are what society refers to as “N’s”. I did not make up that slang, and I personally do not use it (like I said I am here to prove a point). That does not mean that in my mind I don’t think that sometimes when I see these types of people… but I have more restraint and respect for others and choose to not divulge my every thought as they enter my head.

            Yes the word negro was probably started by the whites, and the blacks still use it (The United Negro College Fund)… and I am not certain who coined the slang word N***er but regardless of who did, the blacks have taken that word and guaranteed that it has remained. Yes whites may use the word amongst their friends or even at times to the black people as well, but let me tell you (again) that in any given week, I hear that word probably 30 times or more (I work in a not so great part of town) and not a single utter of the “N” word do I see flying out of a “crackers” mouth. It is black men cursing at their women using this word, or black men having a discussion or argument with their own black buddies. And they are not shy or quiet about using the word either- even with children and women present. Yet people like YOU can’t seem to grasp that.

            On to my next comment that supposably contradicts this one just mentioned.

            “Now, since I am on my soap box… I am not racist. I have many black friends ”

            I do have black friends and to be honest, they too are appalled by the use of the N word in songs and among the more lower class members of their race. That sir is the exact words of one black friend of mine actually. She has told me she loves her race and is proud to be black but ashamed that so many others and their bad behavior hurt the race as a whole because of the way they come across to others as a result of their lack of proper english and use of so much slang. She says it makes them seem very uneducated and illiterate. Like I said earlier to I have some white friends that are lacking as well in proper behavior and they could use some help. It is not one race. I said that. It is not a black issue or a white issue as a whole. It is however not all the white people suppressing the blacks. Some blacks are taking care of that all on their very own with no help from the white people.

            Now, whats your next point. Can;t wait to dissect that one too. Let me know if I am using words that are too big for your comprehension and I will break it down even more for you.

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            Not grasping at straws at all . Rather , laying in the haystack . Your willful ignorance on this subject is just a pathetic attempt to side-step the obvious . So your little ” grade school level breakdown ” would be better understood by you , as I’m light-years ahead of you on this subject .

            You go on to say that you ” are not racist ” and ” that I have x-amount of black friends ” , and go one to say that ” Kanye acts like a ” N ” most of the time ( why don’t you just come out , and SAY WAT YOU REALLY MEAN . A “Nigger ” ) . Can I spell this out for you any easier ? Are you really this dense ?
            ( Je-SUS ! )
            You go on to say ” people like you can’t seem to grasp this ” . Perhaps you need to learn to use your computer better and SCROLL to where I say that ” not all black people , nor even most , use this word ” . My feeling is that it’s wrong for anyone to use this word , as I do not , nor do my family . But people LIKE YOU ” don’t seem to grasp this . You go on ignoring the things I say to you , preferring to wallow in your willful ignorance as though it were bliss . Then go on to quote things about BET , Black scholarships , Ebony Awards , etc . This is where I wonder if you WERE born under a rock . If you really need a history lesson as to why these things came into existence as a result of the predominantly white counterparts of these things , then there’s no hope for you . And BTW , you CAN ” dislike our president ” and not be a racist , as more and more blacks are waking up to his BS on a daily basis . I never voted for him . Either time .
            Honestly , there’s more asinine dribble in your post than I have the energy to answer to . Already dropped few IQ points trying to educate you .
            But that’s alright . Go back to sleep , little Sheeple .

          • Jennifer JC

            Thank you so much for permission to sleep, I have been waiting for you to grant that for 2 days now. 🙂

          • John La Frieda

            You know what dude, your a “Special Type” Of stupid. So, I hope no one continues trying to educate you. Cause your just too DENSE.
            End Of Line.

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            Really ? That’s all you and your fellow moron have to contribute ? The truth hurts you , dumbass ? Too bad . Deal with it .

          • Josh Shepps

            This guy is a complete idiot. Its an article about that word. With west being upset about that word. Jennifer is just explaining that a man that hates the word should stop acting so much like the stereotypical word.

          • Charlie

            Many of you have completely missed the point, due either to your own ignorance or the fact that you’re on the outside, looking in. Any word can be offensive… even words in an unknown language can be offensive due to the levels of inflection, body language and other obvious indicators of intent. Both “nigga” and “nigger” can be offensive, or non-offensive based on those indicators. It’s simple… cut and dry. The same goes for when someone’s joking around with their buddies and they call him/her a “bitch” or a “fag”. If it’s in jest, there’s no harm and that fact transcends race. Be aware that familiarity plays a big role in that… strangers don’t take well to being called bitch, etc. Also, I find it very hard to believe that casual use of the term “nigga” is suppressing the race lol.

            And what does BET and “black only newspapers” have to do with anything? Someone saw fit to put their time, effort and money into something catered to their demographic, and decided to make that point obvious. It’s their prerogative so why make a fuss? If there was a caucasian only network (cough, CMT… just kidding!) I wouldn’t find it offensive, nor would you be crucified, so cut that out. If the caucasian populace decided it was in their collective interest to make a few holidays for whomever, I’m sure we’d have those holidays. It’s not like y’all are black sheep and nobody likes you… it’s the fact that whites (more specifically white males) have not been an oppressed group and as such, have not needed to place much pressure on politicians for changes and recognition of that nature.

            Understand? Nobody’s playing favorites here. It’s just a game of who care’s to lobby for what, and who can “set up the board” to put these changes in the best interest of decision makers. Or in the media realm, who wants to put their money into a medium and target a specific audience. I don’t get offended when I see Hebrew newspapers, or Spanish programming… why? Because someone thought it was necessary to reach out to that demographic. NOT, “fuck everybody else… I’m making this for black people and black people only”.

            Note: I don’t watch BET, but I know quite a few caucasians that do… wrap your head around that one.

          • DDDuane

            Another dumb insane vile ni99er sucking
            w hore defending savage ni99ers and bashing Whites…A few who have become ni99ers themselves as the result of incessant subvertive jew media bombardment….
            I really hope a few ni99ers abduct Jennifer
            w hore and give her a few good final lessons of “Love”…..
            Jennifer…Please go suck off a few ni99ers in the hood so we do not have to hear from you again…..

          • John La Frieda

            And why NOT just “Take it”? WE DO!! We HAVE to! Cause when we scream it, everyone says, “There ain’t no such thing as white racism” And the reason we scream “Race Card” Is because, THAT is what it IS these days! They scream “Racism” so freaking often, and we are SO damned SICK of hearing it, “Race Card” is our ONLY remaining defense! So, get over yourself, and open your eyes, AND your ears more often TO THE TRUTH!!

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            Hey , ‘ Roid Rage ‘ ! re you too DENSE to comprehend my message ?! NO ONE should have to ” take it ” ! And if you do , then shame on you . And funny that you say ” They scream “Racism” so freaking often, and we are SO damned SICK of hearing it..”
            as now the shoe is on the other foot , and now some whites feel disenfranchised . So many of you scream the SAME THING , that now you have a glimpse of what others go through .
            Suck it up , fool . And stop whining . Perhaps when you get over yourself , you’ll see what I’m saying .

          • DDDuane

            I really hate this f aggot you are arguing with…..

          • Charlie

            No race issue about calling Miley Cyrus “WHITE trash”… humph, that’s weird. Especially when you consider the fact that calling her “BLACK trash” would make the statement fall apart. You know, seeing as how she isn’t black.

          • T K

            I’ve never in my whole life heard a white person call another a cracker. Pretty sure I don’t live under a rock.

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            Well , I have . Might wanna listen to that Duck Dynasty’s dude’s sound bite about how he was called white trash by some of the other high-brow whites simply because he worked in the field . Still goes on today .

          • Jennifer JC

            Thats what your argument is based on? Duck Dynasty sound bites? lol Obviously you have never heard of ratings? Like A&E had nothing to do with that? They edit and handle that show before it is aired. Ratings and fooling people into thinking staged crap is real means big bucks and you sir, fell for it. He may think that way but let me tell you it would have ended up on the cutting floor if it was not meant for ratings.

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            Funny that you say this , seeing as another poster said the same thing I did concerning this subject that you seem inept at debating . I think it’s hilarious that you think ” just because I didn’t see or hear it , it must NOT be true ” .
            Idiot .

          • John La Frieda

            Where the fuck do YOU live? Cause I have lived in 4 different states, and I have NEVER heard whites call each other “Cracker”! In fact, the ONLY time I have heard THAT word used, was when a black man was joking TO and ABOUT a white man! And I have heard blacks call each other “Nigga” ALL THE FUCKING TIME!! I work in sales, and the majority of our customers are black, and I can tell you that they call each other that word ALL DAY LONG!! The youner ones are the ones that come in with their pants around their ankles, talking slang smack, and calling each other “Nigga”! The older generations are more polite, they act like real MEN! They have respect for EVERYONE in the store, and just my talking about it makes me SICK, cause the younger generation makes THEM LOOK BAD! These PEOPLE are ALL PEOPLE! They ALL want to be seen as JUST people! So, why do the younger generation act and dress like a bunch of gutter pigs! If they want RESPECT then why do they NOT EARN it!? First, GIVE it and so that…. Second, they can THEN RECEIVE it! It’s like a J-O-B. Earn the education, Get the JOB, THEN get paid! GOD help us ALL!!

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            So just because you and you idiotic quim twin Jen JC have never heard it …it never happened , right ? ( * SMH * Christ ! ) I live in the Rural Midwest , and have lived in Georgia and Texas , and have heard it quite often . And another poster hear mirrored my comment .
            Insofar as this present Gen is concerned , the only ones I’m worried about are my OWN kids . And none of them walk out of the house with their pants around their asses , cursing out their elders , etc . because they know they’ll have an ass whoopin’ waiting for them at home if they do . I’m an Old School parent that doesn’t buy into this New Gen bullshit that you see today . And the result ? Kind, polite, educated kids that are productive members of their community .

          • John La Frieda

            Well, ain’t you one of the FEW!!

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            More of us than you think . ‘Specially since parents with kids that don’t share my parenting style are forever present in your community as well .

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            More of us than you think .

          • DDDuane

            The older ni99ers seemed to conform to white standards of behavior (outside when being observed that is….) But now it isn’t necessary to conform to traditional White civilized behavior because the jew run media has been bombarding and subverting traditional White behavior progressively for the last 100 years through their media and hollywood….
            About a third of Whites do not even conform to traditional White civilized behavior…They are very cool…Out f ucking ni99ers, listening to cRap music and behaving like ni99ers themselves….

            Remember MTV started playing rock music in the early 80’s…One decade later they were playing almost exclusively ni99er cRap gibberish and 80 percent of White teens were dressing and acting like ni99ers….

            Do you think this was an accident? or totally planned jew social engineering seen in the
            “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”

          • athynz1

            As a white man I rarely refer to white people as crackers or white trash. And I seriously doubt I’m the exception. IOW no, most white people do not in fact refer to one another as cracker or white trash. Nor do we give each other free things when no one else is around.

          • Ken Phillips

            its called “double standard” “reverse discrimination” Cept there’s no law against discrimination against the white guy. We are now the most discriminated against group of people on the earth.And there are no laws to protect us. Just Sam Colt that made us all equal!!

          • John La Frieda

            AMEN Brother!!

          • TZX1

            Yeah, White males are the most discriminated against in America,, the most powerless poor,and disadvantage people in America, with less rights than anyone else. If it wasn’t for Bad luck, American white males would have no luck at all.

            The White male now only owns about 95% of the wealth in America ,way down from the measly percentage of ONLY 100% of Americas wealth a few decades back.
            This is a tragedy. Lordy!! Lordy!!!
            Time to sing “Sweet Low sweet chariot”
            and Kum by Ya my lord

          • Ken Phillips

            Oh and did I mention he is also the hardest working segment of society.He Damn sure didn’t get to the top eating up my tax dollars in food stamps,cashing his welfare check ,relying on section eight housing while riding around on his twenty fous, fathering illegitimate children,selling crack , talking shit,chasing hoes.Since you want to make up statistics let me give you a real one . 23 percent white.46 percent latino,76 percent illegitimate chilluns born to blacks. Ummmm

          • Ken Phillips

            Not to mention the crime. Lets play knock out .. dumb ass

          • TZX1

            Wow, you are so spot on, on subject and numbers of the percentage of Blacks who threaten ,and denigrate American society on a daily basis.
            Blacks pose the most dangerous and serious threat to America, much more than any terrorist or foreign threat . Yeah!! That’s the ticket.
            If Blacks were not here in America we would have a Paradise,with No racism, or problems Yeah!!
            Now if you will kindly excuse me, I have to go read “The Bell Curve” it is one of the most accurate scientific book ever, by these two White guy genious one of them name is C Murray, that is 200% spot on ,and explains everything and anything you wanted to know about race ,and the inferiority of Black folks. Yeah!!
            (Super Heavy Sarcasm)!!!

          • DDDuane

            The ni99er never would have been any threat without the jew tying our hands behind our backs legally, politically,along with incessantbombardment of subversive anti-white brainwashing media etc…….
            The ni99er has been the tool of the jew for 150 plus years in this country…Always ready to kill, riot, loot and destroy when summoned by the jew….

          • Deacon_Sam1

            Whites call each other rednecks, trailer park trash, white trash. It will still be racist for a black to refer to whites by that name..

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            This is correct , Deac .

          • John A Warren

            Yes, you are correct, but most of the time we are talking about ourselves, not others. When we are it’s mostly to our friends that we direct it, IN JEST. This moron needs to realize that no matter where he goes he will have to deal with his own racism first.

          • Amanda Deal

            I do not lable anyone, but as humans. I would be highly upset if anyone no matter what ethinticity you are called me any racial slur.

          • Justin_Igger

            To be fair, ni66ers are NOT human, not even close.

          • Amanda Deal

            Wow, how ignorant. Let me guess, you are a wannabe crip as well. How offensive can you possibly be.

          • Eric Smith

            And Eric Holder and the entire anti-discrimination section of the Department of Justice will jump right in to stop this….right?

          • AnnaGraceS


          • DVJ SOUTH

            I Approve This Comment 🙂 Two Thumbs Up

          • Wow I cannot believe the ignorance. First of all “nigga” and “nigger” are two different words. Secondly, there is a difference between saying what’s up my “nigga” or fuck you “nigger”. The latter encompasses racism, disrespect and hatred. When people are saying nigga it is not to insult anyone, it just to a way of saying brother, friend, person or whatever without any other meaning attached to it. If you hung around other cultures more maybe you would understand that, as even asian, mexicans etc. say the word as well. This guy that Kanye punched said it in a disrespectful and racist way, and deserved to get his ass beat.

          • Jennifer JC

            It is not ignorance at all. If come blacks are calling each other “nigga” as a form of hello and greeting, then that is a PROBLEM. People like you and these people you mention can’t pick and choose who can use the word. If I walk up to a group of black people and say hey Nigga I will get beat down. The well educated and hard working law abiding black people I know NEVER use that word. Why? Because they are educated enough to see that it too is just a form of N****er and that it is disrespectful. Also because they are smart enough to have a better vocabulary to use in the place of that word. Like I previously stated, those type of black people (the ones using that word so freely amongst their buddies and others) are one of the main reasons that word has stuck around. Get a clue, get an education and then come back and try and convince me of your theories and ideas.

          • DDDuane

            SHUT UP..
            DUMB W HORE!!!!!

          • athynz1

            Ignorant indeed. “Nigga” is a shorted ebonics form of “nigger” no more, no less. I have hung out with people from other cultures and I’ve never heard an Asian person call someone his nigga or a Hispanic person call someone his nigga – but tell me how this is somehow acceptable and it’s not okay for a white person to call someone his nigga. If the word is racist from one person then it should be racist coming from everyone. And as much as I do not like Kayne West and would love to see him leave the US at the same time IF this went down as he claims then I definitely understand why he punched that alleged racist punk.

          • Elizabeth Davis-Simpson

            Seriously? You and 115 people don’t know the difference between a black person saying it and a white person saying it? You need this explained to you?

          • athynz1

            Seriously you think there is a difference? You seriously need to have this explained to you?

          • AFSD


          • BrokenTengu99 .

            Yes . You are . We know .

          • Patriot


          • Preston Wigginton

            Please try nigger …come to Russia and we give you some Russia love..


          • ds

            I am sorry Mario you sound like very angry person. You really need to read up on your culture. Please don’t use the “f” word. it just shows me that you are totally ignorant

          • ds

            I have never called anyone that word you are using…You sound like a very angry person. Maybe you should get some counseling. Don’t you think there is enough hatred in this country? I have always treated people the way I want to be treated.

          • lemons88

            Stfu you’d get donkey punched as some one ass rammed you you dumb ass jungle bunny

          • Ken Phillips

            act like a nigger . Get called a nigger.Niggers come in all colors. Like the bitch she is she just thought she could abuse the guy and he;d eat shit. Not.. Now pay the boy !!!!! big time

          • james

            Kanye is a jerk and his music is mind poison.

          • mike desrosiers

            same goes if you call me cracker!

          • brook


          • Fre20741

            Most niggers need no excuse for violence – have a great chimpout

          • Jay Pops

            Call me a cracker and the same will happen.

          • Marti McTini

            If one of your friends called you “nigga” or “nigger” would you take that as them being endearing or would you take that as an insult and then punch them in the face? Just curious. Wondering how that word or words are ok in any situation.

          • Justin_Igger

            And then you’ll get shot LEGALLY, you worthless little ni66er ape.

        • Rogers85


          • drdeepstro

            as fed up as white people dealing with racist ignorance from your side like the knock out game. Racism is alive in America only the roles have reversed and with pieces of shit like al sharptongue and jesse jackson making millions from race baiting and poverty pimping it will only get worse. Especially when there are so many IGNORANT FUCKS who take their word as truth

          • Preston Wigginton

            I was in a history class at Texas A&M one day and I mentioned the emancipation of slaves in Russia in 1861 and some white said he didn’t realize there were so many blacks in Russia ….that is how they have dumbed us down so much and made us so guilty… I doubt there were 1000 blacks in all of Russia in 1861, but 80% of the WHITE populations, Slavs, were slaves

          • lemons88

            Through out history white men were traded and sold as slaves from biblical times to more recent times for 1000’s of years. And the blacks for like 150 years and they were sold into slavery by fellow blacks.

          • DDDuane


          • blight14


          • Murin Ar Panterac

            then stop calling it to each other and putting in rap music geared towards a younger generation thereby perpetuating the hate #FairIsFair My family immigrated to the US in 1890 during the Irish Potato Famine, had absolutely nothing to do with the Civil War, and yet I am the victim of racism by black people almost every day because I am white Irishman living near a predominantly black neighborhood. So you can take your fake outrage and stow it. REMEMBER #FairIsFair

          • NOT_racist_if_true

            and u will get an assault charge…call me any name u want i aint like an animal and cant control myself

          • cherylblair

            And feed up with rappers telling our children the word is cool.Kim is not white. He promotes the word in his rap and tell our children it means love. How does does he know whether he was using the a ending which you claims means love? You reap what you sew and the word needs to be retired. The Negro/Nigger/Nigga – a race of dead people with a dead history and no hope for resurrection as long as they remain ignorant of their past. This new breed of Black people, the “Nigga” has become the death of the mind, body, and spirit of AFRICAN PEOPLE.http://www.daveyd.com/nword.html

          • kanye west

            you speak truth

          • Kristie Go Broncos Underwood

            but you guys use it all the fucking time!!! what’s the diffrence?

          • sugerboogar

            hahahahaha, Of course you will, Erkle! Of course you will…

          • sugerboogar

            You need to straighten your race out before you worry about mine. We ain’t your problem, YOU and those LIKE YOU are the problem. Until then STFU

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            I think EVERYONE needs to ” straighten their own races out ” . For realze .

          • jamjon

            I am so sick to death of this “Race” nonsense. From my perspective, we are of one race, Human. I am not accountable for my “race”, my countrymen, my neighbor or my brother. I am an individual. Like me or hate me, it is your choice, I cannot control your feelings. Perhaps you should take responsibility for your feelings. Man up, Put on your big boy pants.

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            ” I am so sick to death of this “Race” nonsense. ”

            As am I . But just being sick of it won’t make it go away .

            ” From my perspective, we are of one race, Human. ”


            ” Like me or hate me, it is your choice ”

            ???? Don’t even know you well enough to like you . Not possible for me to hate anyone .

            ” Perhaps you should take responsibility for your feelings.”

            Uh …that’s what I’m doing , Einstein . Got a problem with it ? Tooooo bad .

            ” Man up, Put on your big boy pants. ”
            I think you need to ” smarten up ” , put your ” smarty cap ” on , and learn to READ [ what I posted ] . Really don’t like posting to fools that can’t see the forest for the trees in such an obvious post . Like you’re posting just to post SOMETHING .

          • jamjon

            You are certainly full of yourself. My comments were posted toward this You offended me so I’ll leave the country crowd.and in general to the string. I gave no regard to what you wrote My comment just happen to fall sequentially after yours. Perhaps you should follow your own advice.If you consider me a fool and don’t like posting to fools, then don’t. I won’t miss your comments, I promise.

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            And your dull blah-blah-blah diatribe won’t ne missed , either . Next time …get a point . Then , get a life .

          • jamjon

            Another self-important poser just here to stir the post. What a joke you are,

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            Says the fool with no point to his / her post . Make sense , or GTFO , for chrissakes .

          • Dawn Birney

            You call EACH other the N word. so get over it or stop it.

          • reardenmetal

            and im tired of paying for you

          • AFSD

            NIGGER BITCH

          • Francis Vetter

            lol, shut up!

          • lancelot

            Then stop using the word yourselves!!! Stop insulting whites… Stop being racist!!

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            More whites using tis word to describe blacks than blacks do . So perhaps you TOO need to ” Stop being racist ” !!

          • lancelot

            Do you realize that the MAJORITY of the N word that is spoken today is through RAP songs? Street slang from black to black is also the N word.
            I have learned a LOT about the black race via black friends. The ones that broke away from the brainwashing… I have learned what they teach in church… It is so sad..

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            ” Do you realize that the MAJORITY of the N word that is spoken today is through RAP songs? ”
            LOL !!! Really ?! So are you factoring in White Power / Nationalist / Supremacists / Separatists and their groups that have tripled in number since Obamy’s initial election , southern old timers that know no better , comments on MYRIAD social media sites like Facebook , YouTube , etc . , and people that keep it behind closed doors ? Did you ” REALIZE ” these other things ? ” The ” MAJORITY ” ?
            C’mon , buddy ….

          • lancelot

            Oh, I am sure there are Racism groups still saying it. From the KKK to the New Black Panther Party. Those would be the exceptions now a days.
            I would wonder how you feel about the new black panther party and the hate they seem to be spewing against whites.
            “You want freedom? You’re gonna have to kill some crackers! You’re gonna have to kill some of their babies!” Minister King Samir Shabazz, aka Maurice Heath

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            ” I would wonder how you feel about the new black panther party and the hate they seem to be spewing against whites. ”
            They’re no better than White Power groups that spew the same nonsense .

          • lancelot

            At least you can recognize there are blacks spewing HATE… Out president supports that group though!!! The president and the DOJ refused to prosecute them for the illegal acts they have done… So why haven’t we fought about that?

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            Because we agree on that . I think they SHOULD be , and I have no love for Obamy .

          • Jennifer JC

            That is so not true. I know no one in my circle of friends, family and coworkers that use the N word… Yet I hear many black men and women in passing even using it on a daily basis. That word is NOT allowed in our home or in conversations. If someone deserves a title, whether they are black or white, we call them simply “trashy”… color doesn’t make someone trashy… bad attitudes and poor choices do.

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            Well , I can’t and won’t try to change your mind if you choose to believe a lie . Not my responsibility , Just because it’s ” NOT allowed in [ your ] home or in conversations ” doesn’t make it less true . Certain segments of our society are ” closet ” racists , while another are ” up-front ” racists . This goes for blacks AND whites . I prefer the latter to the former , as that segment it seems , is greater in number .

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            Want to know what the greatest invention for the aforementioned ” closet racist ” is ? Social media . Websites like Facebook and YouTube are notorious for this . These venues give the ” closet racist ” ( see : coward ” ) an avenue to express how he / she truly feels without repercussions , or retaliation , knowing that they wouldn’t DARE say these things in public , for the very real threat of social rejection , or physical harm . If you look at some of the political sites on Facebook , and every other vid on YouTube where a black person is the subject of debate , you’ll find the term ” Nigger ” , ” porch monkey ” , ” monkey ” , etc . being used like it’s going out of style .
            Ignorance of this very real problem doesn’t make it go away .

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            Here are some interesting examples of what I’m talking about :

          • STFUTWIT

            And you this for a fact how???

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            Are you SERIOUSLY that retarded ?!

          • STFUTWIT

            Wow!!!! What a brilliant reply!!! I see you never moved out of Middle School….

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            …guess that means ” yes ” .

          • STFUTWIT

            And you have the audacity to use the word retarded…..hmmm….LMAO!!!!!

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            SERIOUSLY ????

          • STFUTWIT

            Yeah, seriously fool….WTF are your reputable sources???? That’s what I thought……

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            FBI.Gov , dumbass . Prove me wrong . That’s what I thought ….

          • Preston Wigginton

            The most annoying people in the world N*ggers

          • bobfairlane

            Then why do you still live in our country?

          • diversity

            cuz its his too

          • bobfairlane

            Hahhaa. You wish. “Diversity” is just the pirate flag of anti-white parasites.

          • diversity

            He is american, therefore it is his coutry as much as yours read the constitution. I am white myself you racist

          • lemons88

            Maybe white people are fed up with your guys stupid shit like the knock out game and being called white boy honkey and cracker its a 2 way street

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            And maybe black people are fed up with you guys stupid shit like getting beaten down and shot by racist whites and being called ” Nigger ” , ” monkey ” , ” porch monkey ” , ” jagaboo ” and the like .
            A ” 2 way street ” indeed .

            See how that works ?

          • lancelot

            Do you realize you’re still talking crap from the 60’s??? What do you feel about New Black Panthers?
            “You want freedom? You’re gonna have to kill some crackers! You’re gonna have to kill some of their babies!” Minister King Samir Shabazz, aka Maurice Heath

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            Do you realize that this still goes on today ??? Been to Facebook or YouTube lately ??? * eyes rolling * How do I feel about the New Black Panthers ? I feel that they are cut from the same cloth as all these ” White Power organizations that permeate the web . They’re no better .

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            ” Still talking crap from the 60’s ” am I ???
            Can you explain these to me , then ?







            …and this isn’t even a start .
            Do realize ???

          • lancelot

            You reek of racism!!! When are you going to admit you hate whitey???

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            ” Hate whitey ” ? Hard to do that . Especially as my wife is white , and all three of my kids are bi-racial . LOL ! So , I ” reek of racism ” because I’m pointing out an inconvenient truth ???

          • Jennifer JC

            There are more black people killing their own race that white racists running around doing it. You are so uninformed it is scary!

            Did you know that 90% of blacks are murdered by blacks, and 83% of whites are murdered by whites?

            Did you know that there are 14.82 murders per 100K by blacks versus 2.17 per 100K for whites?

            Per capita there are 7x more murders committed by blacks than whites.

            It comes directly from the FBI. I just cut the numbers in a more revealing manner.

            And fyi, they lump the Hispanics/Latinos in with the white figures… So in essence where it states 83% whites are murdered by whites that includes all 3 ethnic groups. And per capita that means that blacks are responsible for 7 TIMES MORE murders than whites, hispanics and latinos COMBINED.

            Next sad attempt at making a point please… I am waiting.

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            Are you really this moronic ? REALLY ?! IN percentages , 90% black on black murders , and white on white is 87% ( not 83 % ) Source FBI.Gov . ! In raw , sheer NUMBERS , There are more whites that murder their own AND others, than blacks . You go on with your usual bullshit , and say ” And fyi, they lump the Hispanics/Latinos in with the white figures… ” . Uh …dumbass , even if they DIDN’T , that makes little difference in my above statement .

            And the topping on your BS cake is ” And per capita that means that blacks are responsible for 7 TIMES MORE murders than whites, ”
            Given the fact that you’re speaking in percentages , and not in sheer numbers , your statement is fallacious , in that it would be physically and demographically impossible for 4% of the US pop. ( black males ) to commit MORE murders than the than the majority population ! While percentages does not stand independent of sheer numbers , as you’re too stupid to see , that makes only half of your statement true .
            Aaaand let the bullshit responces begin …now !
            (Really ?! )

          • STFUTWIT

            Oh just STFU SHITFORBRAINS

          • Nu Bath South Florida

            Us white people were taught a song at a very early age that apparently didn’t make its way to the projects…sticks and stones my break our bones but word will never hurt! Ever heard that song?

          • DVJ SOUTH

            Look Who Is Racist Now………. LOL #SMDH

          • Robyn Brown

            Where do you live and who is calling you that? Are people just randomly walking by you on the street and calling you that? I can’t call you a liar cuz I don’t walk in your shoes but I’m 48 years old and white and in my life I’ve seen blatant racism like that occur a handful of times. Actually only 3. Is it really happening all that often that you would throw a punch and risk going to jail for assault over something an idiot said? It’s not worth it. Keeping yourself out of trouble and keeping your life on track is worth WAY WAY more than a split second of happiness for punching a hater.

          • TJackson

            Then stop degrading our race. The use of Nigga is just slang and slang or fricking ebonics demonstrates a lack of intelligence. Grow up, you don’t know anyone that was a slave, and you only know of what you were told. You can be as strong and educated as you want. But if you continue to say the white man is keeping you down, then you will remain a welfare baby useless to our society.

      • Jennifer JC

        I dont agree with everything I hear either or appreciate everything I endure in life, but you do not see me running around beating people or breaking the law. Not for lack of wishing I could…. It is called RESTRAINT…. something Kanye has none of… I hope he goes to jail….

        And I am not agreeing with what the kid said or how he behaved, but there will always be people that push our buttons and challenge us to show our asses- but a mature grown up knows right from wrong and knows that they can’t go around beating on everyone who makes them mad.

        Kanye is a loose cannon in my opinion. I feel bad for Kim when the day comes that she dares to stand up to him. He seems to always be on the verge of just losing it!

      • Justin_Igger

        He’ll get a settlement from the ni66er for a cool few million, just watch.

  • LyndaLBD

    There’s racism and bigotry in every nationality….but please, by all means, go buy an island and move away. And take the K Klan with you. Fed up with you. All of you. Stupid stunts thinking your so much better than anyone. So deserving of praise. Get over yourself and your one man entourage of you. Go…be gone. I don’t think anyone is going to miss you.

    • Justin

      His sense of self worth is so ingrained, nothing could change it. I pray that he leaves… But he wont as he is too much of a media WHORE just like his stupid trampy “baby momma”

    • Justin_Igger

      There’s far more Whites in America that hate ni66ers than there are ni66ers. Besides, we’re in charge, not you worthless apes.
      No, we won’t be going anywhere. Guess where you kind will be going?
      The morgue.

  • R Mills

    the playing field is very uneven, 200mil vs 66mil you do the math

  • ROXIE55

    racism is all over the world, so where you going to go , people will dislike you no matter what.. you are involved in it yourself with the taking of confederate flag as your own. so get over it and yourself.

    • Gail Wingert

      I have taken classes in Race and Ethnic studies. Racism runs rampant in the US. The numbers are staggering when you look at them. The income of white to black, home ownership, the way we incarcerate over all is ridiculous because we have have the highest prison population of the entire world. Who is sitting in those prisons? Majority of the prisons are filled with minorities and African Americans. I don’t have the figures in front of me, but it’s something like 3 out of 5 black youth can expect to be arrested or spend time in jail. There is something so wrong with that picture. Even though whites do more blow than black people who do you think is spending more time in prison? They smoke about the same amount of weed, but guess who is doing the time. We need to look under the surface and see the truth, I can’t stand Kanye and can’t understand the Kardashian fame, so i wouldn’t mind them moving to a faraway island, but don’t kid yourself into thinking that every country is racist like the US, it’s not true.
      Do you the Kim K got mad at Katie Couric for questioning why she is famous. Too funny!

      • DW1986

        Did you river stop to think it may not necessarily be racism at this point, but upbringing and morals? Black on black crimes are higher than white on white crimes. Explain?

  • rue2u2


    • ds

      exactly rue. if some people would really research their history they would probably know that their own country sold them out.

  • Heather Mash

    Kanye West and Kim K. both need to get over themselves. I agree with LyndaLBD…”Racism and bigotry’ exists in every country and every nationality. If anything I think we are less racist in the U.S. because of the exposure to and dependency we have on each other as Americans. We have a tapestry of many different cultures and race in our experiences and understand that it benefits and strengths our culture as Americans. Hopefully, we all measure a person by knowing them and understanding good character and kindness. Completely lost respect for Kanye West, a long time ago. Find yourself an Island Kanye. H.

  • NaiveCanadian2centsDollar

    so how much are we donating for his plane ticket? what about that one way ticket to mars contest ship him off

  • Raymond Davis

    There was no need to bring racism into it, after all Kim became famous by having her mom pimp her sex tape and after that being paid to let people take pix of her butt. Why bring race into it when she’s such an easy legitimate target ??
    Though it’s tempting to get rid of those two I just can’t justify racism and homophobia in my mind , so yeah the guy was acting like a douche.( Maybe that’s part of why Kanye was so mad, the guy was stepping into his territory.)

  • Paul Charland

    You are an embarrassment. Please feel free to leave. You’re a racist and you’ve proven it.

  • derek shaw

    AWW K, the world isn’t bowing down to you but you always claim to be a tough guy.what a wuss you are! We as Black people been dealing with white racists since they stole us here; apparently, you don’t walk it like you talk it. Such a disappointment.

    • ds

      from what I have researched Derek you were not stolen away you were given away by your country. Read up on it.

      • Mario Vancois T

        Fuck you we was stolen

        • blight14

          Try ‘English’ at some point…..

        • guest4000

          smh read the history books you were sold by your own people

        • nosyjme

          So “You was stolen” huh? I presume then you are over 100 yrs old… Wow!!

        • STFUTWIT

          “We was”…..LMMFAO dumbass…..1st LEARN grammar, 2nd, LEARN history….IF you can even do one or doubtfully both….

    • Melissa Dempsey

      So, you yourself were among the slaves brought here huh? Wow seriously you must be old as hell! Seriously white people have done nothing to you or any black person still living that is remotely close to “stealing you here”. Blacks are the main ones who are racist now days. You all choose not to get a decent education, choose to live off the streets, choose to not get jobs. All your choices. Yet you blame white people because apparently we white people living today are the same who brought the blacks (including you apparently) to the states. You blame white people for everything that goes wrong. it is not our fault blacks don’t want to get off their lazy asses and do for themselves.

      • derek shaw

        Sorry Demp master’s degree here. Just because you have a lock on doing the farm animals, doesn’t really mean you have an education or a job.

  • ds


  • logat890

    why doesnt he just say he wants to avoid taxes?

  • Robert Crim

    Perhaps if West doesn’t like the N word used towards him or his family, he should keep it out of his music and stop promoting the word as if it is nothing. Rappers and rap music have brought many foul words to the forefront of society so now they are reaping what they have sown and obviously don’t like. If you don’t like, then don’t promote it!

    • Bryan Ogilvie

      Right! To me it’s as if he’s ashamed of his daughter – why try to shield her from people? Why not teach her to be proud of who she is?

      • Mike Rush

        If you were the father of kardashian’s kid, would you be proud ??

        • Nick Barthold

          Haha whose to say hes not, im sure every dude up in this post coulda been the father

        • allah_speaking

          Why would I put my manhood anywhere near that skankapotamus?

      • BobF50

        He’s ashamed of himself. His anger is his conscience trying to get out.

        • Bryan Ogilvie

          True indeed…I’m going to do a podcast about this foolishness.

          Think about it: If he goes and buys an island, where will his daughter get her education? Will she never interact with hateful people? Can he shelter her for her entire existence???

      • DDDuane

        Their offspring will have best of “both worlds”…
        An insane i/2 white ugly w hore and a gibberish spewing, short, fat ugly ni99er…
        The jew has brainwashed the dumb lowclass white
        w hore into thinking sucking off a gruesome monkey like this is the cool thing to do….

    • Justin_Igger

      You can’t limit these apes in their limited vocabulary, their IQ is already too us humanely low to deal with life as it is now.

  • American4evr

    What a f**ng 1m -becile

  • adubb

    but isn’t this the same guy who promotes the word nigga in his music, the music he makes so much money to go buy an island somewhere? You can’t run away from ur self Kanye, if you only knew that.

    • Bryan Ogilvie

      RIGHT! He just doesn’t have the self-esteem to address his daughter’s questions about her bi-racial identity, so he wants to do what all cowards do…RUN

    • nssdiver

      From Black Skinhead on the albumYeezus:

      “These niggas ain’t doin’ shit, these niggas ain’t doin’ shitCome on, homie, what happened?
      You niggas ain’t breathing you gasping
      These niggas ain’t ready for action…”

    • Justin Wayne

      NO double standards. You cannot have your cake and eat it also.

      • Dave Uebel

        well sure you can have your cake and eat it. but you cant eat your cake and have it

    • How stupid are you people? There is a difference between “nigga” and “nigger” and there is a difference between using it as a derogatory term or as an insult or act of hatred. Are you really that stupid?

      • brook

        Excuses excuses

        • BoostedSRT

          backwater hill billy

        • Connie Alsip

          BS BS BS 😛

      • lee_n_michael

        Are you seriously trying to push that? Seriously?!?
        You sound like a nerdy university professor making excuses for why some people are stupider than others and then apologizing for the whole group and singing freakin’ Kumbaya!
        Stop it!

        • anthony


          • Degaman

            There is nothing wrong with stupider. Stupid is as stupid does.

          • Alan Harig

            More stupid!!

        • BoostedSRT

          dab a derka derp

      • Rob Richard

        you can put make up and lipstick on a pig and guess what?, its still a pig. nigga is a word pronounced wrong not a actual word.

      • cstrenio7

        What is the differences? Because I ask a black guy one time what the differences was. He told me it wasn’t no difference it was only a slang word that blacks use to replace the word nigger. I also ask why blacks would rather stay on Wefare instead of working and having and doing better for themselves. His answer was that if one goes out and works it breaks there hereditary. I then ask well if that was so what do they feel about one that reaches out and works and does the best they can do. He then told me that in their book they aren’t worth anything to the black people. And this came right out of a black man’s mouth and I am suppose to feel sorry for people on welfare and for a black man that promotes this word whether it be nigga or nigger. If you promote you give a person a reason to use it. Whether they be white or black.

        • BoostedSRT

          you found the black spokes person? Who was it?

          • cstrenio7

            My daughters boyfriend. He will not work and does not want to do any better for his or her future. She works and he stays at home. She has been with him for over three years, he is 27 years old and has never worked. Got on the support one day and I ask, and that is what he told me.

          • Andie37/

            You’ve got to get your daughter away from that shiftless, worthless person.

          • cstrenio7

            I use to say things to her all the time. I stop because the more I said the worse it was. Since I have backed away it appears more she seems to see.

          • Carl Brister

            Tell your daughter leave her lazy, failure black POS and go for white man whose a hard-worker and will provide her when she needs one. Oh! And tell her to stop dating ugly-ass black boys. Cheers!

          • wes

            better not tell the white guy that she’s been screwing the niggas for 3 years.. the white guy won’t want her

          • DDDuane

            NO NORMAL White man would EVER accept her diseased trash hole daughter…With or without those ni99er offspring…..

          • allah_speaking

            Time for the family to do a Jerry Springer episode. The country needs another example of bad parenting.

          • Alan Harig

            So why don’t you take him out….and I don’t mean for dinner!!!

          • Mike Hobgood

            Call your local KKK.They will instill the”urge”to work in him.

          • Mike King

            If my daughters BF said that to me he would dissapear!

          • DDDuane

            Mike, I thought you loved ni99ers?
            Are you bipolar?

        • Sherry Mitchell

          yeah, I have to say that the person you spoke to had some serious issues….that is not the voice for them all. There are lazy, stupid people in every race.

          • DDDuane

            Hey Sherry,

            You seem to be defending ni99ers…
            Do you s uck the off like cstrenio7’s hole
            w hore daughter?
            (she s ucks, spreads for and supports a ni99er who watches TV while she goes to work and supports him).

          • Sherry Mitchell

            No..how moronic can one person get. you want to hate people based on their skin color go right a head but as you so aptly proved with your ignorant terminology..it just makes you look stupid…but thanks for opening your mouth and proving it

          • DDDuane

            You stupid, witless lying w hore…
            NO ONE hates ni99ers because of their “skin color” you dumb worthless hole…And you fully are aware of that….
            If you loved ni99ers so much you would find one to watch TV all day at your trailer while you went to your hooker job everyday….

          • Jennifer JC

            He is a loser… and whatever race he is, he is full of hate and prejudice himself. COward can’t even show his own face. Anyone who has to resort to attacks, and can’t have a proper conversation without having to call everyone a whore and other names is a pathetic person. People start name calling when they feel threatened and don’t have a brain capable of debating like a civil human being. Popular tactic that uneducated people use all of the time. Don’t even respond to him (DDDuane). He is all over my comments too and I wont give him the time of day to respond. His ignorance shines bright… let him stew in it! 🙂 He won’t get a response from me on this one either should he choose to jump all over this comment either. His history of comments shows what kind of education and life this one must lead and the hate festering inside him….

          • Sherry Mitchell

            I agree Jennifer….Have a great day 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

        • simi K.

          “He told me it wasn’t no difference ”
          I think you mean “there wasn’t ANY difference”.

          • cstrenio7

            No, He told me it wasn’t any difference. Both words mean the same. And there is no differences.

          • Marina Smith

            sooner or later her pet will blow a fuse then you will be stuck with its niglets

          • DDDuane

            Yes…That common scenario is hilarious…
            Actually I relish reading when a White w hore hole gets butchered by her ni99er…

          • Guest

            You sound stupid. You daughter’s boyfriend is not the “expert” for one race. You asked a dumb,
            lazy person about black people, really? That’s like asking a hillbilly
            is it ok to marry his daughter. I can tell you don’t read much. There are all kinds of lazy people.
            Your daughter chose a lazy person, no matter the color of his skin. So
            your daughter is a dumb whore, right? Probably like your white trash axx? Assume much! Man… there are dumb people every where. This world is f*ucked up!

          • Justin_Igger

            No such thing as a “black person”. Ni66ers are not human beings.

          • bunnyhunny74

            Excuse me…. YOU are not human! All people, races, sex genders, etc etc…. ALL ARE HUMAN BEINGS.

          • Mike Hobgood

            Since when do hillbillies marry their daughters?You seem to be the last azzhole to be giving advice.Go smoke your crack!

          • cstrenio7

            I wasn’t the one that sound stupid, he did.

          • Matthew S.

            First of all, never begin a sentence with the word AND. Secondly, it sounds as if you live in the ghetto by the way you are speaking. It sounds like you need to crack open a book and reacquaint yourself with the English language. You can say this one of two ways without sounding like a white trash ghetto person. “There IS no differences” is not correct. “There is no difference” would be grammatically correct; or you could say “There ARE no differences.” Please stop shredding the English language. It makes you sound unintelligent and I’m sure you are better than this. Have a nice day 🙂

          • cstrenio7

            Some had to quit school to work for a living, Some just sit on their ass to read books all day.

          • DDDuane

            This dumb old whore has surrounded herself with ni99ers…AND become a defender of them…
            What do you expect?

        • AJ

          Sorry to say but if your white daughter is with a dirty lazy negro it`s your failure as her mother and she is getting all hardship she deserves and the pain you feel for her is what you deserve for failing her ! You failed your family and your people ! They will never amount to anything. He will never be anything other then a lazy dirty festering infection on society and on your family…You daughter can work her fingers to the bone, bare his half breed children and he won`t lift a finger for her. Then once he has wore out your daughter and your stuck with his 4 or 5 nigglets, he`ll leave for some other white wh0re with low self esteem !

          • Shari Hammond

            I am sorry about your ignorance, but I have 2 mixed race grandchildren and she chose to be single and raise them without their fathers,, They’re both beautiful little girls, NOT NIGGLETS! They are human beings like everyone else, or have you not heard about the White Supremest that recently found out in his heritage he is part African American!

          • Drbixnood

            Haha 2 fathers! Neither one was worth a shit. And yes they’re nigglets you failure.

          • DDDuane

            Did you see the the dumb White trash slipped up when she wrote “fathers” (plural)…
            Her w hore hole daughter was probably sucking 10 plus ni99ers off so she probably doesn’t know who their ni99er sperm doners are….

          • Justin_Igger

            Because of the ni66er DNA, your grand niglets are not fully human. You do realize that, right?

          • wes

            2 fathers..? just like the black breed sows in dah hood..

          • Susanne Wellington

            If she chose to remain single and raise them without a father then who’s paying for them? Are you telling me that taxpayers are paying for them

          • cstrenio7

            I raise two children without taxpayers money. And the guy I had children by was a white man. So every woman that is single does not depend on others taxes to pay their way. But I do know some woman that goes out and finds a man to support their children which is no different.

          • DDDuane

            Hey c unt…we all are aware this is not typical White male behavior…(you were probably insane and intolerable)…
            Why don’t you try squirting out some ni99ers next..We all know the ni99er will do “the honerable thang” “….

          • TZX1

            I must say, you are the biggest sludge and lowest form of slippery slime I have seen for a long time, sliding in the gutter like a sidewinding snake, a serpent of the highest order, insulting women, and anyone who don’t believe in your Racist illusion and fairy tale fiction of White supremacy .You should do the honorable thing, and just find a gutter, and crawl creep and slither away.

          • DDDuane

            Thank You!!!!!
            If a ni99er hates me I’m on the right track….
            (and not the underground railroad either!!!)
            Have a nice day….
            By the way…
            White supremacy is a fact…..

          • TZX1

            Fact is ,White Supremest people, are sick, and deep down, have a inferior complex, thats why they have to hate and put others down to feel good about themselves.
            They see a lot in those they hate most that they lack themselves ,and would like to have,but can not ,so they are jealous of them sorry about that. If I felt superior about some one ,I would not have to fear and loathe them
            and constantly put them down to feel good about myself. So you have a nice day, and by the way, maybe most of you White supremest should try and get a family DNA background check to make sure that you are not part of the people you hate the most.
            You just might fit into the “One Drop Rule” which probably would make you want to commit suicide

          • DDDuane

            Are you analyzing me?
            Who are you… Dr. Alvin Poussant?
            (negro Freud….)
            I have already had the DNA test you mentioned and I could proudly assure you we aren’t compatible blood donors nor do I have to commit suicide…
            Thank You for inquiring….

          • Nicki Savage

            Man oh man, you sure are a giant bucket of syphilitic scum. I hope you die alone and miserable from alienating every person on Earth but yourself.

            You really do hate yourself, I can tell…and tell me why you’re so racist, did a black man take your job? Boo-hoo-hoo. Don’t judge an entire color of people just because one black man did you wrong.

            Of course, if he was your boyfriend, I could probably understand why your panties are in such a big twist. Go to counseling, doll, and you’ll feel so much better.

          • DDDuane

            OF COURSE!!!!

          • sparkamn

            You’re daughter sounds like white trash to me, and yes they are called nigglets!

          • Anne Warren

            any relation to chicklets we get in the subway stations?

          • AJ

            My ignorance ?? The only one ignorant here is you and your delusions. She choose to be a single mom my a$$ ! The used her up and threw her away like a dirty used condom, just like they do with everything they touch. And those two little nigglets are not human, they are a subhuman species 500 years behind the white man on the evolution scale ! Your white supremacist that “found out” he was partially “nergo” was a stunt for that TV show and for you to believe any different means your just as stupid as every other a$$hole who bought that story ! So have fun raising your half animal grandnigglets instead of enjoying retirement all because your daughter “choose” to be a single mom. You failed your daughter, your grandnigglets, yourself and your race !

          • Mike King

            Dude, you are a pathetic little worm! Please dont breed!

          • DDDuane

            Mike…The poor dumb ni99er loving wigger…
            He’ll continue loving ni99ers until his ni99er friends decide to torture and dismember him for fun while they’re all listening to cRap music together (such as recently happened to another wigger in Detroit, Africa).
            Or during a “tattoo party” in Florida recently a ni99er showed up and shot a 20 year old White guy in the back of his head because the ni99er didn’t like his Swastika tatoo…
            Just last week at a BBQ in Florida a previously acquainted ni99er (probably brought by a white hole w hore) got into a dispute with a White guy over the way the meat was being carved so the ni99er got a baseball bat and killed the White guy with it…..
            Mike…I hope you soon learn a final lesson similar to the one these other White guys learned…

          • DDDuane

            The ni99er is closer to one million years behind us on the evolutionary scale…

          • TimSingleton

            Choosing to rear children without their father, of whatever race he may be, hardly makes your daughter someone to hold up as a an example to others.
            America does not have a race problem; America has a morality problem across the board.

          • DDDuane

            Of course…
            (Tom Singleton, The voice of reason…Is that him there? The old guy with his chink wife?)
            We all know there is “no such thing as race”;…
            Just an outdated racist social concept…
            Of Course!!!!!

          • DDDuane

            Hey TRASH!!!!
            That genetic blood test was a load of S hit fabrication on a live BS television show (the type of shows that fat white trash like you stay home and look at all day…)…
            Your w hore offspring chose to become a ni99er herself when she started spreading for and sucking off ni99ers…It was only natural she eventually started squirting ni99ers out….I’m sure your w hore daughter learned by watching YOU s uck ni99ers off…
            You moronically wrote: “she chose to be single and raise them without their fathers”

            That is the most HILARIOUS comment I’ve EVER seen white trash write anywhere…
            We all know those ni99er offspring are now parasitically living off you…Don’t worry, your w hore offspring will be squirting out additional ni99er offspring for you to support….

          • Troy S

            Lol nonsense! Let me guess, your mudshark daughter is white and the “fathers” are mia. You must be proud. Oh and let me also guess that grammy and grampy are the ones really “raising” those mongrels. How do you figure you raised your children “right” with how crappy their judgment is????

          • Whitey Joe Young

            ” she chose to be single and raise them without their fathers”…. ummm, sounds like a giant rationalization to me. Did she make this decision twice, with 2 guys, or just once? Did she make the decision before or after the dude proved useless? 😀

          • Brian Jr.

            If you raised your children right, you wouldn’t have half breed grandchildren running around. I also noticed you said “both their fathers”. So two separate pavement apes knocked up your daughter and left her to raise the mongrels alone. I am shocked. No one could have predicted that type of behavior coming from black men.

          • Hendo337

            It doesn’t matter what a person’s actual genetic racial makeup is. It matters what racial group they culturally identify with. Low class “black culture” has failed people of any and every race that purposfully self identify with it…no matter what their racial make up. This section of that culture being the anti education, anti work, anti self responsibility, lack of discipline, anti intelligence heard mentality, the criminal lifestyle mentality, the drug culture mentality, the violence mentality, the blaming others and expecting something for free mentality. There are plenty of people who are the embodyment and antithesis of these cultural self identifications of all races. Those who identify with this rebellious “black culture” are the enemy of everyone in society, ethnically black people most of all.

          • Roberta Bebko

            Shame on you.

          • cstrenio7

            I did not fail my children. And my grandchildren are not nigglets. They are human people and it is not their fault. You have no business in judging any one. I was a woman that worked to keep my children out of the ghetto. And they were not raised on Welfare. She is 28 years old and I do not approve of the mixing but when one is on there own making their own living it isn’t much you can do. He or she does not live in my home and he never will. But my grandchildren are loving little children and from the way you talk you don’t know how to love any one with the attitude that you have. There is a differences between a nigger and a black person. Yes I call him a nigger cause he isn’t worth a damn in my book. But I do know some white niggers myself.

          • DDDuane

            So your hole w hore offspring squirted out ni99ers also!!!! (like Shari who is also commenting here).
            We all know you are at least partially subsidizing your w hore daughter’s ni99er offspring (Along with the tax payer…).
            You brag that you “kept your children out of the ghetto”‘ but your whore offspring ran there to spread, f uck and suck…I’m sure she was even bringing them back and F’ing these ni99ers on YOUR bed when you were working….
            You know “some White ni99ers”?
            YOU are a white ni99er yourself for bringing that diseased whore offspring into the world and defending and justifying your pig whore offspring’s crimes against our race, nature and creator…

          • Nicki Savage

            I know ni..ers of every single race. It’s when a person is worthless, shiftless, lazy, does nothing for him/herself, takes and never gives back, and basically sits on their ass doing what they want while everyone else breaks their back to support them. 🙁

            Raising kids of color right is hard these days, when the media closest to their color is basically acting ridiculous and screaming about everything being everyone else’s fault. Morgan Freeman’s a great black actor, as are several others, but no one listens to the sensible types in any race anymore.

            Upstairs from me is an Italian ni..er. She refuses to do anything for herself anymore, and when I tried to help her get away from her wifebeating white ni..er husband, she cussed me out and said she doesn’t want me talking to her anymore. She said I shouldn’t care.

            Well, I don’t anymore, but I wish she’d been raised as less of a doormat to abuse and more of a window to the sun, if you know what I mean. Warm and nice with a propensity to find those types.

            Me? I’m apparently the one all sorts of crap happens around. Upsetting, but I try to be nice to everyone.

            That is, until they’re assholes. THEN I forget who they are and go about my business.

        • Will A Million

          @cstrenio7:disqus.. are you fucking serious?? The black man you spoke to sound just as ignorant as you and your line of questioning.. Please.. his ignorant ass don’t speak for me or the black men I know.. FOH!!!

        • Matthew S.

          Correction: What ARE the differences?

        • DDDuane

          The ni99er just wants to be a parasite on Whitey….Even in most parts of tribal Africa
          the male ni99er does nothing….

          In Hawaii for instance…If you are on welfare, food stamps,WIC, Free edumikatshun, medicaid, etc… those benefits are equivalent to a $70,000 a year job in Hawaii (yes, the ni99ers infested that place along with the fat lazy dumb useless Hawaiian ni99ers there)…
          The ni99ers collecting these benefits DO have a side job…robbing, stealing, looting, selling drugs, prostituting…etc….

          • cstrenio7

            DDDuane, I understand what you are saying. I do not up whole my daughter for being with a black. I agree with you what you are saying. My daughter is 28 years old. I did not fail my daughter. There is a lot of activities I do not do with my daughter because of this. She hurt herself by being with this black. I own some nice things. and she will not get any thing that is mine because of it. I have a boy that will get everything. I have place 1.00 in a will for her so that she can not contest the will. If she feels I have to accept her because she is with a black then she can accept the fact that everything I own will go to my son so be it. This black knows he is not welcome here. I do feel every human no matter the color has a right to be respected. But when they don’t respect you, you have all rights to not respect them. I myself do not believe in interracial. I do know some good blacks. But these blacks feel the same way I do. I do not give my daughter no help raising her children. If I do any thing for any of them I give it to the children. And that is hand to hand to the children. No one lives with me and she is not allow to unless she leaves the black men alone. I here though others that they are not getting alone but she is the one that has to choose right from wrong. The only thing I can do at this point is hope and pray that she will see the light one day. I do believe in God and that is where I take my problems The world is getting bad and it is not going to get no better. I see a lot of pretty girls that are with blacks and I don’t understand it my self. You can condemn me if you like but just remember that God has his plans and those that rebel against him will fall, and that I do not up whole my daughter for being with this black. I have all ready told her she will get old one day and she will look around and see that she worked for nothing cause she will never have nothing with this guy. And she will not have any thing that belongs to me when I die.and only because she chose a man that will not work and she place the white generation down when she mixed.My true feeling that is what you call raciest. Can’t go any farther than that.

          • DDDuane

            You are doing what I would have done…
            You are under NO responsibility to accept her alien race offspring into YOUR home…
            If YOU ACCEPT her alien race offspring into your home YOU are an abomination….
            You should cut her OFF completely…
            My best fiend’s Scandinavian parents cut his daughter completely out of their life because her mother was a Columbian and the Grand Daughter came out looking like a dark fat Mestizo….

      • metroidjunkie

        When it comes to white people, it’s automatically assumed to be the insults or act of hatred type. It’s a double standard of race, either it should be okay for everyone to say or it should be bad for everyone to say.

        • Robin Ford

          just because he cant pronounce it properly or spell it correctly shouldnt make it less offensive.

          • Richard Small

            I don’t think do, as a youngster, I had a buddy of mine in the military white that used the word frequently as a term not to be insulting, a black guy clocked him. So Fu if u feel that it ok for one race to use words and another cannot.

          • Justin_Igger

            In a just world, that ni66er would have been lynched immediately.

          • blanjm5

            Good call. Are we then to assume there’s a difference between “skreet” and “street”? “Skrimps” and “shrimp”? “Churrins” and “children”? “Sail foams” and “cell phones”? “Axe” and “ask”? “Amberlamps” and “ambulance”? I could go on forever…

          • DDDuane

            I wish you would “go on forever”…
            I find your mastery of ebonics and jive fascinating….

          • EverettWilliams

            I think it’s people that are just stupid that don’t know English instead of going to school they they were on the streets.

          • Troy S

            Lol! I needed that after seeing kanye still gets press…

          • ladybug

            care and cur

          • wes

            less offensive for all of us..

        • Justin_Igger

          I’ll say ni66er as I please and see fit. Any ni66er attempting to violate my 1st amendment rights shall be swiftly and brutally reminded of my 2nd amendment rights. Best part is, when they chimp out, it then becomes completely legal to shoot the ni66er dead legally.

          • Mike King

            Shut the fuck up,dude! why’d you say that? You are the reason racism wont ever stop! You know everything about nothing,jackass!

          • David Funk

            He is not THE reason, he is only part of the reason. Kanye West would be another part of the reason. Hate is THE reason.

          • Troy S

            Uhhh, no. Reality in dropping the farce that all races are the same is the reason. Racism is normal. Until we can just accept that evolution gave us different traits, this will never stop.

          • Preston Wigginton

            Stop the hate n segregate

          • DDDuane

            Mr Igger is just stating the truth….
            The most recent jew title for them “afican american” is not accurate…They are ni99ers…
            Even if they have a do nothing, paper shuffling 130K federal job, head “muckety-muck” title, Chrysler 300, seemingly civilized behavior etc they are still completely subvertive and antithetical towards Whites…Their gain is ALWAYS a loss for Whites because they will ALWAYS use any resource we give them to discriminate against you…Look at who the mulatto president has hired to head all these federal agencies…(The anti-White discrimination and prosecution then continues all the way down)
            Now that Orca Winfrey is finished and has made her billion (by appealing to dumb White c unts so pround not to be “racist”) this lezbo sheboon is now screaming hate and racism non-stop…The fat ni99er is now just mildly coming clean publicly…In today’s diverse world the most qualified White man (jew excluded) need not apply for corporate, city, state or federal jobs anymore because even if by some remote chance he gets any position he will remain at the bottom forever… Doing the work no one else there is capable of…Being F uckéd with constantly by c unt, ni99er, hispanic, and asiatic “Bosses”… Everything now slowly collapses because the only one capable of doing anything “The White Man” adjusts his output to the useless trash that surrounds him… him…This is the REAL reason why all American manufacturing has RAN OUT and moved overseas…

          • Brian Jr.

            If the slaveowners had a crystal ball and could see how the modern jigaboos act, they would t have brought those animals over here.

          • Troy S

            Quite the intellectual, “dude”…

          • darlenemarie1656

            Well I do know K.West thrives on blaming whites any chance he can. When a white doctor would not do a facelift type surgery on K. Wests mother for her safety. .and then a black doctor did do it and she died… K.West complained that..IF IT WERE A WHITE WOMAN..SHE WOULDN’T HAVE DIED. WOW..Like I Said..ANY CHANCE HE GETS TO PUT DOWN WHITES..HE DOES

          • DDDuane

            Hi Justin_Igger…
            You certainly are a modern day Mark Twain….
            I may be acquainted with you from a certain blog….Could that be?
            You should be writing books for your fans….

          • MEAT!!TOAST MEAT


      • Guest

        You are a Phicin Idiot “No Difference in Nigga and Nigger”??? The only way is that some half raised dumb-ass can not speak the English Language..
        I ask, “Who be Stupid?”

      • David Worley

        You are a Phucin Idiot “No Difference in Nigga and Nigger”??? The only way is that some half raised dumb-ass can not speak the English Language..
        I ask, “Who be Stupid?”

        • Alan Harig

          Not really, Nigga is a black endearment used by blacks or whites in the rap world, vs. Nigger, which is viewed as a derogatory remark.

          • Justin_Igger

            There is no such thing as a “ni66a”. They’re all ni66ers. Don’t be silly.

      • Pat Wenner

        if a white person wrote them lyrics im sure you would say different

        • simi K.

          If a white person wrote THOSE lyrics, I might….

      • Chris Porter

        really….so if I change Nazi to Notsi it no longer describes a group people who commited horrible crimes, I’m just correcting someone who answered wrong in Spanish. You can’t use the word in your art and not expect the history of the word to come up.

      • Fett Boba

        So, if I called you a dirty f**king nigga you would be ok with that right? pro-tip, There is no difference.

        • Michael Castleberry

          You could have ended that with “sandwich” and I’d still punch you in the head for the “dirty fucking…” part. It’s CONTEXT, not the word.

        • Alan Harig

          I would not call a black man a Nigga or a Nigger, because coming from a white person, either one is perceived as a racist remark. Blacks use Nigga as a slang, endearment or insult is some ways. Much like whites use the term hillbilly or redneck.

          • Justin_Igger

            Why would you not properly address a ni66er as a ni66er? They are not men, not women, ni66ers are not human.

          • Cl4tgp

            and blacks throw those two monikers as well as many others at whites with impunity. Have you ever heard a white scream “racism” or “intolerance” when a dark skinned person uses those terms ? Nope. Me neither. Why not ? There really is no difference.

          • Mike Hobgood

            Really? Blacks are constantly calling Southerners hillbillies and rednecks…but that’s ok huh?

      • D Scott Horton

        So, if I say “nigga please” Kanye West won’t be offended? Nigga please.

      • TJackson

        NO DIFFERENCE… The only difference is you want or think the rest of the USA should accept ebonics or slang as part of our language… get real…

        • Andie37/

          They don’t care. They’re not looking to get a job or anything.

      • Michael Zennie

        Lol…This comment is totally wrong. First and foremost even the older black generation will tell you there really is no difference between nigga and nigger because they are both negative and derogatory terms..Just because young ignorant black people are trying to “take it back” it doesnt make it right. The words nigga and nigger should be completely erased from the bank of words used by people. Period..have a blessed day

      • Tami Moneymaker

        Nigga (/ˈnɪɡə/, pronounced identically to nigger in some dialects) is a colloquial term used in Black English Vernacular that began as an eye dialect form of the word nigger (a word originated as a term used in a neutral context to refer to black people, as a variation of the Spanish/Portuguese noun negro, a descendant of the Latin adjective niger, meaning the color “black”)…………………………..replacing the ‘er’ with an ‘a’ changes nothing other than the pronunciation

        • Andie37/

          Yeah and you’re a linguistics professor, right.

          • Tami Moneymaker

            are you? I open books and learn things, like dictionaries, history books, I have lived through history.

          • Andie37/

            No, but I play one on TV. It’s obvious you are making things up. And, oh yes, we all live through history.

          • Lori Toupal-Price

            Oh, Andie37/…..you are so ignorant and what’s sad is that you don’t even know it. Go learn something and stop posting comments on things you don’t understand. Tami is 100% correct. That is where the word came from.

          • Andie37/

            Really, then what is an “eye dialect”. There is no such thing. You are the one showing your ignorance.

          • Lori Toupal-Price

            Oh my, a misspelling. Horrors. Good heavens, will the world end?

          • Tami Moneymaker

            I actually got the definition above off the internet so unless they made it up it stands. again education is key.

        • Alan Harig

          You are wrong….If you are black speaking to a black person and call the person a Nigga, it is not taken the same way. Eg. “Nigga, you ain’t right” vs and white person….”Nigger, you are not correct” Ha Ha Ha, enjoy your beat down.

          • Justin_Igger

            It doesn’t matter. You see, in human society, we all play by the rules that those in the superior position put into play. None of us must live by ni66er rules, as they do not apply to humans.

          • Tami Moneymaker

            what beat down? You will have to do better than that. You can spin it any way you want to make yourself feel good but facts are facts. It is the same word different spelling and blacks gave it the ok to use among themselves yet if a white person uses it we are racist. double standards again.

          • Andie37/

            Tami, shake your moneymaker.

      • Sherry Mitchell

        So it’s ok that he punched a teenager…..he is a grown man…no matter how horribly wrong that disrespectful teen is, KW had no right to touch him…..So IF it did really happen there would be a law suit pending for assault ..to which KW or KK should file hate speak charges

        • OldNYFirefighter

          There will be assault charges filed against him.

        • Alan Harig

          I would not call him a man, that implies acting responsible and like an adult. He does not!

      • Justin

        “Nigga” is the lazy way of saying “Nigger”. Just like “Amberlance” is to “Ambulance”. The only stupid one here is the person who thinks that nigga is ok for only black people to use…racists much?!

      • Kmarie

        NIGGER! Oh and yea, punching a kid in the face is totally acceptable….haha

      • Patrick Hillis

        so then a black person saying :”cracka” is not meant to be a racist insult?…yeah right, again a double standard, when are “You people” gonna wake up and accept the fact that people in power ( Obama and the democratic party) want us at each others throats and divided people are easier to control and manipulate

      • Carl Brister

        The different is, “Nigga” isn’t even a word. It was first used by inbred racist ghetto trash people in black trash neighborhood

      • Carl Brister

        The only different is, “Nigga” isn’t even a word. It was only used by inbred and racist ghetto trash out in trashy black neighborhood. So who is stupid now, boy?

      • allah_speaking

        Next you be telling me “Don’t be a hater”… Pull your pants up…

      • ajr

        Nice try.

        Blacks can call each other names, but a white tries it and its an “insult”

        Blacks can have EBONY magazine, and the NAACP, etc, etc, etc. but what if a white person tried that? He’d be labeled a hater.

        Blacks can be racist and never held accountable for it. Forever victims

        • Alan Harig


        • Justin_Igger

          Ni66ers: forever target practice.

      • John Carr

        White people CANNOT use that word, either ….a or ….er. It doesn’t matter. So, the simple fact that White people cannot use either word, makes the word racist. Only a moron who uses the word would think it’s OK to use it.

      • Nicki Savage

        One of my friends will punch anyone who calls him nigga. And yes, he is as black as African-Americans get.

        Also, what makes them “African”-Americans if they’ve never once been to Africa?

        By that logic, Charlise Theron is African-American. Now why don’t you take your own insults and leave this forum? People cannot get away with committing ASSAULT, no matter what someone calls them.

        No privilege for music artists. They’re people too. Just people, not gods descended to Earth.

        • Justin_Igger

          Can’t wait until your NI66ER friend gets shot, which will happen eventually.

        • Matthew S.

          I’m half Polish. Does that make me a Polish-American? Here’s a suggestion: LOSE THE LABELS!!!

      • Drbixnood

        Fuck all niggers

      • Marina Smith

        nigger please

      • STFUTWIT

        Are really that racist??? Why YES you ARE!!!!

      • Justin_Igger

        Ni66er is the proper classification of a black. Ni66a is their failed pronunciation and bastardization of the original word.
        Ni66ers need to realize that to humans, when you apes call each other ni66as, we grin and chuckle, because at least you ‘re getting one thing right for once: you’re all ni66ers.

      • Dan

        Tomato Tomoto

      • wes

        ya reap what you sew…

      • Roberta Bebko

        We heard that same thing from that dummy on Piers Morgan…the one who testified in the Trayvon Martin case….lol. What did she say? Cracker is not racist but a white man can’t say n*gger but he can say n*gga…lol. Try that in the hood.

      • James Graves

        There is no difference you fucking moron.

      • Mike Hobgood

        No,we just don’t give a shit…

      • John

        Not as stupid and hypocritical as you. Thats the problem. Blacks are the ultimate racist hypocrites.

      • Mike King

        Hmmm…..please tell me how you know which ones being used….you cant I’m just glad I’m not a nigger or nigga & dont call me either one!

      • loretta hickman

        What a bunch of crap. Ignorant Blacks use it and some how when its used against them they complain. You can’t have it both ways. Black people and leaders have requested that the Rappers knock it off with a word that was created to and historically has been used to insult a race of people. You my friend need to reevaluate who is stupid.

      • justdave

        shut up nigger…oh, and Kanye don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Why don’t you buy an island big enough to take all the blacks with you and the race traitors too.


        Shut up Kunta

      • KB56

        It’s a double standard. .always has been…always ways will be…how ignorant are you?

      • Jon Johnson

        No, the question should be are you really that ignorant!

    • jane

      there is a difference, nigga is a racial term, it more like saying hey my nigga hows it hanging. and then the word niger is the racial word. i had it broke down to me like that by a black person. but they shouldnt even call it to each other. and people really need to get over the negro word. it actually means black in spanish. ya and with all his money he should educate his self on this stuff.

      • Matthew S.

        Way to completely SHRED the English language in just one comment there, Jane!! You have officially won the “Moron of the Century” award. GOOD LORD!!! Please do yourself and the rest of the world a big favor and go down to the local library, pick up a book on PROPER ENGLISH & GRAMMAR…and READ IT!!

  • DangIt Bobby

    no! Please don’t leave the country, Kanye! Whatever would we do without
    you and your heroic efforts of risking your life constantly way up
    there near God on your dangerously high stage! We’re all sorry that
    we’re raaaaaaaaacists! We all pitched in and bought you a gift card for
    Chik Filet. Don’t go on Sunday! They’re CLOSED. You know, because they
    go to church, and waste a whole day of profits because of morals and
    principles and *gasp* love! Sheesh. Weird people. Good eats though.
    Enjoy! But please Kanye! Don’t go! We’ll all vote for the black guy next
    time just because he’s black, because that wouldn’t be raaaaaaaaacist
    or anything… O.o

    Meanwhile, back in Reality…

    I don’t hate Kanye, but I REALLY REALLY REALLY dislike the dude. Why? Is it because he’s black?

    Nope. It’s because he’s a world class d-bag. Rant over.

    Kanye Shmanye

  • I am me

    I will not miss him at all, and I can think of a bunch of other idiots that can go with him! I’ll help him pack and even make his travel arrangements!

  • Louisianahotsauce

    Why would this kid just do something on purpose? What did he do, tried to help a lady in a stick situation. Boy, when it comes to celebrities, people are always on their side of the wagon. Kayne is a fucking IDIOT and no matter what that teenager did, he still would have assaulted him. Stop giving the SOBs breaks and put more of their dumb asses in jail where they need to be!

  • Kwabena Boadu Anafo

    Racism in America seems getting dirtier by the day. Kanye West decision to consider leaving America is the best. l’ll love it if he should head towards Ghana his roots to live here for the rest of his life. Of course African Americans have a home where the food is organic and unpolluted air. He will then leave behind America’s racists police, courts and racially antagonistic society for the better here, where he will be most welcome

    • blight14

      Indeed, Haiti is a shining example of the ‘paradise’ if their creation……Zimbabwe is said to be rather nice too……and Detroit……the list is nearly endless….

  • Frank E. Licata

    Good, Get out!

  • RobertL

    If we are such a racist nation than why did we elect a black president not once but twice?

    • Rogers85

      To RobertL, I bet you didn’t have anything to do with him being voted as President did ya,Probably voted for Romney.

      • RobertL

        Voted for Obama in 2008 and Romney in 2012. Doesn’t matter does it?

      • STFUTWIT

        Now that was MIGHTY racist of ya….warm in da hood???

    • Kristie Go Broncos Underwood

      you can also thank the President for dividing this Country further than it was- He HAS NOT HELPED RACIAL TENSIONS!!!!

    • Lou Bator

      Ever hear of Low Information Voters?

  • Andrew Schmitt


    • Che Lebron

      is BYE..Mr.educated and intelligent? ..lmao!

  • derek shaw

    Funny, white people always make up stuff to attempt to clear their conscious. You tried to kill off ALL the Native Americans and Black people.

    • blight14

      The extinction of a species isn’t always a bad thing………

    • DW1986

      Ignorance is bliss. Welcome to reality… Africans were sold in to slavery for tobacco and other items by the tribal leaders. Take up your beef with Africa.

      • derek shaw

        Yeah right that’s as true as WMD’s being found. All white people have blood on their hands and will do anything to try to hide it.

        • STFUTWIT

          You must relish in stupidity…..LMMFAO

  • gia

    Im from Canada we don’t have these issues. It must suck to be American!

  • Red

    I think racism is wrong certainly, but honestly, what a pampered prick. ” I don’t ever want her to go through what her mother did today.’” …Kim got called called n!%%#$ and wasn’t even black…oh the horror. You know, what’s really racist is that blacks call themselves n!%%#$… Meanwhile all around the world people are dealing with real f**ked up things, like starvation, murder, rape, human trafficking, terrorism, torture…and on an on. Him trying to lump getting called a name in with real serious problems is just asinine and shows just how pampered that boy truly is.

  • Janet Smith

    Black people use the word all the time from entertainers to every day people so I don’t see why it bothered them so much. And, as far as kanye is concerned, he was running around all the black radio shows talking about racism doesn’t exist and now he is saying it does, he just needs to shut up and suck it up.

    • Shawn Johnson

      Not all of us, not all the time. Sorry this is a sweeping generalization of blacks.

    • are you kidding

      how are people questioning this. black people say nigga like we say dude. yea its stupid but completely different than being called a nigger by a white person. you actually cant see why that would bother a black person?

      • Janet Smith

        No, I can’t. Unless a black person has low self esteem issues or inferiority issues it really shouldn’t bother none of them. Especially black people like Kanye who claim that we are all one big happy family, racism doesn’t exist or “he can’t see or feel it.” They definitely shouldn’t let another human being who is no “better” than them make them feel they are beneath them no matter what they say. It should of been laughed at and ignored because the 18 year old was the ignorant one.

  • blight14

    FANTASTIC, that that *&^% tramp with you! I’ll pitch in for such a worthy cause…..

  • Nayra Pride

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I really hate this cry baby.

  • Gamera

    Talk about racism – Remember what Kanye did to Taylor Swift?

    • BrokenTengu99 .

      That wasn’t racism , dumb-ass . That was just deuchebaggery .

      • STFUTWIT

        Try douchebaggery…..spell check work wonders….and you have the audacity to call someone else a dumbass???……LMMFAO….

      • STFUTWIT

        BTW, here’s your diploma….you’ve moved to the top

  • Boagrius

    Don’t let the door hit your fat ass on the way out you useless piece of shit and take that brain dead trolip wife of your with you too!!!

  • Cheryl Morgan

    Don’t let the gates hit you in the @ss on the way out! Won’t be missed at all!!!!

  • zed

    coming from a man who said books are bad and who called his daughter north i think theres a lot more to explain other than why u hit a bloke for using the same words as u use

  • LRW63

    If I had the power to divide this nation by race and political persuasion I would happily move to the all white, constitutionist section and be done with all the whiney race-baiters and collectivists.

  • kanye west

    pffft. promotes the word and gets offended when people say it. isn’t this the same dude that used the word “cracker” and claims the world is racist? poor guy got called a racist slur poor boy money cant buy you equality can it? Wake up and smell the world my friend! I hope your son doesnt grow up to be anything like you. Something tells me that this teenager didnt say all that bs. Now you got a lawsuit you idiot

  • sugerboogar

    ALL Black People!! FIX the HUGE Glaring Issues in Your Fatherless communities, take care of your freaking Children, Get a Job and Pay your bills, Stop Shooting and Robbing each other, get an education and get yourselves together. Once you have accomplished ALL that then and ONLY then tell us about OUR shit. GET REAL and Own your own Shit!

    • BrokenTengu99 .

      I think you need to straighten out your OWN race before you start throwing rocks at someone else . Rampant pedophilia , especially in the school system , high rates of drug and alcohol abuse , MASS SHOOTINGS / SPREE KILLINGS , low birth rates , high child mortality rates , the increase of White Power Hate Groups , etc . etc. . List goes on , and on ….
      So when you say ” Once you have accomplished ALL that then and ONLY then tell us about OUR shit. GET REAL and Own your own Shit! ” , perhaps you need to practice what you preach .

  • Jorge

    It.s incredibly stupid what still happens nowadays in the world, i live in Spain , and here also have lots of racism and stupid people who treats people as a garbage because of their colour skin o ethnicy. I.m mixed race and have passed many troubles, in airports everywhere because of my “”ARAB” look and sometimes i think myself…. where are the lines that makes us different of the other animals????? we belong from the same earth, why some poeple pretends to be better than i am? and the fact is my grandmother is a white black women and trust me ….sometimes when things like that happen, i fell miserable because i didn.t got her skin colour and blue eyes, but at next second i just realize that it just happen to be this way and i.ve experienced also thousands of other beatifull reasons to be proud of who i am as a human being, cause this is the only important and the people who took the opportunity to know me from the bottom of my hurt, doesn.t even would be botheres if i was green or blue or violet skin colour, becasue they can see me as clear as the fonest cristal, and there are good reasons to be by my side as a human being.( sorry if my english is a bit confusing) By the way all my respects to the Arabic Nation, because not all of them are made by the sistem, and there are lots of incredible people , i was born Brazilian but i.m a world´s citizen and proud of that.

  • Susie Harmon

    I hope he and Kim do by an island, move and take the rest of the family with them ! who the hell cares if he threatens to leave ? He is the dumbest ass…hasn’t he learned anything. This isn’t the first time he has gotten into trouble for something. GROW UP and SHUT UP !!

  • moodyjudi

    Oh please go! Take ALL the KarTRASHians with you too!!!!

  • Victor Gottlieb Haggy

    Leave the US stupid. No one cares.

  • Shane Brinegar

    MOVE PLEASE!!!!!!! Make sure you take kim and her mom. But I would have punched him also. Just like I would have punched Kanye for taking the award away from Taylor Swift.

  • Lou Bator

    Why does anyone pay attention to Kandy Weast and his mudshark?

  • Nathan Thedford

    Get the fuck out cumwad, we never like you anyways…

  • Nathan Thedford

    I mean really??? Threaten?? BAHAHAHAHA, what? is he wanting Obama to hold a press conference begging him not to leave? Pleaaaaaaase.

  • andanotherthing

    Makes his money on “rap songs” that repeatedly use the dreaded “N” word and NOW is offended by it?? Talk about a double-standard……

  • Sarah McFadden Marks

    Ignorance perpetuates the hate. Wise up and grow up.

    • Sarah McFadden Marks

      We’re all the same colors on the inside!

  • Bill

    He is not a nigger because of the color of his skin. He is a nigger because of who he is on the inside. Being black has nothing to do with it.

  • Jennifer JC

    Bye bye!

    Seriously? This man has no manners and respect for anyone. But yet his daughter is now more special than all the others in the world who endure teasing and name calling? Oh I would love to be in his shoes, or Kim’s shoes, for a day and deal with the stressful life they lead.

    I am offering now, in front of the world, to help you all pack. Take your narcissistic, entitled, holier than thou selves and get packing.

    And the reporter is right, Kim does have a history of being a little on the slutty side.

    When he can stop using the N word in his songs and disrespecting others, maybe more people will have respect for him and his own family. Until then, welcome to the REAL world…. the world where we have porcelain toilets- not gold-plated ones.

    How did this arrogant ass ever make it in a business that thrives on people liking or not liking him? Lets all quit downloading his music, stop watching The Kardashians, and show him what its like to live like a normal person and the trials most of the world deals with on a daily basis.

  • Randy Peterson

    Why is it that Liberals always threaten to leave the U.S., but they never do???


      Because no other country on this planet is stupid enough to let them stay……only in the USA do we “tolerate”….oh, that’s a one-sided point of view from libs….the “tolerance” definition that is…..

  • Dontazemebro

    Please leave and take the rest of the leeches of all races with you..oh and the illegals, too.

  • Pamela Deveau Herschleb

    bye you asshole

  • gerton shref

    wow, looks like there is a positive side to racism after all. we should all be racist more often.

  • DW1986

    Pffft… screw you Kanye. You are one of the people who helps perpetuate racism. The white man tries to bring you down, right? Check your hypocrisy before you point fingers. Change starts with role models, so be one.

  • renton

    “In his fit of anger, West also allegedly told the source he would consider moving out of the U.S.”

    And nothing of value was lost.

  • Notofthisearth

    Boo hoo..and aren’t you part of the problem? Goodbye and take all the others who have threatened to leave with you.

  • Patriot

    Leave you little Monkey in a suit! I will help pack your bags and send your sorry ass on your way!

  • Bryan Ogilvie

    Wow. I’m glad Marcus Garvey & Malcolm X weren’t cowards like this man, because only rats run instead of fighting.

    THIS IS STUPID: if it weren’t those who stayed before us (and FOUGHT *real* racism, Jim Crow, etc.) this man wouldn’t make the millions of dollars he has so he can run and buy an island, as he alluded to.

    What about the Black men and interracial couples who DON’T have $2 billion to run away? What do they do???

    If you’re not man enough to answer your daughters questions about her bi-racial identity, just have children with Black women.

  • atrutherproudofitiknowtruth

    If they had any balls at all……they would return to their homeland Africa and stop the jews, jew industrialists who have impoverished, enslaved, and slaughtered THEIR BLACK BROTHERS for OVER 500 years. Now africa is run by jewish communists, the ANC….and these bolshevik no good jew bastards have STOLEN africa’s resources of gold, diamonds, lithium, cacao etc etc etc for eons……
    But instead the beasts of the field want to sit around, sell crack, heroin with their latino brothers on our streets, robbing, thieving, killing others, soaking off the white man and point the finger AT US.
    TOO bad Lincoln didnt ship ALLLLL of THEM to Liberia. THE JEWS TOO. We could watch them eat each other.

  • Patrick Keogan

    nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga

  • Blackhawks Lemonhead

    So he wants to shield her from ignorance? He better sign over custody immediately.

  • atrutherproudofitiknowtruth

    This world had better wake up and QUICK AND KNOW TRUTH IN HIS STORY before the bastards RE-WRITE THE TRUTH!
    Jewish Occupied Governments:
    The Role of the Jews in the Bolshevik Revolution and the Genocidal Killing of 65,000,000 Christians by the Jewish Leaders in the USSR
    Jewish Bolsheviks & Their Roles Listed in Let My People Go, Empirical Publications, 1976.
    Jews Led Red Revolution – By The Numbers
    Jewish Bolsheviks Played Major Role in the USSR
    Rabbi Yissocher Frand’s Admission of Jewish Communist Connections
    Speech in National Geographic Magazine, Dec 1 1906, on Jewish Revolutionary Crimes in Russia
    Historical Observations on Red Revolution in USSR as Jewish
    Winston Churchill’s Famous History of Zionists vs. Bolsheviks Carried in Sunday Illustrated Herald on February 8, 1920, page 5
    Jews , Their Press, and Others Say Jews Behind Red Revolution
    First President of Soviet Union, Yakov Sverdlov, a Jew–Article in People’s Weekly World
    Jews, Communism, and The Job of Killing Off the USSR’s Christians
    The Vinnitsa Christians Genocide–Committed by the USSR’s Jews & Who Controlled the NKVD
    Discussion of Jewish Bolshevism as Taking Over Russia in Red Revolution with Names of Jews
    Arrested and Enslaved by Jewish Bolsheviks 52 Years Ago, These Christians Still Want to Leave Their Artic Prisons
    Jewish Use of Fascist Beating Methods, Torture, and Executions in USSR Prisons
    The Jewish Inventions of the Russian Gulags & Their Inhumane Conditions
    How Hundreds of Christian [sic. “bourgeousie” Were Lined Up and Shot by the Nazi-Like Jewish Cheka – Red Revolution Materials
    Nicholas Utin, a Jew, the First Russian Marist, 1860’s to 1870’s
    Jewish Founders of the Russian Social-Democratic Movement in 1883
    Jewish Socialism in 1980-1900
    Ukrainian Famine in the book “Ninth Circle” with pictures published in The Chicago American newspaper during February and March, 1935
    Genrik Yagoda, Russian Jewish Christian Killer
    The Prop Masters
    Historical Worksheet on Jewish Influences in the Red Revolution W/USA Banking Connections
    Anti-Semitism USSR Capital Crime by Grateful Communists
    Boston Globe Reports 100,000,000 Killed by Communism
    Lutheran Synod/Missouri Reports on 95.5 Million Murdered Christians in USSR by Jews
    Genocide by High NKVD Jews in Russia Still Hidden–Eric Margolis, Toronto Sun, 12-13-98
    Pictures of Dying Ukrainians in The Chicago American, February and March 1935
    Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee
    Jews Blamed for Lithuanian Genocide
    Jewish Assassination of Czar Alexander
    Lazar Kaganovich, Soviet Jewish Commissar and Christian Genocidal Killer
    Trotsky — Lev Davidovich Bronstein
    Reuter’s Story on Crucifixions, Scalpings, and Beastial Torture of the Christians in USSR by jewish communists
    How the Jews Led USSR Communism
    “Yiddish Culture, Socialist Politics and the Shaping of Immigrant Jewish Identity in America, 1890-1924,” Dissertation by Stanford Ph.D. candidate Anthony Michels
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    Post USSR Jewish Control Areas
    Email to Jew Watch from USSR Victims
    Commemorating the 65,000,000 Dead with European Holocaust Memorial Week, a European Holocaust Museum, and $20 Trillion in Reparations
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    The Prop Masters – Kaganovitch – Holocaust of Russian Christians by the USSR Jewish Leaders
    First Russian Marxists Were Jewish

  • Alexander Baron

    As long as he doesn’t come here.

  • Jeffrey

    WOW, coming from a racist pig himself!!!!!!! Would be no great loss. Hit the road and take the trailer trash whoredashians with you

  • harry cox

    Yes yes yes…you and kimbo can go find a pile of sand to live on in Afghanistan you dumb ass.

  • Kimberly Hamill

    Um, I’m confused…this is the same media whore that made a song called “black KKK” or whatever…? How are people still falling for these cheesy obvious media stunts? Maybe its the fluoride in our tap water or something, but america needs to smarten up when it comes to idiotic reporting like this.

  • HonkeySC

    Id happily buy the tickets for him and all the Kardashians to leave the country.

  • Preston Wigginton
  • Preston Wigginton
  • kat

    Tell him to go NORTH WEST…….who cares!!!!!

  • Francis Vetter


  • Dem Feels

    Wonder how he would explain the mom’s sex tape and her being pissed on?

  • DawnL

    Okay bye bye see ya

  • reeray

    I do not have racist beliefs, but everyone should make a point to be overly racist to Kanye West if we ever encounter him; no matter our ethnicity. I’d love to see that ignorant fool leave this country – we’ve given him enough of our money already.

  • NAmericanBlueJacket


  • Schlange

    Sorry West, no one gives a damn if you leave. Obvious empty threat is obvious.

  • lemons88

    I so hope he dose he is nothing more than an egomaniac faggot with a retarded wife and his in laws are retarded as his family prolly is too and lil north will almost certainly be retarded to. The blacks in this country are by far the most racist group of people there is in the world.

  • Last Bastion

    Bye! GTFO! No one important really gives a crap!

  • Joe Roy

    I will help you pack you no talent jack ass

  • Mike Hobgood

    Does Kanye need a map to Kenya?

  • irish7_1sg

    This is the same scumbag that scared the shit out of Taylor Swift a few years ago, stealing the microphone and attempting to demean the young white singer’s victory over a black singer that West supported. WEST IS A POS RACIST HIMSELF!

  • David Lee

    Sticks and stones can break your bones but a punch in the face is worth a million bucks

  • Thorson

    Yo, Kanye, I’m really happy for you, I’ma let you finish, but the sooner you get out of the US and shut your pie hole the sooner we will be rid of your stupidity and won’t be subject to your blather.

  • Michael J. Fell

    Go, you stuck up faux entertainer…GTFO and don’t come back.

  • KikiEm

    I assume he will tell his daughter to not go around punching teenagers in the face. West probably won’t be telling North about the ignorance of others and how it can demonstrate itself through vulgar and obscene language…..as he and Kardashian will have moved on to many other partners yet to come. It appears that West is mentally unbalanced, along with being a violent man.

  • Nu Bath South Florida

    Don’t tease us…just leave today, now!

  • Jarrad Williams

    The “N” word will never be a term of endearment regardless of how many entertainers try to empower the word. It wasn’t created to be a term of endearment. Isolating it’s use for one segment of the population will never erase it’s negative history. Kanye apparently lacks the inner depth to recognize this truth and is therefore a contributor to what he claims to despise about this country. I wish him luck in his search for a place where he can protect his daughter from what he fears. It will be a tough process because he will still have to explain to his daughter how the world treats a horse’s ass. I gather it’s the same response worldwide.

  • 7962

    I’m SURE this happened just as described.

  • lisa

    Oh no if Kanye West left the US, who else would give us grown ass man tantrums and just in general entitled douchebaggery to watch and shake our heads at?

  • Andrea

    Wow, welcome to the real life people have to deal with everyday! Too sheltered and rich to have to deal with real issues. What kind of $100k car am I going to buy is his biggest stress Now he will shelter his rich little daughter….

  • queen222

    A nigger is a nigger. Color has nothing to do with being a nigger. look the word up to understand the meaning. And yes I am a white women who will use the word nigger. Act like one and you will be addressed correctly.

  • jamjon

    We would all be better off if all of these egotistical “Celebs” would stop talking about it and leave. They make threats and then don’t follow through. Barbara Streisand comes to mind.

  • injustice_avenger

    get the phuck out racist…..see how many nigga’s buy your crap in Kenya muthaphucka

  • Jalen C Stegman

    Kanye is a gay fish

  • sherry1053

    West knows the USA will soon be under attack…he doesnt want the masses to freak out so he’s using this incident to proclaim his departure…like so many others who know the truth..are heading out of the USA. Wake-Up Americans!

  • McDaneLover

    Can we get that in writing?

  • MaryofAriz

    Bye bye

  • Landon Valentine

    Oh boy, I can hardly contain my enthusiasm at the idea of an America with this stupid son of a bitch. Maybe when he buys his island, he can be sure to ban all books, too, since he is so against reading. What an epic village idiot. Him, those like him and those who are his fans. Idiots.

  • Morgan Lefay

    Please leave. Take all the others like you with you. Might I suggest Somolia?

  • Joe Clark

    From viewing these comments it’s easy to see why White people have a reputation for being arrogant. After all the bullshit their ancestors put mine through, how is it their place to question ANYTHING about my culture? I don’t like that word either, but it’s something that’s been passed down for generations and used to refer to my people for hundreds of years. It’s going to take decades if not centuries for that word to die. But the more interesting question is why some white people see fit to judge other cultures they don’t understand? There are terms used in just about any culture or race that can be used within that culture or race but if used by an outsider becomes an insult. Even some families are like that too. If you don’t want to take the time to understand a culture, then you shouldn’t criticize it. That’s just arrogant and ignorant. We all have the right to say or think whatever we want, but others don’t have to accept it. More learning and less judging.

    • lisa

      Interesting that why some white people see fit to judge other cultures they don’t understand” is said in the same breath as, “I can see why ‘WHITE PEOPLE’ have a reputation for being arrogant.”
      Sounds ironically like “judgement” to me.
      And before the question is asked.
      No I am not “white” nor am I “black”, however I am a minority. But that does not identify me.

  • are you kidding

    jeez you people are fucking insensitive. they were our slaves.. screaming racism at everything seems like a pretty fair trade

    • Chris Allen Thomas

      Where Kanye is concerned–and Kim too–I am very insensitive. I do not remember two celebrities who were as overtly narcissistic as these two. And they are going to pass that self-important entitled attitude to their kid. Ruin the kid.

    • lisa

      Not really.
      That’s just excuse for entitlement.
      Slavery ended in 1865 (almost 200 years ago.)
      Anyone who was ever actually a slave has long since been dead.
      Jews were slaves long before Africans were brought to America and for hundredS of years. You don’t hear them constantly using that as an excuse to get away with acting like the world owes them something.

      • are you kidding

        yea but how long has it been since the civil rights movement. ya know when the majority of people were actually racist

  • are you kidding

    and wtf anyone who doesnt think racism still exists read the comments, its in half of them

  • Chris Allen Thomas

    I hope he does go. He is an unfit father and a complete narcissist. We don’t need the brat he is going to create plaguing us.

  • thomasbone63

    He should have left yesterday.

  • James Wentz

    Don’t let the door hit your monkey ass on the way out, you overrated, talentless ape!

  • Amanda Deal

    Wow, it must be nice to afford a private island… when all he does is rap with the N-word througout majority of his lyrics. :/ Bon’voyage!

  • Patriotic Marine

    Big piece of S***. Let em leave. Piece of s***, America don’t want you here anyway

  • Skippy Mcbuggerballs

    Leave. And take all the other ingrate niggers with you, you no talent piece of shit.

  • james

    Remember this is kanye and Kim’s tell.I tend to believe the teen as arrogant people spread lies.

  • Robyn Brown

    First adults do not get to punch teenagers, gonna have some legal issues there. Second, the U.S. is not the first or only place where racism exists, so running away will not solve THAT problem. Racism is a sad fact all over the world, and it’s not just white/black or black/white racism. Good luck running from that. I think a better idea would be to take some anger management classes and deal with some of his race paranoia. It’s all he ever talks about and I don’t believe wealthy famous entertainers face nearly as much racism as the average person of color in this country. People kiss the asses of rich famous people 98% of the time.

  • Eric Pint

    I good riddance! Please move Kanye, as a matter of fact take your wife’s entire family with ya. Look at the context of the sentence, this was nigga not nigger. The problem is that a white kid said it, if a black kid would have said it we wouldn’t be having this discussion. I hope the Kanye get evicted and sued for about 20 or 30 mil, but in this rotten Liberal society I doubt this will happen

  • Joe Whitman

    Plan for White geNOcide that “anti-racists” implement:
    1) Flood EVERY & ONLY White countries with MILLIONS of non-Whites
    2) Force integrate these immigrants into White communities. This is done with the aid of Federal Laws
    3) Push interracial relationships night and day in the media & newspaper
    advertisements, in ONLY White countries
    4) Anyone that objects is called RACIST!
    5) Then, inform the Whites of their inevitable brown future
    Anti-Racist is a code for anti-White

  • Bill Griffin

    Kanye can take his no talent behind and leave. The sooner, the better. Somebody lock the door behind him and get the locks changed.

  • Joe Hess

    Wanna go buy an island Kanye? I hear Krakatoa is growing larger every day… fresh idea here, how about teaching your daughter how to deal with adversity?

  • Thankful

    Look at the whole picture. If you don.t like it here go back to your mother land Africa. There they ( your own kind ) will hack you up with big knives . Look at all the people that are coming here now a day . they are running from there own country. If you don’t like it here get the hell out.

  • Kevin Green

    Why are there Ebony awards and BET because there wasn’t a forum for people of color to have their views. White folks weren’t giving opps so enterprising folks made their own and it makes some white folks uncomfortable.
    Now what Kanye is taking about is nothing short of the same self aggrandizing look at me behavior he is notorious for why is anyone really surprised?

  • Marlene Vickery

    Does he need help packing?

  • wildman

    we hate you nigger-bye now

  • Rod439

    kanye look me up homie? you are a POS… I want a boxing match with your punk ass…. I wont weigh in over 145llbs… you can carry whatever weight you want… punk ass bet you wont take my offer… somebody get this back to Kanye… tell um there is a 145llb white boy that would make him look like a clown… take me up homie I sign whatever waiver.. you the one leaving the ring horizontal

  • CynthiaSpeaks

    Don’t let America’s doors hit you on the way out Kanye. We WON’T stop you, you arrogant buffoon.

  • Tracy Bryant Fisher

    He is free to leave… not a single person forcing him to stay here. He and the rest of the race baiters are the racist

  • Sandy Mix

    Hey I’ll help u pack n give u ride to airport.

  • Leonard Rusciani Jr

    Kanye, please leave by any compass direction and conveyance that will get you out as soon as possible.

  • Steven McTowelie

    Who beez wantin a hambeezy an shit? gimme some dat sissurp!

  • lee_n_michael

    You reap what you sow, Kanye.

  • Bill Abers


  • Leonard Solie

    I think EVERYONE should stop using the “N” word, it’s impeding progress between races. Also after reading your post, there are a lot of racist posting in here and you need to know that YOU are hurting America by typing these poisonous words. Nothing good will come from your hatred. For the sake of America, please change your way of thinking and be civil, be Christian and love everyone!

    • Curtis

      Be christian and love everyone but gays right

      • Leonard Solie

        No Curtis, love everyone including gays. The Bible clearly states, judge not least ye be judged. Everyone is equal in Gods eyes, the problem is many Christians tend to judge others when were supposed to love everyone without reservation. People need to see the good of God thru our actions and not our words

  • Cunning_Linguist

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, nigger

  • Fre20741

    One less potential felon in the US

  • Anthony Quatroni

    Go away, and take the 38 million of your “friends” with you too.

  • Mike Rush

    Teaching your children the truth about a violent, savage group of people is NOT racism.. It’s teaching…

  • Anti ObamaHolder

    Monster West, I have news for you when you promote hate in your music and use the N word like it is part of the English language in both your music and your community it is going to get used. Racism goes two ways, when a black person can speak hate about white people it will stir up feelings and strife. Don’t promote it if you don’t like it. If you want to leave the United States please do but don’t use racism as your excuse. Take that jackass Obama with you when you go because the United States needs to get back together and we can’t with the jackass in office doing nothing but destroying our nation.

  • BobF50

    Another narcissistic hollyweird nut. His anger is his conscience trying to get out but it will destroy exactly who he is. He can only survive peacefully through praise and adornment from others bc his own conscience dislikes who he is that much. All he has to do is stop hating and promoting hatred.

  • Rob Richard

    Your racist your self idiot, and you don’t want to “put your girl through what her mother did today”? What is that being called a name, your pathetic. Not only were you never a slave but you use the word you HATE all the time. Hmm i wonder whats wrong with this picture, you want to sell millions of records saying nigger ( nigga is the same thing you just don’t speak right like every other part of your vocabulary) and your appalled when some one calls you a nigger….. well buddy you seem pretty damn ignorant to me, not to mention a hypocrite. Good luck to your daughter being called a nigger is not going to be her biggest struggle, prepare her for things that matter why don’t you…like how to be a productive member of society.

  • Miami Girl

    Would anyone miss this 2 if they left our country? But please take the rest of the family with you.

  • Richard Rawleigh


  • Sherri

    I find the story hard to swallow. I don’t believe someone help another into a hotel is going to act that way towards them, maybe the photographers, but still hard to swallow unless the guy was just looking to lose his job. I guess these days ya never know. I say let him go. Please get your own Island and leave.

  • fsilber

    I sympathize with Kanye, actually. His desire to flee a toxic environment is very much like the motivation of many white people when they fled the big cities after the mid-1960s.

  • xnavygunner

    He won’t be missed.

  • SuburbanMan

    Pack up your shit, take your child, your wife, and her family, and get out. Just leave. We don’t need a speech, a song, a music video, a press release or a tweet.

    Just go away.

    You are a media whore. Your sense of reality is so whacked, that it cant possibly be fixed.

    We don’t want or need you. So go. Good luck finding a country better than the USA.

    By the way, Taylor Swift, that little white girl that you were so disrespectful of a few tears ago? Yeah she has made hundreds of millions and outsold you by a thousand to one.

    Bye bye.

  • Eric Smith

    You know, when a massage therapist has to break up a fight, the participants in this purse-fight can’t exactly be the most manly….

  • David Worley

    There is Never any Racism in South Africa. Please go there.. Do your race a big favor by leaving.. Then just maybe people will stop seeing just how arrogantly stupid some people of your Race can be. Please Take Sissy Rodman and your Big-ass over-rated Airhead Woman with you.

  • David Worley

    Do your Race a huge favor by leaving. You are a bad example of a human and reflect awful on the Negroid Race. Go to South Africa where there is no Racism.

  • anthony

    Isn’t he god or something lol I can’t stand kanye

  • Pat Wenner

    he can move to china with Rodman

  • Curtis

    Kanya is a nigger and one of the most racist people out there remember when he grabbed the mic from Taylor swift at an award show and said some black chick should of won lost all respect for the nigger that day and he’ll always be a anti white racist nigger to me. Just like Jessy Jackson and Al Sharpton

  • Joanna Gear

    please move out of this country you zoo animal. damn nigger

  • John Mac

    Run boy run

  • George P Palmer

    Let him go back to his roots and see how he likes Africa

  • RobGoblin

    Later ape.

  • Kim Kline-Tussey

    Hell I’ll buy his ticket out ! That baby will be better off without him in her life !! JS

  • RAM1952

    Why people behave what way?!? Him losing his temper and assaulting someone or him saying niggah all the time in his music??? Neither one of them would be any loss to this country.

  • Mad Dog Coll


  • WhiteRabbit

    Look at all this anti-whitism. In the 60’s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to bring in millions of non-whites. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE. That makes it genocide. “Diversity” is a codeword for anti-white. /watch?v=lKDeyuM0-Og

  • disqus_qm6OxDniZ1

    Wow this would be the first time a black person used the excuse of “racism” to justify punching/robbing/killing a white person. And the rampant racism that has denied this black man a living is oh so evident. Poor baby boy

  • Dennis Johnston


  • Sammi De La Cruz

    You can’t fix stupid with a stupid action. Just turning your back and walking away is always the best thing to do to a stupid person.

  • openlyblack

    Bye …

  • Daryn

    Poor baby. Maybe he should remember he’s a racist himself. Worthless piece of shit.

  • Thomas Crenshaw

    plz dont let the door hit you in the azz on your way out.

  • AnnaGraceS

    Run Kenya run and take the K clan with you we are sick of them. Maybe you can come to terms with your own racism before you go… 🙂

  • Brandi Hayes Hinshaw

    Please leave!! People who keep yelling”racist” are the ones promoting and keeping it alive. I wish he would leave and take his smart mouth and opinions with him!!

  • Irene Arnold

    Funny it is ok for them to listen to music and say the word themselves time to get over it. If they are so against the word they should set an example and not use the word teach their children not to and so on. Then the word would be less and less used. Time to grow up he should do jail time for hitting the teen and the teen should be more respectful. Time to take this out of the news.

  • mojitomom

    How is Kanye going to explain to North (and her mother’s) his continuous obsession with his own celebrity? How will he explain his unworthy hyperbolic, self-aggrandizing nonsense and absurdly poor fashion taste? How will he explain his misogynistic and racist lyrics and his degrading sexual exploitation of North’s mother while espousing that men should put their d*cks in women’s mouths to shut them up (West’s “On Sight”)? The man is repulsive. He shouldn’t be called names but I really hope he buys that island and leaves, taking the Kardasian Klan with him.

  • Judas_Christ

    “Nigga” is Ebonics for “Nigger”. Both are endearing terms.

  • TJackson

    So Adios…. One less Black Racist in the USA…. Lets see why don’t you run on over to Iraq, Saudi, Kuwait, one of those countries and see if your music works there. See if you can get by with interrupting another musician at an awards ceremony. You are a DISGRACE to our race…. You use the word nigga and nigger in your music, but then when someone else utilizes the word you freak out. What a punk…

  • Gerry Emery

    If Kanye and Kim were both drowning and you only had time to save one, what kind of sandwich would you make?

    • Ziva David

      PB&J on WHITE bread!!!!!!

  • TJackson

    Oh I almost forgot. Hey Kanye, maybe since you and Kim are so high and mighty you start thinking of how your actions and the actions of Kim are going to be explained to your young daughter in the near future. Why don’t you start with showing Kims porno video and let her know that you think this is ok, or the video of you interrupting Taylor Swift and again let her know that this is ok. Because what you will be promoting is a child with NO Manners, a child with NO Morales etc… I can see it now, a child that turns out to be worse that her mom and dad because her Mom and Dad did not have the skill set to train her any better…

  • Jon Goff

    Here’s an idea. Let’s actually follow MLK and stop looking at skin color. Instead of saying black, red, white, et al, let’s call us what we are. Human beings. Basing an entire culture on skin color makes as much sense as basing one on eye color. Decades after his Dream speech MLK would be mortified that skin color matters more than ever before, and to the children of those who desperately wanted it to NOT matter.

  • Jeffrey Beaudin Sr.

    This country is better off without him. Anyone who believes “nigger” & “nigga” are two different things because of spelling may catch the next boat, too.

  • dragonsfly

    If this teenagrs truly said all these things, including death threats, why did she call West and not the police?

  • Micheal Louis Spease Sr.

    It is sad that for the most part many of the “White people” have gotten past the black and white issue. It is people like this as well as Sharpton, Jackson et al that keep it alive. It is in the Rap music they sing about capping someone and the calling each other nigga. A black friend and I used to joke with each other all the time he would call me a coon and I would call him a cracker and those who heard us knew it was a reversal joke and no one took offense. It is time these people got over this in this country

  • KeninMT

    There are very good reasons why their is animosity. They are not “Just Like Us” and never will be. They are incapable. You can’t fight the science. Blacks by and large lack the intellect and impulse control to function well in a complex society.

  • DannyE

    Time for the dummy to pack up and go to north korea with his buddy rodman. Then they both can dress up.

  • Diane Wenzel Doran

    Good, he needs to leave.
    America should have nothing to do with color but he tends to bring it up more than most. If you don’t want the “N” word to be used then stop using it. Education is more important then complaining , For me and my children, we have never said that word. But we don’t “Classify” ourselves either. America needs to stop giving titles to skin color .We should never to be entitled to nor disentitled to something due to our race-gender-size-religion etc. And there should be no reason in the world anymore to have it. But we have leaders who make a living keeping bigotery alive just so they can be famous, they look for issues to keep racism alive. There is a Black Miss America- but racist to have a White Miss America …it should be JUST MISS America. We have sport teams made up of 99% Black men NO-One boycotts the game because they don’t have enough whites on the team, We have a black college fund but create a white only one racism. I want to live in an America where everyone is the same, where you are just my neighbor my friend. If there is a difference its accepted, just like some people like Fords ours like Buicks.
    SO Mr. West. take North and go East make sure Kim goes too, she wont be missed.

  • camp randy

    he needs some chicken!!

  • Troyboy

    If he leaves America I will supply the bananas for him to eat while he searches for a country that has low enough standards to take him .

  • Troyboy

    Why did Kim And Kanye get mad at her being called a nigger lover or him being called a nigger ? It was true .

  • Michael Castleberry

    Jesus H. Christ so many white folks that apparently have no idea what context is when it comes to “nigga”

  • rolebama

    Please move, I could care less. Hey take a few with you

  • Tami Moneymaker

    Why not stop arguing and lets go help them move. (c; one less racist here

  • Running the Show

    Take the other 35 million with you.

  • Connie Alsip

    He’s leaving?? Because he’s racist?? Hoping that Kim and North go with him. He has lost any credibility with anyone who is not black and agree with his racist rants. He’s threatening to leave?? I’ll chip in on the ticket!

  • Guest

    The average IQ or North American Blacks is 20 pts lower than the average white.

  • paul

    Who cares if he leaves his music blows and he is an idiot America will probably be better off

  • KeninMT

    The average IQ of North American Blacks is 20 pts lower than the average Caucasian.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    Yea, because kanye has never said anything racist towards white people. (heavy sarcasm)

  • Michael James

    This is life, you are not guaranteed the right to not be offended.

  • paul

    Let his ass leave his music blows and he is an idiot you will be doing America a favor

  • Robin Ford

    he says the word its ok someone else says it its not….I say let him go and take his ugly fat assed wife with him…in fact take her whole family since none of you have any talent.

  • Guest

    White do white people always get caught up in this dumb ass discussion?? Here you go from an authentic chocolate face.lol Nigger OR nigga…both ignorant. BUT…if you say it and you’re not black, there might be consquences no matter what your philosophy on it is. That’s just reality.

    • Nthis

      The person who said it wasn’t even white…

  • Poser2014

    Why do white people always get caught up in this dumb ass discussion??
    Here you go from an authentic chocolate face.lol Nigger OR nigga…both
    ignorant. BUT…if you say it and you’re not black, there might be
    consquences no matter what your philosophy on it is. That’s just

    • Chris Granzow XI

      Why do black people think white people even give a fuck?

      • Poser2014

        so you don’t see the thousand comments on this thread?

      • Ziva David


  • Tom Flores

    Please go west young man…lol.

  • Colin P. Müller

    What a whiny bitch

  • Guest

    ha! What a whiny bi t ch

  • Sherry Mitchell

    Ok, no that teen should not speak to people like that but wait a minute….KW admits to punching a teenager!!! seriously.

  • jane

    instead of running why does he not stand strong and change the way people think. like the word nigga, why does he use it? stop using that word with each other and then maybe , just maybe it will stop.

  • Justin

    Kanye, dont let the door hit you on the way out! Take some of your ghetto ass friends with you.

  • AJ

    LEAVE, LEAVE, LEAVE and see what it`s REALLY like in other counties as your running for your life from some jungle overlord wanting to behead you !! You and your fat disgusting wife are NOTHING in other countries. This country made you ! without the US you`d be on welfare and food stamps like the rest of your people. So leave but make sure it`s a one way trip and DO NOT take one single dollar from US sales on any of that garbage you produce. Let`s see how long you`ll last you ungrateful N!GGER !!!

  • Justin

    Leave so we may rejoice in the streets!

  • Matt

    He’s just a recovering gay fish married to a Hobbit who is friends with Aqua Man.

  • John Kochendorfer

    Gay fish

  • krmike

    Are black people forsaken because of a pathological urge to rape, murder,
    steal, torture, maim and destroy all that they deem better than themselves?

  • wavesofgrain

    Please leave and take Rodman and Sean Penn with you. Rodman loves N. Korea, and Pann loves Chavez and Venezuela. Take all the rest of Hollywood with you….

  • Patrick Hillis

    So Kanye is threatening to leave the US ? I seriously hope he makes good on this threat but we all know he is just another worthless coward and if he should find some fantasy land where there was no racism they would not allow him in anyway as he is one of the biggest racists out there…plus he is a total idiot with delusions of granduer

  • MikeTX62

    What will he do to shield his daughter from HIS OWN racism???!!?

  • MikeTX62

    Dear Kanye:
    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!!
    Good Riddance

    [s] America

  • Ziva David

    Kennie can’t accept the FACT that he is a flat nosed, rubber chicken lipped, talentless negro. Good riddance!

  • David Bange

    PLEASE let me know when your ready, and I’ll personally come help you pack and escort you to the Ship, Plane, or whatever, just to be rid of your entire lot, the likes of which America is FAR better off without!!

    Only one condition: You MUST take your entire crew and ALL those Kardashers (Car Dashers) or whatever their called along with you.

    Oh! One more thing! We’ll stop calling you Nigers, when you stop calling Each Other nigers!

  • pmiller683

    He should just tell his child what I have taught all my boys. Ignorance is no respecter of persons. There are ignorant people from every walk of life.

  • Andie37/

    Pllleeaasseee God let it be true, he’s leaving, oh praise Jesus

  • Joh

    Why the hell does KW think he needs to have this conversation with his daughter? He needs to try to stop perpetuating the problem. Stop calling these people rascists and call them what they are….ignorant.

    Btw, I’m in agreement with those who take issue with a man who’s lyrics are filled with nigga-this and nigga-that…and he has a problem with a guy saying nigge# . Talk about double standards.

  • Winston York

    Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White countries for EVERYBODY!

    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says
    this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY White country and ONLY into White countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are more crowded than Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third-worlders and “assimilating” with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries to “assimilate,” that is, intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country and ONLY into Black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane Black man to notice this and what kind of psycho Black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that same truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the White race, liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  • Joe Mosley

    Hey NIGGA,Don’t let the door hit youin your Black ass.Just go,and damn good riddance.

  • Carl Brister

    Kayne West and his ugly-ass half-breed partner deserved to be called a name. Leave the country and don’t come back. Not even a million will want you to return.

  • allah_speaking

    Can we pass around a hat so we can get rid of this sh*tstain that much quicker?

  • zz383mero

    Yo Kanye, Imma gonna let you leave, but first let me say, noone cares!

  • AB2DB

    I mean honestly people, we can argue all day about who can or cannot use the “N word” and where it comes from. Bottom line…..If someone called my significant other a Bi**h, slut, etc. and threatened to kill them, that alone is enough for me to knock them out. Regardless of the racial words used, he was as disrespectful as it gets and I don’t know many men who are going to stand by and let someone threaten or talk to their wife that way without reacting.

    • MacsimumMoment4U

      “Help” us all “Lord of Lords”..to truly “know” of “what” is “truly”
      “right” and what is truly “worth” “believing” “what” “is” “truly” “righteous”?,…..Thank u Lord…….Thank U for ur “Grace” and “Mercy”………….

  • pen44

    Oh, pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease leave, and take the Kardashian whore with you!!

  • Jose Hernandez

    I don’t know how and why whites racists allow that ugly baboon become a millionaire discriminated black crock ?

  • Barbara Gurtin

    Honestly, I’d love to see him leave the US. … I think he is an ass far to full of himself… can’t wait.. every time he opens his mouth .. stupidity comes out.. bon voyage!

  • Lisa Bernhardt

    See ya later. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya

  • John Carr

    Kanye, please leave. The exit is right over that cliff!

  • Sharon Cornett Buehner

    Kim is bi racial also..So he cant use that. And he gets on stage and promotes all that racist garbage and uses the N word and the B word..He is ignorant..And he thinks he is God…So get your island and rule there…and make your money there

  • Lori Toupal-Price

    Kanye, you have it all wrong. We don’t dislike you because of the color of your skin, we dislike you because you’re a narcissistic jerk.

  • David Webster

    Sweet!!! Can’t wait for the racist blockhead to LEAVE!!!!

  • Suaso

    One good thing about this country is you can leave anytime you want. No one will stop you, and I look forward to your departure, because it will only be after you have experienced the rest of the world that you truly understand racism. Don’t worry though, we will take you back.

  • Nicki Savage

    Man, you can’t go around punching people. Especially when you hate on white people all the time.

    This is just something they can use against you later if they choose, because you’re the racist little fucktard who can’t take an insult and ignore it.

    Ignore it. I ignore being called racist…what about an Irish person makes her racist for disputing the “white” tag when a black person calls her a privileged white? Excuuuuuse me, Princess. My great-great-grandparents were immigrants, and back then, Irish weren’t even considered one iota white. We were painted with the same brush you were.

    West, get the fuck over yourself. You’re not a black Jesus, okay? You’re not even worthy enough to wipe his shoes. Now go leave the US if you like, racist, no one cares enough about you to make you stay. And we won’t miss you.

  • orsidigital


  • Melissa Limbury

    He’s leaving? Hopefully, he’s not coming here. We already have enough low-class jailbirds. Hopefully, it’s a one-way ticket straight back to Africa.

  • Argent Furor

    Want someone to help pack your bags nigger?

  • misfitsoda

    So crazy that there wasn’t any security around. How unfortunate.

  • Dave Goush

    Hmm maybe the thoughts of what to say to his child when she gets older should enter his mind more often “before” he actually takes some sort of action that will end up in a lawsuit or jail time . #Dumbass

  • Marina Smith

    everyone still is going to hate the stupid monkey no matter where it goes

  • LCM☝✊

    He should know about it, he’s filled wil racist hate. Kanye, take your kid & wife & go to Cuba or Packistan. Problems solved brother!

  • Asinine Donkey

    This isn’t a threat, this is the greatest thing I’ve read in days! Go, please leave, I will even help pay for you to go. Take your wife and your ridiculously named offspring with you.

  • NateBForrest

    Any neegrow leaving the US is good news.

  • Justin_Igger

    Be sure to tell your little ape that blacks are called and treated like ni66ers first and foremost only because they live, act, and behave like ni66ers.

  • Terry Miller

    What’s sad is the Black community is doing all they can to keep the racism card in play as they constantly use the word “nigga” which only promotes it’s use. Not that hard to figure out. Plus, at every opportunity, you have guys like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton posing as men of God but constantly trying to incite race wars. It’s pathetic.

  • Roland J. Dillon Boulware

    I suppose if I’m called “cracker” by someone non-white, I should be able to knock his teeth down his throat too, right ? Or am I racist for doing so ? I’ll make my own mind up, trust me.

  • TexIdaMan

    Thin skinned and privileged! Do we have racism in this country, yes, it is now an equal opportunity crime. Good by Mr. West and take mr. Obama with you. That would take two raciest out of the land.

  • PieMan

    When you decide to leave let me know and I’ll take you to the airport! BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA!

  • Gary

    Believe me, I’m not defending Kanye West, but this punk teenager deserved what he got. He obviously has never been taught any respect or how to act in public, or how to treat others. I couldn’t care less if Kanye moves out of the country. But that kid he punched had it coming, and then some!

  • Starr

    You cannot use that word In your music and then be surprised to hear it in the real world. If black men and women want people to treat them a certain way then they need to first start treating themselves in the same manner. I don’t care of it means one thing when a black man says it and another when a white man says it. That’s a double standard. I don’t sympathize with people who create their own barriers in life, black, white, yellow or purple.

  • Scott Snoopy

    please don’t let any of us stop you from leaving…however you don’t get to take all of your “stuff” with you…after all you made all that money and purchased all of those things with money from racists; we don’t want you to have to suffer that anguish

  • Darlene Collins-storms


  • Roberta Bebko

    And that was the behavior of a father to a teenage child. How is he going to explain that to his daughter?

  • Robert Kessler

    Why would either of these parents think that because they have a child in tow, anyone is all of a sudden offer them respect? Kanye is far removed as being someone that offers any respect so why does he demand it from others? Kim???Well she is a dingbat with a fairly intelligent mother who masters her every move. Nothing worse than a brainless human with a baby who insights racial violence by suggesting her baby daddy attack some ignorant child. Only goes to magnify the fact that the Kim K crew is purposefully seeking out situations that are less than sane and hiding behind an infant who has not participated in the scheme. I am pretty sure this has little to do with the mere fact that they have a Mulatto Child together… no one is going to take a stance against an innocent baby. The creeps we call the Kardashian/West Clan have only seen the beginnings of how worn out the public is becoming toward their arrogance and ignorance.

  • Susanne Wellington

    I believe baby North, and the future South East and West will inherit greater problems from their parents

  • Nikademis von Hisson

    he wont do it, no balls!!!! come on you pussy, you said it now back it up!

  • Don Zimmy

    If he really has the balls to go lets all hope he takes all the morons that support him.

  • Jerry Crowe

    Kardashian is a whore. Explain that to your child Kanye,

  • Chris Delay

    Best thing he could do for the rest of the world, run off and hide. Never to be heard from again. Oh, but wait! His EGO won’t allow it!

  • Wizsteve Wiz

    nigger is just term for the color black, while back ago black crayons was termed nigger meaning black. Kanya is not black not by any means brown maybe but not black.
    So i could see someone calling him brownie but not nigger

  • Beth Wright

    OK Bye! What an attention grabbing a$$hat. GO AWAY! Oh and a lot of people have enough money to buy their own island not just rich jerks like you.

  • CaptRon2

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass!

  • Willodean Horton

    What plane,train,or boat is he leaving on? Glad to see the blow air bag leaving. We don’t need him here. He is horrible person and a terrible influence on our young blacks.

  • tired

    Soooooooolong porch ape

  • Mayor of Merritt Island

    Good Bye!! Try some of that “racist free” country called Zimbabwe….they are so free there that it looks like a paradise compared to Detroit!

  • cavy

    Don’t threaten, just GO!!!

  • Sandra Lee McMahon

    Hell the teenager just stated a fact… I, hope they hang North’s Daddy. Plus the boy should sue the hell out of the jackass being he has so much money… One day he will meet his match.

  • Brett H

    Guy is a complete clown and hypocrite…..please move now and take ‘wifey’ with…..the sooner the better.

  • sparkamn

    Funny!! he’ll tell his daughter how “FUCKED” up the world is, but don’t call him a “nigger” cause that’s offensive

  • Steve Peterson

    It is like a double edge Sword these Boys Call each other Nigger all The Time, but When a White Man, etc call them a Nigger they get all piss off…..So please Nigger Give me a Brake for its all Hypocritical to the max !!!

  • Fred Keefer

    If he decides to move I will personally chauffer him to his departure destination……free of charge. I’ll even buy his plane ticket, one way of course. What a goober.

  • Archon0069

    Lol it’s funny that black ppl scream racism even tho less than ten percent of the population is white but no one bars an eye when they call whites crackers

  • jade

    Please leave….

  • Josh Wobbles

    You wont be missed. Dont let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out…

  • April Latham

    Obviously Kanye doesn’t know the definition of the word Nigger… shows his ignorance….I don’t see a problem with using a term in its correct definition. The word has NOTHING to do with race. Just society looking for another excuse to play that card… its so sad really

    • April Latham

      Learn the language you speak, expand your vocabulary and knowledge before you bash words or use said words out of context..

  • Jace Mindue

    Buy not gonna shed any tears for that nigro

  • Josh Wobbles


  • disqus_U177lu3GVp

    I hope they lock him up in a cage where he belongs!

  • WmThomas2424

    Kanye West hates black people.

  • Smowk Smowkdaddy

    Kanye West doesn’t like Black people!

  • Whitetown Whitey

    Sue his ass they call us honkies crackers kill whitey but if your black u can say the n word ?

  • Keith Hash

    please leave , Ill buy your one way ticket to africa

  • bunnyhunny74

    If it was me and my mixed race son, and someone calls my son that word, I’ll punch in her/ his face!

  • Kristin Barry

    Wow! Words seem to hold an awful lot of power these days. Such a shame, words are just words, it’s our actions that do TRUE HARM! The teenager was in the wrong for using such racial profanity, but in no way did his words warrant Kanye West the right to place hands on a teenager. Kanye Wes is an asshole, and I hope he does leave this country. Please take ALL the Kardashians and Obama’s with you when you go.

  • ShannonSzukala

    Kanye West is a spoiled child. I have ten people who will help him pack his stuff at home for free if he leaves the USA.

  • eileen o

    Bu-bye Kanye & family!!

  • Anne Warren

    he hasn’t left yet-what’s holding him back-we don’t want or need him-let him be the 1st illegal alien in Korea-he has always been alien to us anyway. take obastard with you and his broad-bye bye loser-we need honorable people here-you are not that.

  • Gary Schnabel

    I’M A SPOILED BRAT, I’m K West, if you don’t kiss my a$$ I will move! So what GO DUMB A$$, find some place that wants to put up with your crap. SOME of us don”t care what you do, or where you go.

  • Mark Emery

    Leave, but he won’t….

  • Robert P. Robertson

    America “is” a f^^ked up country. If I had the money., I’d leave this schit hole of a bunch of dumb, dog headed idiots, too. But where in the world can you go where white supremacy isn’t influencing things? He should stop making music that supports white supremacy. That could be a start for him.

  • Rick Williams

    In the words of Dr. King, “Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” I understand being pissed at the stupid kid (who was probably trying to cause just what happened and won), but Kanye needs to show his daughter that a real MAN (or WOMAN) can rise above feelings of anger, be above the ignorance and hatred.

  • Honeysuckle1940 .

    When you leave please take Gov. Cuomo !

  • Dylan

    Such bs i wish he would leave thinking he the only one who experiances racisim there is a difference folks it goes for all racises so he can let the door hit him on the ass as he leaves this country our men an women of all racises have died proudly for!!

  • charlie d

    Please tell your daughter your juvenile reaction to the insults. The story does not mention the race of the teenager……..guess we have to assume he was white……oh, but that would be racist.

  • Debbie Rowe Clarkston

    I hope Kanye does not use such filthy language in front of his daughter. But these days people don’t seem to care about that. Also he is teaching her the word “nigga” in his songs. I do not use the “N” word, but if I did I would want to pronounce it correctly. That is as bad as calling windows=winders, potatoes=taters, and stuff like that. I am from KY. I know how to pronounce words correctly. And people think us hicks from the country are uneducated, what do you think about black people who are US citizens and they can’t speak English??

  • Chino Rivera

    yea and how are you Going to Expound to North West,why her name is a street sign or a direction your to take when driving,azzhat.
    Your pathetic Kanye,pushing forties few years,GROW UP.
    and just know life is way too short to be this idiotic.

    You and your pathetic std ish trashy wife both need to focus more on the child Not your own self.idiot. and Nigga is cool to say for hispanic he know that,as mi blk y’ latino puerto roc familia…
    but to say N–ger i
    s a racist word.Kanye just focus on yourself getting help or avoid trouble.
    before you get locked up then NORTH is without a father.

  • cstrenio7

    There has been a few here that has wrote about the things I wrote in here. In a generation of today’s world you will be seeing all kinds of things happening that has never happen before. I do not believe in mixing. I never taught my children to mix. I did tell my children that you respect all people and not to let any one run over them either. Those who think I fail my children, I have stood by my children. As far as calling my daughter a whore maybe you need to find out the meaning of a whore. The last meaning I knew was a woman that lay down with many of men with out pay. This is some thing that my daughter hasn’t done. Do I like her boyfriend, NO. And he knows it also. Could I kill him Yes but is he worth spending the rest of my life in prison.or going to hell for. NO. Do you know if I have been with a black man or not. NO you don’t but the answer is NO. I don’t believe it is right and that is what I told my children. If you think I was raised in the ghetto you can think what you like but no I wasn’t. I was raised Country and most city people can’t survive the way a person from the Country knows how. As far as any one being White or Black no one can help their skin color. They can help how they act. With this being said I did not speak to my daughter for six months when she let me know she was with a black. If you want to really know what raciest is. It is when one mixes out of their own color because that moment is when they are saying that your color is not worth a damn and I told her that also. Those who have reacted with harsh words here you really need to find God in your heart. If and when you do find him you will understand how to deal with things like this in your life. As far as my mix grandchildren they are loving children and they can’t help what a generation like we are in now has done to them. And if any one in here can see a baby go with out just because some one else done wrong then you are as well as big as the next person that kill a man with his own hands. And any that wants to use words like nigger, whore or any other bad name is a worse murder than a man that can kill with his own hands. Look it up murder in the bible and you will find that the worse murderer is the one that kills the spirit. I will be praying for all of you incuding West for hitting a young guy because of the word the guy called him because West really both this on his self by his own music.

  • Michelle C

    Yeah kind of like how you think its ok to act like your Jesus huh? STFU you uneducated waste of space!!!

  • Enrique Benitez

    Let me know where I can contact him so I can help him pack

  • wifenum2

    Mr. West has his priorities messed up. He needs to b a good example to his daughter and not pay too much attention to anything else. If and when he does this his daughter will probably never notice or be bothered by stupid comments that people may or may not make.

  • glantern35

    If he doesn’t want his daughter growing up around ignorance, he might want to look into a divorce right now.

  • Audrey Brunson

    The word nigger/nigga was used as a means of getting both masters and slaves to believe that people of color were less human than their oppressors. It was/still remains a weapon in psychological warfare meant to make everyone believe that African Americans deserve to be oppressed, disenfranchised and discouraged. Neither spelling has ever meant anything positive. The fact that Kanye West uses this evil word in some of his songs as though it is now an acceptable reference to us makes it ironic that he wishes to flee the USA after someone else spat this word at his family members. Shame on the verbal assailant and shame on Kanye West for using a slur in his songs almost as if it’s some sort of term of endearment — unless it’s directed at his loved ones.

  • Greg Spencer

    Can I help your dumbass pack? Good riddance

  • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz

    Oh please! Go! This is NOT a racist country.
    Al Sharpton wants people to think that because that is how
    he supports his luxurious lifestyle.
    Whoever wrote this article …spellcheck is your friend.

  • Timothy White

    Sweet! Let him go!!!


    But he is a ni**er…what is the problem here? Oh I know what the problem is, he gave his child a direction instead of a name..hahaha

    Seriously he is just mad because he cant collect a welfare check anymore because he married a coal burner. STOP GIVING MINORITIES FREE RIDES, LIBERAL WHITE AMERICA!

    • Bernn Ward

      You are an idi0t.

  • Bernn Ward

    “Threatens to leave”? LOL!!!!!


    The biggest issue here is the dumbing down of America and the white race capitulating to other races, Number one blacks are an inferior race of people…look at Africa, diseases long destroyed throughout the world are still rampant there, warring tribes and religious factions always fighting and slaughtering each other (tutsi and hutu conflict!) I mean I cant point out hundreds of cases where blacks catastrophically fail at doing anything right…look to Birmingham and Detroit all black communities completely bankrupt and crime ridden. It all comes back to one problem…niggas! Blacks that say they are African American, will never give up their US citizenship and go live in africa because AFRICA IS A F**CKING S**THOLE!

  • Guest

    Kanye, do the world a favor. Go to Liberia, get naked, volunteer at the first Ebola intake center. Be kind and generous, being sure to share your drinks with the patients, (they get real thirsty), and give them lots of hugs and big, sloppy kisses. Cheers!

  • Jerome

    some serious racist remarks in here, however, keep it in your race and love your race, defend your race and make your race proud all the while, respect the other races unless they disrespect you. I told my daughter that if i ever caught her with a black man, i would disown her and never speak to her again. I love my race so much that i want nothing to do with the destruction and demise of the white race. However, i am NOT racist, although i am sure there will be some here who call me so because i do NOT believe in interracial relations.

  • Peter Piper

    BYE !!!!! Good luck finding a better place. lmao..

    Try South Africa.. I hear it’s nice this time of year..

  • Country_Dog

    Must be the company he keeps.

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  • anthony salaiz

    It’s pretty bad when even President Obama calls you a jackass.

  • dfb33b

    Bye Felicia!

  • Steve

    Yes, please…go find your “brothers” in africa who will laugh at this miserable idiot.

  • Grim Fees

    Good riddance, you talentless piece of sh|t

  • Brian Jr.

    Ok, fine, he can go, but only if he takes the rest of the blacks in America with him.

  • Hon

    I think Kanye and KK should pack right away and move to Liberia.
    No backsies! See ya! Your not welcome to come back