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KKK Celebrate MLK Day By Branding Him As ‘Communist Pervert’

Members of the Ku Klux Klan celebrated Martin Luther King Day yesterday by handing out fliers which labeled him a “communist pervert.” Members of the white supremacist group passed out fliers throughout various towns across the U.S., including in east Texas, southern Kentucky and central Virginia. The fliers also included a photo of King taking after his Montgomery bus boycott arrest in 1956.

The fliers passed out were unsolicited and typically left on the lawns of residents in the middle of the night, placed inside baggies and weighted down with small rocks. A phone number, mailing address and website with more information on the KKK was also included. “I’ve lived here my whole life and haven’t seen this,” said Tina Whittington, of Longview, Texas. “I was scared to death; I mean, this is pure hatred.”

The group also included information about King that has been proven to be false from numerous outlets.The fliers alleged that King used tax-exempt donations to his Southern Christian Leadership Conference to hire white prostitutes and engage in group sex; his successor as SCLC president, Ralph David Abernathy, confirmed that King had engaged in extramarital affairs. However, he adamantly denied that King had no sexual involvement with prostitutes or white women and did not use church donations for sexual encounters.

KKK leader William J. Spears said the group wasn’t intended to spark hatred, but rather use the materials as an educational tool. Spears felt that King “is a bad example of an honorable leader.”

(Photo: Reuters)

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