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Experiencing Racism? Yep, There’s An App For That

People curious about what experiencing racism is like can now do so with the help of an app. A new mobile “game” from Australia called Everyday Racism lets users choose from one of three characters and allows them to experience what a day in their life is like. The characters are a Muslim woman named Aisha, an Indian student named Vihann and an Aboriginal man named Patrick. All three characters were created with the help of real people from these minorities.

Once the character is chosen, they will be given various experiences of racism such as viewing a racist web comment or receiving a racist tweet from a friend. Users can choose between one of two scripted responses or no response at all. They will receive four of these scenarios every day over the course of a week. There is also the option to play as yourself and simply view the racism as it unfolds.

The creators of the game said the goal is to focus less on blatant racism and more on “microaggressions, “which are an acccumulation of smaller and more subtle interactions. The microaggressions are what many believe is most harmful when it comes to perpetuating negative attitudes and stereotypes.

(Photo: Everyday Racism)

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