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Former Cop Sentenced To Lengthy Jail Term For Racist Behavior

former Connecticut cop has been sentenced to jail for his racist actions that included the false arrest and assault of a Latino business officer. Dennis Spaulding was given five years in jail after being convicted last October of violating the constitutional rights of Hispanics, making false arrests and using unreasonable force. Three other white officers were also handed similar charges after a federal investigation of racism in the suburb of East Haven.

Spaulding said during his sentencing that he is “not a racist, nor do I use racist language,” but the judge in the case felt otherwise. Moises Marin told the court about how the former cop assaulted him in the parking lot of his restaurant in 2008, handcuffed him and subjected him to taunts and laughter from other police officers when he was brought into the station. Marin suffered a broken jaw and other injuries from the assault.

“Right there, I felt the racism and hatred,” he said. “I knew that Dennis Spaulding’s for me and my family and my customers was to get out.” The judge also ordered Spaulding to pa Marin $6,500 in restitution, including his medical bill.

The investigation findings showed that the four officers falsified arrest reports, unlawfully searched Latino businesses, and subjected witnesses and advocates to both harassment and intimidation. “It is that much worse that what they did is create new wrongs against a new immigrant community,” said U.S. Attorney Krishina Patel. David Cari was sentenced to more than two years in prison, Officer John Zulio was sentenced to two years last December and Former Sgt. John Miller will be sentenced next month.

(Photo: Associated Press)

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