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Fox News Contributor: Black ‘Rage’ Is What Makes White People Racist

A Fox News contributor has declared that racism is largely over in America and that any which remains is due to the “rage” of African-Americans. American Family Radio host Sandy Rios was accused of being racist towards black people by a listener last week, which she apparently took offense to. But despite her belief that racism among whites doesn’t exist anymore, she blamed Barack Obama for racial tensions in the country and accused him of trying to stir the pot.

“The racist garbage coming from … a lot of blacks right now who are just filled with bitterness and rage is just amazing to me,” she said. “It’s causing white citizens to become more racist than they ever were. “I mean, they did elect Barack Obama twice, so I think it’s not nearly the issue in the white community that it was in the ‘50s. [But] racism seems to be absolutely raging … in the black community.”

Rios also pointed to segregation no longer being enforced as a sign that racism is not a problem in America anymore. “Obama and [Attorney General] Eric Holder, can’t say enough and stir the pot enough to create anger and hatred and bitterness,” she said. “You know, they do the same thing with women. It’s the same thing in feminism—that’s why I’ve never been a feminist. I hate feminism.”

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