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Fox News Contributor: Black ‘Rage’ Is What Makes White People Racist

A Fox News contributor has declared that racism is largely over in America and that any which remains is due to the “rage” of African-Americans. American Family Radio host Sandy Rios was accused of being racist towards black people by a listener last week, which she apparently took offense to. But despite her belief that racism among whites doesn’t exist anymore, she blamed Barack Obama for racial tensions in the country and accused him of trying to stir the pot.

“The racist garbage coming from … a lot of blacks right now who are just filled with bitterness and rage is just amazing to me,” she said. “It’s causing white citizens to become more racist than they ever were. “I mean, they did elect Barack Obama twice, so I think it’s not nearly the issue in the white community that it was in the ‘50s. [But] racism seems to be absolutely raging … in the black community.”

Rios also pointed to segregation no longer being enforced as a sign that racism is not a problem in America anymore. “Obama and [Attorney General] Eric Holder, can’t say enough and stir the pot enough to create anger and hatred and bitterness,” she said. “You know, they do the same thing with women. It’s the same thing in feminism—that’s why I’ve never been a feminist. I hate feminism.”

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  • Gabby Parsons

    And I’ll bet feminists are not too fond of her either,.

  • sunshipballoons

    Doesn’t like feminists? I guess she doesn’t like having her job, either, then.

  • Simona McCowan

    So, there are no racist whites in America. Who is making this claim? None other than FOX News, which comes as no surprise. FOX News is the most racist network we have on cable. They are only appealing to the racist side of the Republican Party’s base. Nooneshouldmistakenthenetworkforbeingimpartial.

  • Franco Miccolupo

    when Sandy Rios leaves America there will be less racism in this land.

  • Grannyb2

    Perhaps the opposite is true–that Black people are outraged due to the racism of Whites. I think rage is a pretty strong word and I don’t know how she thingks that the President or the AG are ‘stirring the pot’, but then I guess when you are myopic you don’t see things too clearly.

  • Sandra Quinn


  • dexter

    So I guess going to jail more than anyone and living in a police state and being poor ever sence slavery. Owning no property. and having no part in the country. Yes black people have it bad here we’ve always have.

  • Stephen Connor

    Apparently, in addition to feminism, she hates history.

  • Dina Moore

    This HEFFA is nuts.

  • nruffin3

    So is Rios a nice “Italian” name or is she hiding in plan site in making her assertions?

  • Roe McNeill

    Come on this is Faux News what do you expect!’

  • ijs

    she should look up the story where the original black “rage” came from slave owners feeding slaves coca leaves to give them energy to work the fields. they were fed so much they freaked out and attacked…ever since, whites have feared blacks….it’s all because of slave owners’ greed…

  • Hellen

    What’s “the black community” ?