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George Zimmerman Cashes In Further On Shooting Trayvon Martin, Joins Celebrity Boxing Circuit

First oil paintings, now a boxing career. George Zimmerman is trying to cash in on shooting Trayvon Martin by joining a celebrity boxing circuit and has his first fight scheduled for March. An opponent has not been determined yet, but he will reportedly receive a five-figure check for the fight, win or lose. Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman said he will consider any interested applicants and has encouraged them to send their requests to [email protected]

As of now, one celebrity has already expressed interest. Multi-platinum selling rapper The Game said he wanted to take on Zimmerman in order to honor Martin’s legacy.  “I will beat the f*ck out of him” he said. “I would not be boxing for me. I’d be boxing for the legacy of Trayvon Martin and his family.”

The Game, who has a considerable size and strength advantage over Zimmerman at 6’5″ and 240 pounds, has a tattoo of the teenager on his leg and said the case had a huge impact on him. “I would box to knock him out,” he said. “I would definitely take pleasure in it. It’s legal and I want to show him you can resolve your disputes without a weapon.”

Other quasi-celebrities who have recently competed on the celebrity boxing circuit include disgraced baseball player Jose Canseco, the Octomom and Michael Lohan. Payments for the fights vary, but participants have been paid to up $25,000 in the past. However, Zimmerman said he would donate any money he earned from the fight to a charity of his choice.

At the end of last month, Zimmerman made over $100,000 by selling an oil painting of the American flag that he made an eBay. He said that he has turned to painting as a form of therapy in recent months and intends to sell more of his artwork in the future.

(Photo: Reuters)

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  • Kevin117

    If the promoter has any sense he’ll match Martin up with a Black fighter.

    • Conswela Johnson

      Ali’s daughter would bust him up!

    • loretta hickman

      Martin is dead and can’t be match up with anyone. George wouldn’t fight him instead he murdered him in cold blood. I hope George goes straight to were he belongs and does not profit from his crime.

  • Aaron Robinson


    • Tony Mitchell

      Haven’t you heard? “He was defending himself”. Or at least that’s what they say to themselves so they can sleep at night.

  • Conswela Johnson

    This child killer ain’t no celebrity, point blank!

  • loretta hickman

    This man is a murderer who got away with it and now we are going to help him pay for his free walk? I hope that we would have enough respect for Trayvon and his family to walk away from this money making disrespectful crap and let this idiot die a slow lonely, broke behind death. I pray this won’t go on and George can crawl back in his hole.