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African-American Activists Declare Obama Is ‘Hurtful’ To Black Race

A surprising video released last week show several African-American activists from Obama’s hometown of Chicago declaring that he should resign. The video was released by a website called Rebel Pundit and was filmed shortly after Obama gave his State of the Union address last week. The activists said that the president had done more harm than good towards the black community and that he was only inflicting further damage with his recent actions.

“[We would] probably be better off with you cutting your presidency off right now. Just quit!” said one young activist. “Because if this what you call helping us, then stop helping us.” Although the activists don’t directly state their political affiliation, it appears that at least some of them are liberal-leaning. However, one man who spoke on camera said that their beliefs had nothing to do with party lines.

“This is one of the most Democratic cities. But it’s one of the largest cities where they’re starving our people out,” he says. “I say to the president that you have done a grave disservice to us, and you’d be better — just go ahead and step down.”

A Pew Poll taken just before the State of the Union address showed that 90 percent of African-American voters support the President and are happy with the job he has done. However, several African-American activist groups have posted YouTube videos expressing dissatisfaction with Obamacare and it appears that this number may be dwindling. “[He] has been more hurtful to the black race than he has been helpful,” said one activist. “For a lot of symbolic reasons a lot of people accept that — or should I say, most well-to-do blacks or those that think they’re better off — they accept that for symbolic reasons. But those of us at the bottom of the ladder, they don’t accept that.”

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  • Dorothy Dill

    This is really sad. I believe Obama is one of the greatest Presidents this Nation has ever had and anyone who can not see that is blind. He alone can not solve all the problems of this world but ALL PEOPLE are better off today under his presidency than we were five years ago. Thank God Romney didn’t win or we all really would be singing the blues.

  • James

    Looks like these clowns wanted a free ride put down the 40 and get a job

  • EverTheGreen

    To those blacks: Obama can’t do it alone. He need you to help him by having his back. If you thought that one man could do it overnight, well, you thought wrong.

  • Margaret Thurmond

    Exactly what is he supposed to do? He is President of the United States, not just black people. What are they doing to advance their status? Ignorant…

    • wifenum2

      I have heard him say that he strives to represent all people!!

  • VegasNevada

    No one’s listening to these goofs. Be like him. Be like Michelle. Be like Oprah. Be like anyone you want to be. Be yourself. Just do your own thing to the best of your ability. The president isn’t hurting anyone. The buck stops with you. Not him.