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George Zimmerman vs. Kanye West? Trayvon Martin Shooter Wants To Fight Rapper For Beating Up ‘Defenseless People’

Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman has sparked plenty of controversy for cashing in on his infamy by joining a celebrity boxing circuit, but is now making further headlines for saying he wants to fight Kanye West next month. Zimmerman objected to the rapper punching a teenager in the face earlier this month after he called fiance Kim Kardashian a “ni**er lover,” declaring that he wants to take out the rapper for beating up “defenseless people.” It’s unlikely that West will accept his challenge, but celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman said they would move the fight to L.A. if he agreed.

However, there are already major security issues surrounding Zimmerman’s boxing match. Feldman is concerned that someone in the audience will try to shoot the former self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman, so he is intentionally choosing to not reveal the location of the fight. Only 100 people will be invited to attend the fight, mainly consisting of reporters and a few choice “celebrities.” However, the fight will be available for viewing via paid online livestream.

Several celebrities have expressed interest in fighting Zimmerman so far, including The Game and DMX. Infamous father Michael Lohan has also thrown his name into the hat. The Game said he wants to “beat the f*ck out of him” to honor Martin’s legacy, while DMX declared that he would urinate on Zimmerman’s body after knocking him out. More than 5,000 people have sent e-mails to Feldman expressing their interest in fighting him and he is still accepting applications at [email protected]

It’s unclear how much Zimmerman is being paid for the fight, but he said any money earned would be donated to charity. Last December, he sold an original oil painting on eBay for over $100,000 and plans to sell similar artwork in the future.

(Photo: AP)

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  • Kristal Wheeler-Gamble

    Please please, don’t give this shit bag anymore chances to dance on Tray von ‘ s grave. I hope nobody takes this offer

    • Eady Trice Morgan

      Nooooo, just one more chance to do it. Just one more. Please Kanye. I will buy every album you ever made and I hate rap.

  • Eady Trice Morgan

    Oh boy, oh, boy, oh boy!!!! please say yes Kanye. Please, please, please!

  • Linda Gilbert

    He is such a POS; he needs to shut the hell up…you’ve got a nerve….you killed that unarmed kid BECAUSE you just HAD to get out of your car and You STALKED Trayvon Martin…HE had the right to STAND HIS GROUND…he didn’t know who you were or why you were following him..you need to just step on back out of the limelight..nobody wants to see your face or hear what you “think”…IJS. you are NOT any kind of superstar…you are a punk

  • Rick Heath

    I am sorry, but I cannot help but find this hilarious. GZ made his entire defense about how TrayVon was whooping his ass and he felt his life was in danger. If an unarmed 17 year old boy was pummeling him to the extent that felt a need to use a weapon, what is going to happen when a grown man faces this soft, little, attention whore? I have a feeling Zimmy is in for an unpleasant ending.

    • melony trice-morgan

      Great point!

  • Bet Gitlin-Rich

    I think fighting is disgusting – but Zimmerman wants to fight, I hope he gets the living crap beat out of him.

  • TaReon Williams

    How in the HELL!! can he speak of someone beating a defenseless teenager….WHEN THIS ASSHOLE KILLED A DEFENSELESS TEENAGER!!!. GO TO HELL ZIMMERMAN WITH GASOLINE DRAWS ON.

  • tiedtotheair2

    I think DMX should fight him because I think he would beat the living crap out of him and I would LOVE to see that.

  • loretta hickman

    Don’t help Zimmerman make money off of murdering Trayvon! He would not fight the kid but now for money he gets in a ring. I HOPE we will not fall for this idiots attempt to further disrespect Trayvon and his family. If he needs money let him get it from all the haters that rallied around him during the trial. The people who bad mouthed the kid and thought this guy was their hero. Don’t support this murderer.