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VIDEO: Official Trailer For Documentary On Neo-Nazi Creating All-White Town

A new documentary about white supremacist Craig Cobb’s plans to turn a North Dakota town into an all-white haven is currently in the works, and the trailer for Leith, N.D. is already sparking controversy.  In 2012, neo-Nazi Cobb moved to the town of Leith, with a population of 24, and began his plans to turn the town into a white nationalist community.

Cobb began buying up land and property in the ghost town and then renting it to white supremacists across the country who also shared his views. The few residents in the town, including one African-American man, all vehemently opposed the takeover and staged protests with people throughout North Dakota

“It would be extraordinarily beautiful, especially at night,” said Cobb. “Because we will have floodlit flags of all the formerly white nations.” He also told a CNN crew that “we want to politically control the town. That’s absolutely true.”

In recent months, it was revealed that Cobb is 14 percent black after he took a DNA test while appearing on The Trisha Show. After the show aired, white supremacists in his community vandalized his home with racist graffiti, prompting him and a follower to “patrol” the town and terrorize residents with guns. Cobb was arrested during the patrol and his bail is currently set at $1 million. While in jail, he briefly attempted to starve himself to death in protest and also offered to leave Leith as a plea bargain. He is scheduled for a pre-trial conference next week.

The documentary about this story is not yet completed, but filmmakers Michael Nichols and Christopher Walker are currently looking for funds to finish the project.

The trailer for the documentary can be viewed here




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